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  1. Hello all.

    I have two Sambas at the workshop for an upcoming project. Up until yesterday everything worked fine. I was able to download the PLC  and HMI changes that I made without problems. But yesterday something happened to one of the PLC's. I can't connect to it any more, the connection to the other works like before. The PLC works, but I cant download the changes that I need  to make...

    If I check in the info mode under the serial tab I just see that 1 byte is being sent and 1 received when I try to connect with Visilogic. Any ideas what to do to get the PLC working again?




  2. Hello.

    Thanks for the tips @sgull, I will try to wire in series a amper meter to check.

    I will make a drawing how I got things wired for better understanding of the situation.

    @Flex727I checked the manual an wired as it is drawn.  The manual says that the + from the 2 wire transmiter has to be wired to +24V (in my case INOR terminal 6) and connect the - from the transmitter (in my case INOR terminal 7) to the analog input. This is what I tried first and it didn't show any value on ma MI100 which is defined for the first analog input.

    Best regards.


  3. Hello all. Thanks for the input so far guys.

    I checked the INOR output with an amp.meter and the Inor outputs around 8mA at room temp (24°C).  I can't get my head around on how to wire the analog input of the PLC seeing that it only has one input terminal.

    Do I connect the 6 terminal from the INOR to the 9 terminal of the PLC with the 24V and then the 24V GND to the 7 terminal of the INOR? 




  4. Hello.

    Yes forgot the most important part, sorry about that. I am using the PLC SM35-J-R20 as you figured it out.

    I did monitor the MI variable that I set up in the hardware configuration but it's always 0...  That is why I am assuming that I didn't wire the transmitter to the PLCcorrectly.

    Pin 9 is the correct one for the first analog input, right?




  5. Hello all. This is the first time I am working with a Unitronics PLC and would need some help regarding the wiring and configuration of the on-board analog input.

    I have an INOR 2 wire transmiter that will transform a PT1000 temp value to 4-20mA signal that the PLC will read(see attached picture1).
    So I set the jumper JP8 and JP9 to B so that analog input #0 is set to Current.  Also configured analog input 0 to 4-20mA in VisiLogic.

    So I tried to wire the transmitter like it is drawn in the manual of the Samba PLC (manual page 8). Inor terminal 6 to +24 V DC, Inor terminal 7 to analog input of the Samba PLC (terminal 9).

    But I don't get any value from the analog input. Have I missed something in the configuration of the PLC or most likely the wiring is not correct.

    Any info would be great. Thank you in advanced.

    Cheers Aleix.


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