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  1. I have a message box show when you press a button to turn on a heater saying " check pump" I don't want it to show up when you turn the heater off using the same button as a toggle. Is it possible? Or do I have to make two buttons "on" and "off" to make this work?
  2. I still haven't sorted this out... How do I change the output of the PID block? Setting the high and low limits? Also, my control value seems to stay at zero regardless of the PV and setpoint. I have attached the program for your review. The issue is with the PID_Feedpump ladder. Thanks, Dave DM071521.ulpr
  3. Is it as simple as "storing" the control value from the PID function to an analog output? Sincerely, Dave
  4. Joe, Thanks for your reply! I have downloaded the example files. I have the USP-156-B10 PLC with analog input and output modules as well as transistor modules. I have successfully programed these units to use the PID function to control heaters with PWM using the transistor output. (like in the example files). I want to use the PID control to vary an analog (4-20mA) output as a signal to a VFD to control a pump. Regards, Dave
  5. I am looking for an example program that controls an analog output with PID.
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