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  1. Hello Everyone, I was working over this for the last 3 months but get no success. I have project using cognex camera to check codes on production line. I thought it would be nice feature to have actual picture on the screen but I ended stucked with lot of questions - I thought FTP RAM server in UniLogic should do the job but all I got is black screen widget with "no stream resource displayed" Unfortunatelly I found just tutorial on Youtube for FTP server/client setup and this lacks more info about storing files on SD card. /there is Root column in FTP server setup which is not visible in video tutorial nor explained/ When I access SD card content via UniApps there is lot of folders seen (UserLogs, Screenshots..Audio, Video etc) . When using FileZilla to access same SD card on PLC there is just root folder displayed or folder which is created as cache folder for images. But Images I receive end outside this folder.(??) There are also files with name SHADOW_picture.jpg but again outside folder I created for caching. I can see received pictures on SD card but I can't set their location using FTP RAM Server . In ordinary FTP Server there is "root" column which at least alowes me to set folder where incoming picture(s) will be stored. I couldn't find working example for getting FTP image on the screen anywhere so I kindly ask if someone can guide me how to get it working. I also tried to use "fixed image" on external (SD) source. I managed to get only first image received and somehow cannot change it to newly received one via screen reload as you suggested in tutorial. I can see different pictures arrive via FTP (same name but different sizes) but only first one is displayed altough I reload screen. Kindly Help Me out Thanks in Advance Regards: Diksha
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