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  1. Thanks @Joe Tauser, that was a big help! I essentially had it wired backwards 😅, but now I got the motor spinning, and changing directions and speed as desired. I was not aware of the freq limit, but I think I'll be ok. I messed around a bit with different speeds and the range I can get will suit my needs. Thanks again! (best answer! 👍)
  2. Hello Everyone 🙂, I'm trying to set up a stepper motor to run with a V350-35-T2, and I'm pretty sure I'm not setting it up correctly. Could someone guide me a bit? I'm using a DM542E drive (PNP, currently set to 1200 rpm), which is driving a SST59D5255. I have the PLC and drive wired, and HSO setup, as indicated in the attached diagram. When MB0 (Run MB) goes active, there is a 0.3V drop on O0, and DW0 (Current Position) increments until it reaches DW1 (Target), at which point it cycles back to zero. There is no observable change anywhere else, and no changes to the voltages from the drive to the motor. As I mentioned, I'm highly suspecting my wiring is not correct. I was unable to find a guide for this in the setup documentation, programming guide, or online forums. Could someone point me in the right direction please? Thanks in advance!
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