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  1. Hi Joe, Thanks for moving this to the correct area. This is a senior design project that was handed over for a second year so we are a bit in over our heads here but I'm trying to learn as quickly as possible. We do have the separate .vlp files, three in total, one for the V570 and one each for the EXF-RC15. I attached the files below and they are not my most current revision but what was given to us from the team before. Thanks, Jeremy EXF-RC15_PTO_and_Jogging_ID3.vlp V570 PTO plus jogging for EXF-RC15 example.vlp EXF-RC15_PTO_and_Jogging.vlp
  2. Hi all, I'm trying to build what is essentially a CNC drill press that is capable of drilling holes into a sheet metal panel. I know PLC is not exactly the best for this but it is left over equipment and is what we are stuck with unless we can justify switching to something else. We are currently using a V570 PTO with a V200-18-E2B snap in module with 2 additional EXF-RC15. Currently we only have one functioning (controlling two X-axis motors, and the second meant for one motor in the Y and one motor in the Z on its two channels) because of the example files given with the VisiLogic program. Our group has little to no experience with ladder logic and while I have watched some videos I do not know how to add the second unit properly to our program. Both modules are hooked up via the canbus and to the best of my knowledge is all wired correctly so once the program supports it they should work without issue. I'm not expecting someone to write the ladder for me, but at least a direction to approach this as I am a bit overwhelmed with information and trying to identify what is relevant as I need this working more than I need mastery of the ladder logic. Thanks for the help.
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