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  1. I am trying to store pressure values (MI) into a excel file using SD card functions (i.e. create SD card delimited line and Write delimited line). The values are recorded successfully into the SD card in an excel file. The issue is after I delete the old data and put the SD card back in to record the values again, I don't see any values in the excel file. Am I missing anything, do I avoid deleting the data? Thanks
  2. The manual doesn't specify exactly. It just says the word is composed of 32 bit. Thanks
  3. I have a Modbus TCP configured on two Eaton drives. I have to a read the status coming from 32 bit register and and convert it to decimal to display on HMI. I am using Variable: list of pointers to display the status depending upon the value I receive from the VFD register. How do I convert the 32 bit register to a decimal value? Thanks
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