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  1. Hello All, Thanks for getting me on the right track, my sensors were damaged from me miss wiring them in the beginning. I replaced them all with new sensors($$) and wired them correctly the first time and they all work the way they should. I am now working to solve some of my logic challenges. Thanks again!
  2. Hi Joe, My sensors are Normally Open, NPN, and the Jazz manual confirms that it will accept either NPN or PNP. I wired the Blue wires to common, the Brown to positive, and the Black wires to the inputs. I test the voltage at the input and find ~22 volts DC with no target sensed and the LED off. When I place a target infront of the sensor, the LED light turns on and the voltage at the input remain at ~22VDC. I would expect that the voltage at the black input wires should be low with no sensing and high with sensing. Thank you for the logic for level control. I hope to put it to work once my
  3. Hello Keith, Your drawing is very helpful and the solenoids work great now. Thanks! The level senosrs are not working as I expect them to. They are a three wire capacitive sensor and I have all four sensor's blue wire connected to the common, the browns are all connected to the V+ and the black wires all individually land on an input. When a target is sesnsed, the LED lights up on the back of the sensor, but the PLC does not recognize the change of state. Is this logic related or still a wiring issue? Can anyone share a simple logic that will open a solenoid based on low level and then shut
  4. ---------------------------------------------- Thanks for your help D, I made the sensor and solenoid wire changes as you pointed out and I reattached the wire schematic for your review. The sensors now show they are at a closed or open state ~4 or 20 volts. The weird thing is when a target is sensed the LED lights up but no change in voltage, the voltage starts at 4 VDC and does not jump to 20 VDC. Secondly, the solenoids still do not turn on when I change their state by toggling the output while in the debugging mode. Yet when I check continuity from the V+ to the solenoid output, the vo
  5. Hello, I am new to PLCs and have no training in the feild what so ever. However, I have a project set up and need help to troubleshoot the issues with respect to my wiring job or the PLC logic. I have attached a detailed project description (sensor and solenoid, ladder logic, and wiring diagram) and my questions for people to clearly understand my project and questions that I have not learned the anwers for yet. I look forward to learning more. Thank you PLC Questions.docx
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