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  1. Are you telling me, there is NO way to collect cpu and ram/memory usage from the project or live from the cpu? I *NEED* to prove to a customer, that i have ATLEAST 25% free cpu and ram usage..
  2. In the "System" tab /tags, there is Execution and PUSage, i'm ASSUMING "Panel CPU Usage [%]" actually means the PLC CPU and not an HMI/Screen cpu usage. But, i have not found any tags telling me how large my program is, but in the tech specs pdf, i found ladder memory is 1 MB. Many customers requires data on how much free cpu and memory there is, and plenty require that atleast 20-25% should be free at delivery for possible future expansion.
  3. I cannot find any of those menues you mention. but i found something that might be informational in the system tags.
  4. Hi. I have been looking around in the project and UniLogic Studio V1.32.98. I have not managed to find information how much code space and cpu utilization the current project uses vs the cpu that is selected. Is there (an offline) way to find this information?
  5. And some customers does not even allow "only warnings" in project deliveries.
  6. This is the way the data is presented in the structs to and from other systems. EDIT: also, for velocity for our unit, is in m/s and the target speed is 1.5, so real is needed here, imo.
  7. I would like to design one page as a template/background page and then on other pages, i would like to select this template as a background/page template. This would help keeping menues and such more manageble state, than as in current state, i have to copy/paste everything to every page that needs/shoudl have this menu, logos and other information (keep the UI same-ish on all pages, Usabillity).
  8. Hi. i have a few variables in the plc that are in REAL, when adding them to the webserver hmi textbox, it prefills the object with "-9999999999.9" and i have added "text after": "mm/s". The actual value would be like "1500 mm/s". But i get a warning in compile because i cant tell the object to only fit # of characters in this box. This is one of the labels that are on the right side of the screen, and gets cut off by the end of the screen width and the unreasonable large number allocated space in the label, here "1500 mm/s" would fit in half the label width if i could specify the input format to like 5 digits..
  9. Which is a bad design. What if, you need to compare 2 projects? Should you print one on paper and sit and compare there? What if you want to copy/paste block from another project and use it in the current one without going thru the hassle of exporting and importing? (Which takes way longer then ctrl-c, ctrl-v) I cannot think of a sane reason artificially limit to one instance at all.
  10. A small update. We are running a beta-version of the current release, and there was a small bug in it, where it listened to all CAN-Id's, where is to happened to be another device recived a message that the drive controller interpeted it to change to open loop.
  11. Hello Kratmel. The HB is/was already enabled, and set to 100ms In the controllers CHB Lost Action is set to "No Action". Both controller and PLC has 100ms HB, but i suspect that the boot up of the PLC takes way longer than 1s, closer to a minute before i can connect, from power on. Watchdog, is it on the PLC or the controllers side? In both cases, "CANopen node guarding" is set to 0.
  12. When out machine goes from auto to manual mode, LoopErr starts to blink. And the behaviour is, as soon as the plc(?) connects/Starts up with the canopen cable connected. Teh setting changes to OpenLoop in the controllers, where it was ClosedLoop previously.
  13. Hi. We have noticed on a machine we are building, that when the robotec is booting and the plc/canopen is connected, something from the PLC changes the closed loop to open loop on the robotec. I have been looking around "everywhere" inthe unilogic project, but cannot find anything that seems to relate to the settings for open/closed loop. Anyone know what this behaviour could occur at and why?
  14. When i removed all OPC UA configuration, reset became optional again.
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