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  1. Fantasia83

    CanOpen Basics

    Very useful document. thank you.
  2. I update to V9.0.1 ans latest V570 OS and the problem disappear. Thanks Jas
  3. Hye all, I've got a very strange bug today. I'm using a serial connection (RS232) which come from a PC to my V570 port 1. I use Visilogic 8.9.5. I have a message which is 89 bytes long using this format : [sTX] ,NumVar1[1], NumVar2[5], etc ... , stream_1[7], stream_2[7],[ETX] [EOT] The two last streams variables are stored to MI 2000 -> MI 2006, and MI2010 -> MI2016 using the option convert 1 byte received to 1 linked element. If i uncheck the parameter Fixed Stream length in the protocol scan Setting for the streams variables and if the message doesn't contain streams the PLc receive, translate all the numerical variables but it 'fill a large amount of MI with strange values From MI 0 to MI 200 and a part within MI 1900. If i check the parameter Fixed Stream length no problem, the Protocol Scan FB ignore the message because it don't have the good size My question is : Why my Operand zone is filled with strange values ? If someone had experienced a similar problem i'll be pleased to understand.
  4. Fantasia83

    FOSS Logic

    HIm tim, I'm on my way with linux. I always knew this OS but never decided to take time to understand and work with. So in my last holliday (in mountain maybe the fresh air changed my ideas ) i took time to read the PDf coming with UBUNTU. Like you i'm impressed about this project (Today internet and the nearest available resources that it provide give a big help). I work with PLC since 20 years and followed/used PC-DOC, MS-DOs and Windows systems. Linux was a challenger, but certainly not for PLC. Today I'm searching and testing all necessary software to switch progressively to linux. Lokk forward too with your modules. Robert
  5. Thx for reply Stein, 1) Decimal system separator = "," i tried to change the excel separator as "." but nothing changed. Ex : I've got MF10 = 40.7437 and MF11 = 40.42034 before exporting them. After Importing into PLc, values are MF11 = 4.07E5 and MF11 = 4.04E6 ?? 2) Decimal system separator "." and everything is OK ! All decimal values are exported and imported correctly !!
  6. Hye all, I'm in trouble with the decimal separator. I'm using RemoteAccess 9.0.1 on Windows 7. I read some operands Values the export them into excel file. It seems that the MF decimal point disappear. When i open Excel 2007 and import the File previously generated with RemoteAccess, all the decimal separator has disappeared. The only way i founded is to change the separator type on windows Control Pannel as a point instead of a coma (We are in France) This is not convenient, i don't want to change our customers system setting like this one. Maybe i'm wrong but i think remote access don't use comma as decimal separator but as object/cell separator. Is there another way ? or an option in Remote access to use comma as decimal separator ? Thank you
  7. Thank you Ash, And Merry christmas to all of you :-))
  8. Ash, Thank you for the link . After taking a look on the V8.9.5, the Color selector always give a choice about 256 colors ! I don't know if it's planed but a 16 bit picking palette could be better. (picking directly on the HMI too). I tried display 16 bit color images on V570, it's really great. Some changes i saw : - new "links & jumps" tab in HMI editor (a little display bug keep displaying a right part of the HMI when switching between the tab. - a isDisplayed operand assigned to HMI - UniVision licensing in the Utils menu ... I'm verry pleased with those enhanced stuff ! Great Job
  9. OMG ! 16-bit color screen give another dimension to the user interface Mnnn !! and 10.4" double this dimension :-) Is there a way for me to test this Beta release ?
  10. Thanks Joe for the info, But i'm using a SITECOM CN104 USB-Serial converter and the CD driver doesn't work on my OS. I took the one for the prolific WebSite to solve my prob.
  11. Thanks for your help guy ! The problem is solved :-) it was a driver problem now everything is OK. It ssems that installing the same driver from a desktop Pc to a Laptop with the same OS couldn't secure it to work. Thanks again. :-))
  12. Thanks Hash, I made your suggestion but unable to synchronize the port :-( Here is the screenshot about the advanced settings. Uploaded with ImageShack.us I'll try another adaptator. That that i don't understand is why PLC can receive and transmit data ( saw with the sniffer) and why the driver say ; Unable to synchronize! thanks for help :-)
  13. Hye Ron, Thanks for your answer and you right about the COM port. I'm using a USB to Serial Adaptator witch is defined as COM5 linked to the COM1 of the PLC. Uing a terminal software i can send/receive datas, but it seems that visilogic couldn't etablish the connection to the PLC. Thanks for your suggestions
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