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  1. hi i'm new with unitronics and cant seem to setup a jazz jz20-j-r16

    as soon as i try to set up the HW config i get a run time error

    any advice?

    1. NahumS


      Hello Jacque,

      What type of Run-Time Error are you getting? if it's Run-Timer Error 5 is because of last Microsoft Windows Update.

      On the 15 August 2019 we found that the latest Windows update cause run time error 5 when trying to download application via U90Ladder.

      In order to solve this issue:

      • For windows 7 we know that there is already new update that solves this issue. 
      • For windows 10 until Microsoft will release new update - Please try to uninstall the update via "New installed updates" or roll back before the update. 

      Please see below link to Microsoft update and known issues:



      Please let me know if it works for you.

  2. Now My factory is use V570 with  expension V200-18-E3/4XB .In future I will have a little project  "Data Logger" to send with PLC Siemens S7-1500 but I haven't data with V570. Do you tell me how to communication with S7-1500 ?




    1. liranaftali


      Hi Baso7,

      You can use Modbus RTU or TCP  (in case your V570 has Ethernet port installed) in order to communicate the S7.
      In case you would like some more info on the Modbus in  V570 you can find in the Unitronics website under tutorials.

  3. Welcome to the new Unitronics Support Forum!Our new forum offers a number of features that were not available in the old forum.There are Blogs that are written by Unitronics Distributors and Power Users, a Gallery that enables you to upload and link to pictures relevant to forum discussions. Our Support Team will publish interesting Sample Applications in the Downloads section. The Calendar will track events such as Unitronics training sessions and exhibitions. We also have a feature that was sorely lacking from our old forum--attachments! Now, when you post with a problem, you can upload attachments with your post!Enjoy!!! Note that the old forum will be locked on Monday, August 8th. After that date, Unitronics will maintain it temporarily as a searchable archive. Unitronics Support Teamhttp://www.unitronics.com
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