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  1. (Sorry for my english) Hi, I have to drive the desired temperature X. In general, the matter would be trivial, if I had one device that generates me the temperature, but unfortunately it is not. I have available: 1 - unit # 1 heating device with analog input (high power - priority 2) 2 - unit # 2 in heating mode with analog input (low power - priority 1) 3 - unit # 3 in the heating mode of the digital input (on / off - priority 3) 4 - unit # 4 in the heating mode of the digital input (on / off - priority 4) 5 - unit # 2 in the cooling mode of the analog input (with low power, but under certain operating conditions - priority 1) 6 - unit # 3 in cooling high-power digital input (on / off - priority 2) 7 - unit # 4 in cooling high-power digital input (on / off - priority 3) All these devices can be operated at the same time, of course, only in one mode. For each device there are also relationships that allow their activation. Devices do not have consistent performance - it depends on many factors, which can not measure nor even guess. I wonder on how to control these devices depending on the value of PID CV (Control Value). The only idea that comes to my mind is to assign to some range of values ​​for the turn on of the devices. I just wonder if the PID will function OK and wonder what to do with the start and the level of "zero". If CV would -100% to 100% is rather negative control must be attached to cooling devices, and positive to heating devices. Zero disables all devices. I'm worried about controlling devices # 3 and # 4 - I can not turn on / off frequently - they are large chillers. Tonight I got the idea to control these problematic units. If the PID is saturated by X time I would turn on device #3. Where it will 2X - turn on device #3 and #4. Now I had to figure out a condition for the descent of these aggregates. I suspect also that I need to reset periodically PID saturation and add a sort of hysteresis to include these units. What do you think? Any ideas?
  2. Thanks for your answer. I'm creating universal subroutines, and my alarms detection table can have different numer of rows (afcourse predefined) and I need detection of row count. Because this subroutines are universal, I don't want to create constant value in programm.
  3. Is there any possibility to count available rows in selected data table? Now i must add extra row with marker, that is finded by programm - then i known rows count. Is there simplier way to count rows?
  4. Thank you very much Damian and Aaron for your explanation. Now undo is very limited, and most important actions (like modify start-up value of variable, editing ladder or editing HMI) is not undoable.
  5. No - this is one of many limitation of Unitronics HMI. My solution for this is using boolean or value pictures and set this value to pseudo-hide this buttons (a picture with slice of background). Problem if you trying to hide some MIs or something like this. I don't known how to bypaqss this.
  6. I suggest that someone from Unitronics can open password protected procedures and make a comprehensive list. But this is only a pipe dream, that a Unitronics team do something
  7. I found that is a problem with on screen variable Real Time Clock that display only current date (day, mont and year). When I change for example a year thru program (in background) - value displayed in this variable isn't changed - I must manually refresh display. (Problem detected when debugging RTC synchronization by CAN). Also I have an idea to add in UniCAN communication a new function - synchronize RTC. This function would be veru usefull when using multiple PLCs.
  8. No - this isn't browser issue - this is typical PHP server side error. I have latest Firefox.
  9. Thanks All is created in Photoshop. Pixeleting effect is only on values displayed by O/S. Buttons for example, are created using "Bitmap 1/0" where Link and Touch are the same MB, and reaction for pressing is on negative transition |N| for nice "animation" effect
  10. OK - This post is hard for me, because my english isn't good. I programmed many functions using SD card, and i've found some bugs: 1) Write Delimited Line to Excel Nobody using this function?? Really? OK - first useless thing - writing all 512 bytes to SD Card. OK - some O/S limitation. OK - I create buffer, fill this buffer with data using Create Excel Delimited Line, and bum! - 2 hours of debugging !! V1020 can't write all 512 bytes to SD Card, if there is no null value at the end of buffer - but I'dont want to have in CSV file null bytes, because Excell and other software go wild Then I ask - what is for "Write Delimited Line to Excel" because now is useless. I must used SD File Utilities (Open, Write and Close SD File). 2) Changes of Write Delimited Line to Excel Write to file not all 512bytes of data, but specific amount of data without zeros (null values). 3) Create new Excel functions would be nice: a) write/read trends to/from CSV file write/read data tables to/from CSV file 4) Create new function of Folder Report - list existing files. I want to create custom SD File Card Browser because originally isn't pretty, but i can't because i don;t have any possibility to list files in folder.
  11. Undo in IDE is now useless - please change it or fix it. For example: 1) I'm moving something on screens. Ups, I moved wrong - then I press Ctrl+Z, and... yes - I can't undo moving, but I can undo downloading program to PLC?? 2) Changing parameters of elements on screens - not possible to undo 3) Editing ladder - not possible to undo What undo is for? Only for undo delete or undo undo?? (yes - i have options in undo to undo undo (???)).
  12. I found issue in shortcuts. I have version 9.4.0. Shortcuts are great, but now they are problematic for non US. keyboard shortcuts should respond only when you press the left Alt button, because right Alt button for me (Poland) is for writing polish letters, like ą, ę, ć, ł, etc. For example, when I'm writting operand description, and I press Right Alt + L for letter Ł, IDE makes something (but i don't known what) and I can't write anymore operand descriptions I must restart IDE. Another example - Right Alt and A - letter ą, but in IDE it is Compile and programm. I'm writing comment or description, Right Alt+A, and bum! - compiling and programming Sorry for my english.
  13. Hi. After spending a lot of nights, I've finished software and hardware for planth grow chambers. Sorry, but I don't have photos of hardware. - main screen of chamber data - first group of settings - custom parameter editor with help - custom alarms list I've implemented also advanced web server, logging to SD card and many other functions
  14. Sorry for my english . After logging to forum I have error on first page: "Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/unitroni/public_html/admin/applications_addon/ips/calendar/sources/hooks.php on line 151 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/unitroni/public_html/admin/applications_addon/ips/calendar/sources/hooks.php:151) in /home/unitroni/public_html/admin/sources/classes/output/formats/html/htmlOutput.php on line 114". Also I have tons of errors and features, and I will post it regularly
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