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  1. Please Share your Hardware Details.
  2. Please Share your *.vlp and Excel format or pdf format required to josephtechcets(at)gmail(dot)com,
  3. after updating OS i couldnt download even empty program in the plc. please help out attached screenshots for os version error and pc version
  4. Hi, It can be done alternatively without changing logic or disturbing yur data table if you are using data export. The data export extracts the data table value in MS EXcel sheet1. you can prepare sheet 2 with formula you want (for getting decimals use divided by 10 or 100 ) related with sheet 1 cells. now store it in excel template folder located inside dataexport installed path. Now while fetching data using data export in the left bottom corner of dataxport window, select use excel template. then you will get decimal value or e-mc square so on in excel sheet 2 in the sheet 1 your datat
  5. Thanks Mr.Saragani, I have the same problem like Mr.Bob. And my UDT file size is of 106MB and I couldn't open it in Data table editor. Now your hand made UDT viwer opened it but is it possible to convert it into excel...? And is there any tips to overcome this problem by not creating big udt files.. Hw can i split the data and have it in different UDT files. Jerin.S
  6. Remote operator is compatible and working fine. But Couldn't communicate through Data export.
  7. Got it. The problem is Emergency PB. It calls the alarm screen every routine. So after changing it, keypad entry works good. Thanks
  8. Hi, Here with attached my program which is half way done for test rig. I couldn't enter the values or even go to keypad entry mode. Please anyone suggest me what i did wrong. Thanks in advance. 19_10_13_TA24.vlp
  9. Hi, Use High speed inputs. Detailed example is given in Visilogic(if vision series PLC.) as well as U90 ladder(if M90 series PLC). in U90 ladder. goto: help-> Sample U90 projects-> Motion Control folder-> motor speed.U90. In visilogic. help-> Examples-> Version 900-> Project Examples-> HSC_HSO folder-> V570_Frequency-precise meter.vlp .............
  10. Could anyone post a list of instructions to install unitronics software in windows 8 OS.?
  11. Could anyone post a list of instructions to install unitronics software in windows 8 OS.? Because most of them struggle while installing. Thanks in advance.
  12. Thanks for the response Mr.Simon, But I always right click and select run as administrator only. But still I am facing te problem.
  13. Hello all, I have installed Remote operator and Data export in WINDOWS 8 platform for my customer. And While installing remote operator a window POP-UP and says " couldn't create common files folder" but after restarting the system remote operator working fine. But DATA EXPORT installation completed smoothly. But it always gives communication driver error by showing default 4 error checking methods. In the same system and same set-up remote operator communicated with PLC @ the same communication settings data export doesn't communicate. Is the
  14. Hi, I am working with V350-35-T1 models and I wish to connect it with the remote operator software. So to find the PLC name, I go into the info mode --> version --> Software. Once i touch the software tab Plc restarts and goes into boot strap mode and shows fatal error. And reason: Illegal Operand access. Does anyone come through this problem. Give me some guidelines. S.Jerin.
  15. Hi all, Im having a new application in which i want to fetch data from 5 - V130 Plcs and store into a database(MS access). Im planning to poll plc data by c# code. for just a serial interface i can get the data from the plc. But how can i call each unitID? Is there any examples for modbus c# codes. send me someguidelines. Thanks in advance, Jerin....
  16. Thanks Mr. Simon, Tamil letters sometimes require combinations of keys. And I added the exact font into the PLC font handler... But it shows only symbols like "OOOOO" in the visilogic itself....
  17. I added the exact font... But it shows only symbols like "OOOOO"....
  18. Is there any possibilities to add a regional language. I just want to make my PLC to show TAMIL language. Thanks, Jerin
  19. And now Is it possible add TAMIL language in the string library or Is there any other tricks to show a regional language...? Thanks, Jerin
  20. Could anyone elaborate it..? I just want to add my TAMIL language in my PLC.... Thanks in advance. Jerin
  21. Dear Mr.Denis, One MODBUS config. is enough and the network ID is same for all 7, if you connected it in daisy chain serial method with a single PLC. Now just change the slave ID in the RHS Fn.Block. and fetch the data one after another from the slaves(Power meters.) simple. Jerin.
  22. Dear Mr.Joe, I have entered into the bootstrap mode and downloaded the boot, O/S, and BIN files. If i tried to enter OS mode, It hung at the password entering screen. And the PLC works after physical reset only. Is it a problem or does it make any unexpected issues in future?
  23. Thanks for your reply Mr.Simon & Mr.Joe. Dear Mr.Joe, Here by i attached the full coding. http://forum.unitronics.com/index.php?/files/file/29-tube-cutting-machine/ Dear Mr.Simon, I already gone through the sample program and created as per the program only. But It didn't run with the 2.5ms interrupt inside (I don't know why.). So I deleted that part.
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