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  1. On 12/3/2019 at 1:34 AM, HPE said:

    We use V570 to read and store pressure data real time.  We are using DataXport to poll the V570 every minute and write csv -file of the recorded pressures . The V570 has 49 recipes for different criterias how the pressure should be recorded. The issue is that operators must open DataXport project and then edit table & point to the right recipe each time we want to log data. 

    I am wondering if somebody could write us a datalogger software that would read & store test results directly from V570 thus eliminating the need for DataXport alltogether?

    Please Share your *.vlp and Excel format or pdf format required to josephtechcets(at)gmail(dot)com,    

  2. Hi Folks


    I am starting to write some datatables which will log temperatures in cold rooms.

    I intend to export the tables to excel using DATAXPORT.

    The values will be negative values with one decimal place such as -23.5 degrees C.

    If i set up the data table with an integer I am sure I will get a value such as -235 or -23500.

    Is there any way to export the value in its proper format or will I need to get Excel to do the calculation.

    My intention was to automate the full process with the datatables being downloaded every night and the operator just needing to print these out in the morning.


    Any help would be appreciated.





    It can be done alternatively without changing logic or disturbing yur data table if you are using data export.

    The data export extracts the data table value in MS EXcel sheet1. you can prepare sheet 2 with formula you want (for getting decimals use divided by 10 or 100 ) related with sheet 1 cells. now store it in excel template folder located inside dataexport installed path. 

    Now while fetching data using data export in the left bottom corner of dataxport window, select use excel template.

    then you will get decimal value or e-mc square so on in excel sheet 2 in the sheet 1 your datatable value will be there.






  3. Thanks Mr.Saragani,


    I have the same problem like Mr.Bob. And my UDT file size is of 106MB and I couldn't open it in Data table editor.

    Now your hand made UDT viwer opened it but is it possible to convert it into excel...?

    And is there any tips to overcome this problem by not creating big udt files.. Hw can i split the data and have it in different UDT files.



  4. Hi,


                     Use High speed inputs. Detailed example is given in Visilogic(if vision series PLC.) as well as U90 ladder(if M90 series PLC).

    in U90 ladder. goto: help-> Sample U90 projects-> Motion Control folder-> motor speed.U90.

    In visilogic. help-> Examples-> Version 900-> Project Examples-> HSC_HSO folder-> V570_Frequency-precise meter.vlp



  5. Hello all,


                 I have installed Remote operator and Data export in WINDOWS 8 platform for my customer. And While installing remote operator a window POP-UP and says " couldn't create common files folder" but after restarting the system remote operator working fine.


                 But DATA EXPORT installation completed smoothly. But it always gives communication driver error by showing default 4 error checking methods. In the same system and same set-up remote operator communicated with PLC @ the same communication settings data export doesn't communicate.


                 Is there anything I have to consider before installling.? Give me your suggestions.


    thanks in advance.

  6. Hi all,

    Im having a new application in which i want to fetch data from 5 - V130 Plcs and store into a database(MS access). Im planning to poll plc data by c# code.

    for just a serial interface i can get the data from the plc.

    But how can i call each unitID?

    Is there any examples for modbus c# codes.

    send me someguidelines.

    Thanks in advance,


  7. Hi all

    I need some help in setting up a 485 Modbus communication.

    I have several power meters with 485 outputs.

    By using the communication example I can set up 1 meter and obtain the readings.

    My problem is how do I communicate with all seven.

    Do I need to set up a modbus configuration for all meters and if so what will be the network ID in each.

    How do I initialise them, a single one is initialised with a power up bit after the com init block.

    No matter what I do I seem to loose comms on the one that is running.

    If someone has done this before I would appreciate some help.



    Dear Mr.Denis,

    One MODBUS config. is enough and the network ID is same for all 7, if you connected it in daisy chain serial method with a single PLC.

    Now just change the slave ID in the RHS Fn.Block. and fetch the data one after another from the slaves(Power meters.) simple.


  8. Dear all,

    I have an application of cutting machine.

    I am using M91-2-T1 to control the rollers synced with micro stepping motor for feeding the probe. The Stepping is controlled by PWM output as well as the feedback is given to the HSI to stop HSO after reaching the exact preset value.

    The probe should be cut at 20mm,40mm & 100mm lengths with +/- 1mm. But sometimes the tolerance value comes -2 to + 4.

    How could I attain the expected tolerance value(+/-1mm)?

    Is there any programming trick to reduce the scan time?

    Thanks in advance.

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