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  1. Sorry Guys, using UTC and counting seconds since the Epoch was more complicated than what I needed, and possibly more than most who simply need an integer for Day of Year. The attached isn't the most clever code I've ever written, but it gets the job done, is easy for the next guy to understand, and as a bonus, catches leap years. I hope it helps others with the same need. I put a subroutine call to DOY in !Main on the 1 sec pulse (SB13). VisiLogic DOY.pdf
  2. I'm trying to accurately calculate the cosine of an integer to at least 4 decimal places. For example if I use 12000: When I use Excel with the formula =COS(12000) it returns 0.634112 When I key the values into my desktop calculator it returns 0.63411204 (must set Radian mode). In VisiLogic 9.3, I used the FP function COS and got 0.6338002. Using the Formula block with "1000 * (COS(12000))" (stored to an MI) returns 633. Can anyone share some insights? Has anyone developed a work-around?
  3. I've successfully used the Zebra TLP2824 (now end-of-life but still available new) and the Zebra GC420t. They're about $350 USD, maybe overkill for your application, but the print language is well-documented and they have standard RS232. Good luck!
  4. I have a project opportunity (with some promise of volume production) that requires temperature regulation within 0.1 deg C. This of course is also the minimum resolution of the T/C and RTD inputs. I'm considering setting the config to read in deg F which would nearly double the resolution, but I'm fairly sure this still won't be enough. I belive the inputs are 16 bit, right? Is there any way to improve the resolution? Is custom firmware a possibility? Thanks for your help!
  5. I have Visilogic versions 7 and 8 installed on my PC, and I'm using Version Swapper to change between them. I need to build my applications to .udc files in version 7 for field use. I use the Build>Build File for UniDownload, and the resultant .vdf is about 1MB which is consistent with previous attempts that worked. Then I use Download Designer to build the .udc file, but it only comes to about 67kB instead of 800-1000kB I’ve gotten before. If I attempt downloading to the V130 using UniDownloader 5 or Download Mgr, the operation fails. Download Mgr says “DLU Download Failed”, UniDownloader just says "Fail". The PLC is now locked in Stop mode. I’ve tried building the file in Visilogic 8 using File>Build Project File, same result: normal .vdf, bad .udc. I’ve created files for field installation like this many, many before with a previous installation of v7 only. What has changed?
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