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  1. Unfortunately diagnosts.exe did not help. The Fix button gets a green check on SQL Server then nothing. Next run of diagnostic shows the same two red crosses, (the fix did not do anything) Unilogic still hangs. Changed the exe and msi to administrator but no help.
  2. version 1.23.25 hangs after installation. 1 install is ok on a win7 machine. 2 failures, one on a win7 and one on a win 10. I have not yet been asked for the key number. the screen shows "loading components"
  3. yes TD is correct It will be easier for you to read the program if the elapsed timer is connected to a marker flag. then use the flag in other ladder rungs.
  4. For an explanation of byte/word order take a look at : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Endianness
  5. Question 2. Look at this a binary to see it better. The representation of the value as decimal, octal, binary has no affect on the result. Your required value determines the number of bits used 4, 8,16, 32, 64 . breaking up words, bytes, bits is done with the Logic And instruction Using a mask like '0000 1111' will remove the bits masked by zero. resulting in only the bits masked with 1's Here the original high part disapears. Getting hold of the high word, byte, bits takes one more operation first mask the high part '1111 0000' then do a Shift Right 4. Giving a result of '0000 1111'. Here the original low part disapears. (Some cpu's allow filling with 1's or 0's when shifting.)
  6. reprogram the magflow for 1000 pulses per m3. if necassary use the high speed counter input. save a copy of counter value every second subtract from previous value copy.
  7. Unilogic won't compile new hardware configuration please look at the enclosed file. it compiles ok before we added local expansion module regards bob
  8. Controlling a drying machine on customer site. Communicating via mobil GPRS with ethernet card. Remote operation can be greatly improved.
  9. The trick here is to write your program in steps using MB as flags. step1 = NOT step2 then set step1 flag (turn on valve output) step2 = NOT step3 and step1 and low pressure set step2 flag (turn off valve) Each network should start with a NOT contact of the next flag plus an AND of the previous flag, thus blocking an unwanted sequence. Make a program routine just for the steps Make an output routine which ties the flags to the outputs. Make a reset routine to clear all the flags.
  10. Hi, I'm trying to make connection to a V570 over internet. The connection works ok on the local network internally, but not from the internet externally. I open for port forward of TCP port 20256. Other products do work ok with the same type setup using the router public IP. My concern it that the router does not see the V570 at all it doe not show up on the connection list. I can ping it, but port forward doesn't seem to find it. This is an Option Globe Surfer III. I have used this with pc to pc connections on site ok. Does anyone have a suggestion or perhaps another modem that works with Unitronics?
  11. We're going to need some example projects quickly. I couldn't get it installed on WinXP SP3 but it did install ok on my Win7 machine.
  12. I'm pretty sure I know whats going wrong. Using your SD_130 program made on 18/05/10 Remove all networks accept append table. Insert a MB13 to toggle the logg on/off (instead of F keys) Add a network for function 'Safely Remove SD'. After a remove is toggled the success bit never comes back. The status becomes '64' 'No SD present'. Correct operation can only be achieved by a power cycle.
  13. Sorry, the big file viewer gives the same 'system out of memory error'. The revised file is not working, after a week there is no data. Very frustrating data logger. I can record 'some of the data some of the time' but not 'all of the data every time'. The SD blocks are showing what the plc tried to do not what the sd card actually has. For example what is the actual last row number on the SD? Can I re-write it (not append) if the success bit is not set.
  14. Thanks, 1) I agree as the SD sizes are getting larger and larger in order to make full use of them we need a way to handle the files. 2) A sample application with a file rollover would be a great help. 3) Is there a description of the udt available so I could write my own handler? 4) I'm not sure about your comment on xlsx file size because I can't see how to choose it in the card manager as a read output option? 5) As a fix for now I will reduce the storage frequency and hold the file size down.
  15. Please understand this is a mix of end user version and provocation of a problem. Normally the table would be writen to the SD once an hour not once a second. I can't wait 30 days to see if my code is ok. I've changed the SD utility parameters to allow partial log to SD writing. This gives a better view of the data without empty rows and now there is no longer any reading problem. I feel the problem occurs when reading an SD card with a large number of lines. Lets say more than 65536. I thought the SD write function was automaticaly handling this by creating a new log file +1 when it reached the end? I don't really see how to do this externally with the num to ascii parameters.
  16. Just a quick update, I'm still looking for answers. I reformatted the SD and started it all again. After one evening it is a 60MB udt file. The Card Manager does show the file as you said even though it reports an error that it can't handle it. I have 60 seconds(rows) of data of a total of 1,836,000 empty rows! I guess this could be called progress. I can't see that I will ever be able to teach my customer to retreive this data.
  17. I tried the Card Manager and got an 'error exceed the maximum number of rows'. Obviously I'm misunderstanding something here. The calculator says I can do this for over a year yet it doesnt even go a day. The UDT file is over 74 MB. The Forum will not allow me to post the log.upd file, but here is a screen shot. I'm logging a row each second.
  18. Hi I'm running WinXP SP3 and have tried several differant computers, The Data Table Editor V 1-0-14-0 gives an 'out of memory error' after 5-10 seconds of reading from my log_data.udt The file seems readable from a file reader (textpad). Shortening the logg time from 1 month to 1 week to 1 day hasn't helped with the problem. any ideas?
  19. I'm embarassed. My brand new box of 100ohm resistors is full of 1Ks. Ohm's law rules here also.
  20. Using Visilogic V9.4.0 running WINXP sp3 . V1040 with V200-18-E6B Re-installed visilogic software, updated operating system on V1040, created a new empty project, no change. The V1040 has a 24vdc supply. The problem is that the 4-20ma analog outputs (both channels) seem to be limited to about 10volts. This gives me a maximum loop resistance of 50ohms not the 500ohms stated in the manual. It would 'appear' that some software from a 0-10volt output is limiting the 4-20ma. Test it yourself: hang a 100ohm load and set the channel for 4095 decimal. This should work and give 20ma = 20volts but it doesn't, it'll stop at 11volts.
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