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  1. Thanks Simon. If I use the CANbus ISC protocol, it is my understanding that the SB200-SB215 bits are always transmitted (or active) to pass over the network. If this is true, and I only have limited bit data that needs to be duplicated on the slave HMI (operator indicators), and minimal manual functions to be sent back to the master for output functions, would this be the best way to accomplish my needs? My thinking is that I can use the SB200-SB215 bits from the master as "virtual inputs" to the slave HMI for the indicators, and use the SB200-SB215 bits from the slave as "virtual outputs"
  2. I have a project that currently has a standalone HMI/PLC installed and running on a machine. However, due to some layout modifications, it will now require an additional HMI for the second operator to interface with their "half" of the machine. Is there a way to "mirror" a second HMI so that I can use the existing PLC program and I/O wiring, and only duplicate the needed HMI screens for interaction? Maybe a "master/slave" relationship is a better way to state this. My background is with Allen Bradley products, so doing this is not an issue. However, with the PLC/HMI all in one concept wit
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