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  1. My apologies for the delayed response. Damian, Thank you for the response, as soon as I can get back to this project I will be modifying my project and buffer the input and outputs. I have the task of modifying another person’s project without rendering the original functions not operational. Thanks again. Jason
  2. Please forgive me for reviving an old post and possibly changing its topic, But by buffering your inputs and outputs in separate subroutines are you referring to having you inputs in their own subroutine and having them activate the MB and then using the MB in a different Subroutine instead of using the actual input? If so is there any issues using Positive and negative transitions on the MB from the Inputs in the program? The situation I have is I have similar machines with V280 controllers but different input cards. I would like to have the subroutines the same in the programs but use an I/
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