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  1. Hello, I have a current project to modify a Modbus RS485 to Modbus TCP / IP gateway. I am using a US5-B10-B1 HMI with a UAC-CX-01RS4_0 card. I have to read informations on slaves (10 slaves) in Modbus RS 485 and then send these informations on Modbus TCP / IP to a Supervisor. So Master on the RS 485 com and Slave on the Panel Ethernet. I would like to be able to send the information back to the supervisor (TCP / IP) using a single IP address (of course) but having 5 slave IDs on the network and connecting to the Ethernet Panel. Is this possible with this US5? When I create my co
  2. Hello, For me you lack informations in order to realize the Modbus Communication with you PLC. You can find examples on YouTube. look at the following link i used for. Have a good day.
  3. Hello, What solution have you find ?? I have the problem after Unistream (USP104B10) firmware update. The scren is blank with only "UniStream" tag on it. I can not acces to the application menu on the corner and tried lot of time to reboot with multiple DOK type but nothing matches. thanks
  4. Hello, I was looking for an upgrade of an application on V570. And for me, It works with this method. Thank you for your jobs. Stef.
  5. Thanks for your reply Keith, These informations will help me for this application. I am writing the program and it will be possible to test it this week I hope. In fact we used the V130 for a analogic duplicator for the 2 The analogics outputs. We read the 2 Ana Inputs and them send the value to the 2 Outputs for 2 machines that used it. And this use, as analogic signal duplicator, is cheaper than other way. Stef
  6. Hello, Thanks all for you help in this forums, I see lot of informations that I will use for my first project with Unitronics IHM. My application is simple for most of Unitronics user but for me it is a little "hard" My project : - I have a V130-33-R34 module with an interface IO-AI4-AO2 - I will connect 2 Ana 4-20mA inputs to the V130 and 3 Ana 4-20mA inputs to the IO interface. - I will use 2 Ana Outputs 4-20 mA to the IO Interface too. The application is to transfert the 5 analogic inputs to the modbus. And have the analogic value on one or several screen(s) only for local informati
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