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  1. Ok,I understand the C# code is not available, but is the protocol for reading the structure available or is it propriety? If it is propriety, i find it very peculiar. If you have, for example, a PLC with 5 datatables and you want only to get the data from the last one, you need to know exactly how all tables are structured, so you can calculate the start address of the last table. This makes the ability of reading the datatables by an external application rather complicated and actually quite useless. Is there maybe an other way to get the datatable structure on forehand?
  2. Hello I want to read data tables from an V350. I know i can do that with the PCOM protocol, which is described (partially) in a document (VisionCommunication.pdf). This document describes how you can read the data, but you have to know the data table structure. I also want to read the data table structure my self. I know the data .NET Unitronics.DataTables.dll can do that, but i need it for another platform (microcontroller, programmed in C/C++). So my question is, is the protocol for reading the datatable structure available and/or is the source code of the Unitronics.DataTables.dll availab
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