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  1. Hi Gary, Noam, You can load a Program via a USB Stick by navigating to Download > Export project to USB storage, as Noam suggested. Using UniLogic, a user can view live data in the controller using the Online mode. However, online edits to the program are not available in this mode. The edits must be made offline and downloaded. Dan.
  2. Hi Schafbo, You can place the controller into OS stop upon power up. This will stop the PLC from running the program. From there, you can can load a new program. Power-up modes are outlined in the help file. Hope this helps! Dan
  3. Hi Gabriel, There doesn't seem to be an attachment, could you post it again? Thanks!
  4. Hi OrdosDeviator, The example for the second should work, assuming this is the only coil for the output. Is there another coil for the output? Is so, the coils will conflict, and the last coil will control the state. Please feel free to post your project and I can test. Dan.
  5. Hi Kris9880, What type of Unitronics PLC do you have? Each PLC has an option for BootStrap mode and Stop Mode. Instructions on how to get to these modes vary between controllers. Within these modes, the program stops, and the PLC communication settings are reset. What are you attempting to do in this mode? Thanks, Dan.
  6. Hi Vidmas30, It appears the issue is with signed and unsigned 16 bit registers. A MI is signed 16 bit register, with a range of -32768-32767. A unsigned 16 bit register would have a range of 0-65535. A 65535 for a Unsigned register will result in a value of -1 for a signed register. The bits will still translate directly, however. You can read the value, and break the value down into bits using the function block Vector > Numeric to bits. It will take the MI, and break it does into MBs. Alternatively, a DW is a 32 bit Unsigned register. I hope you find this helpful. Dan
  7. Hi Joesteva, There is no way to force a analog input within the software without supplying current or voltage to the terminal. What I would recommend is to create a new "Test" tag, and replace the analog input in your code with this tag. Once this is done, you can change the "test" tag to simulate an incoming value. I hope you find this helpful. Thanks, Dan.
  8. Hi Dan, Are you using Real numbers? We have similar issue using Real numbers. A real is a 32 bit register. In our case, the UniStream and Siemens controllers did not interpret the 4 bytes in the same order. (i.e. 8e1 is interpreted as 81e0, or the like) This results in different values. In the UniLogic software, there is a function block that will swap the bytes. This worked; however, if there are not sequenced properly, it will result in "flickering" of the value between 2 values. A similar issue can occur with Integer values as well. Please feel free to email us at support@unitronics.com for further information. -Dan
  9. Hi Marius, My suggestion would be to utilize the webserver, as a smartphone can access internet browsers. The V1210 supports both the simple and advanced webserver. The simple webserver is a template, the advanced allows the user to build HTML pages. Additional information available in the webinar. I hope this helps, Dan.
  10. Hi, Thanks for using the Unitronics forum. The TPDO and RPDO will use Structs created within the project. First click the "Struct" tab in the tag database, and create the format of your RPDO. Once created, you will have the ability to create a tag with this Structure in the RPDO and TPDO tabs. I hope this helps, Dan.
  11. Hi Navigatoru, Is the compare statement is a subroutine? Is the subroutine running? Is MB50 used elsewhere in the application? If so, try to link a new unused MB. It may be that MB50 is controlled elsewhere in the application. Thanks, Dan
  12. Hi Paul, Please note that you can use input directly in the ladder. But if you do require these registers to be moved, you can accomplish this using a vector copy tool (located in the vector dropdown menu). in your example, copy I0 to MB0 with a length of 8. Thanks, Dan
  13. Hi Pete, Please send the application and image to support@unitronics.com at you convenience so that I may review and simulate. Thanks, Dan
  14. Hi Pete, Is this occurring with a particular project only? Can you open a new application and simulate? Also, it may be worth running the software as admin to test. thanks, Dan.
  15. Hi Petercolquhoun, What is the OS of your PC? (win7/win8/vista?) Please ensure that you are running the software as administrator. (right click on visilogic icon > run as administrator). You can also set the software to run automatically as admin in the properties for the visilogic. please update us on the results. Thanks, Dan.
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