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  1. Thanks AG automation and Simon, I can implement WiFi via the 3G LAN router already - again I need a simple methode for simple data transfer. It is very unlikely that an operator or even orchard manager brings his laptop/ smartphone routinely close to the PLC for downloading. Maybe twice but not more during very stressy harvest time; Swaping a SD card or USB stick is just too simple! These WiFi cards look interesting, though only for SD not micro SDs as found with V130/ 350. Cheers Beka
  2. Joe, I totally agree. seems I am in a similar position (finishing our project and getting orders if I can find a way for simple data transfer). Though there are other devices e.g. with USB, I believe Visilogic and Unitronics support are unequalled! Beka
  3. Thanks AlexUT, I understand this pretty well, in theory great, but in our environment just not realistic at all! Mainly these machines e.g. harvesters work during night time or around the clock and "parked" in the field no shed/ garage around. Training people to use a laptop with Wifi etc (I have a 3G Lan router incl. Wifi) for retrieving data for example in a car - NO WAY! My existing unit has a SD card slot, just very simple. As said our plan is to use both possibilty, if possible data transfer (and other functions, like trouble shooting) via 3G Lan router and SD card as backup and in situation where there is no coverage or bad signal. A pity, Unitronic's Visilogic is an excellent software - the best I have seen so far!
  4. Hello, yes agree have had them for test, stationary! On a moving vehicle (e.g. tractor, harvester) not too good (unless the owner is willing to pay for spares) - and driving through an orchard is a different story again. To get better coverage we also tested 3G modems with dual - sims - slots, so we can switch to the best signal ...if there is one! No question without external SD card or USB facility we have difficulties ...
  5. Damian, still not clear... - only 1 com port possible if I understand the manual correctly, as we use LAN card as well for the 3G LAN router - and reception here is pretty bad if we have reception at ALL (that has been the idea to use 3G or alike, to "take people out" to avoid issues ONLY way, swapping cards at least in our environment (out in the bush - no WiFi/ GSM ) So as written at top, any suggestion to save securely/ conveniently onto a flash medium Cheers Beka
  6. Thanks for the comments .... and more info about my applications: - the Com port is already taken, so no BT / serial possible, besides - my clients are agricultural operators out in the field , no way they will/ should handle these procedures, - must be as simple as possible like swapping cards from time to time (so have 3G router for remote data transfer as well, but still need "safe" procedure) Thanks, Beka
  7. Hello, in most of my intended applications using the V130/ V350, data logging plays a very important part - and consequently data handling! As much as we like the micro SD cards as storage medium, to transfer data regularily with big hands it is not advisible - especially if an enclosure / box has to be opened in not really clean environment ..... Good would be a USB connector, using a USB stick .... So I tested a microSD/ SD extension cable which can easily be found.. But the results were not good at all, lots of errors in the file structure (and csv files), assume the cable quality was not good/ too long (23cm) and noise very likely the cause of this. Besides the Card in/out signal is not much good using an extension cable. I assume this or similar problems have occured before in regards to data logging with SD; has anybody some experience with SD extension cables ? Or any other better idea? Thanks Beka
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