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  1. Hi, We have several PLCs in the field on a network with Linux only machines I would like to download new version of the application to those PLCs from the local machine (i can ssh into those machines) It means I need to have a linux based version of the UniDownloaded or something similar (maybe a simple command line tool) Gal
  2. Thanks for the reply. I'm using this method now but since I have a large drum configuration I need to "patch" the complete configuration from several screen shots I would expect at least for a way to expert the table to a file
  3. I'm using the drum FB in VisiLogic 9.4.0 I would like to print the configuration I've created - what should I do ? For the the drum configuration window, it would help if the window size could be changed
  4. Thanks for the reply. I've tried using the interrupt function (see nets) but the outcome was worst from stability (jitter) viewpoint Did I do something wrong in my nets ?
  5. I'm trying to create a series of pulses with high timing precision (2.5ms accuracy) Using the internal timer function (10ms resolution) I got something to work but the timing of the actual pulses is not what I was hoping for Set Actual 10ms 34-37 20ms 34-55 30ms 51-55 40ms 51-72 50ms 69-72 So the timing is offset by ~20ms and has high jitter in even timer setting (the timer is 10ms resolution) The jitter looks like the pulses are either short by 10ms or off by 10ms but not the correct pulse length Any ideas ? I've changed the ladder a bit and that got me shorter "On" time
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