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  1. Hi Sorry for my slow reply, yes i have tried my original program and i still have the same problem
  2. Hi I have a 7" UniSTream with a WCB-1 adapter. I am using this PLC for a very simple task of monitoring contents in a tank and then controling some relay outputs depending on the tank contents level. I have a pressure transmitter connected to a analogue input 0 and this was working correctly whilst setting up - I was seeing the correct output from the transmitter on the PLC. I also had a type K thermocouple connected to RT2 input - again during setup this was giving me a correct reading at ambient (approx 20 Celsius). Now, during some updating of the logic, my
  3. Hi Guys Thanks for your suggestions. I have tried changing the battery and also uploading a blank project and re-downloading my original project yet the RTC is frozen. I am monitoring via a serial connection ans checking SI 30 -38 and there is no change
  4. Hi I am currently running a project on a V1210 without any major issues. Problem I have is that the RTC does not seem to update - as if the clock has stopped. The PLC in running, the project is running, but the RTC does not update. I have tried syncing with my PC time but it makes no difference. Has anyone experienced this problem? Thanks Russ
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