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  1. Bumping this one since I got another question as well. I'm trying to establish communication with the V130 trough a ModBus simulator on a PC, often enough I can get a connection but I haven't been able to read or write anything to the PLC. I've tried several softwares and all of them has a field "Slave ID: ". Is this the ID filled in the Modbus config FB? I.e 255? Also, have anyone here used some kind of Modbus simulator with a Unitronics PLC they know to be good? Several of the ones I've seen are quite messy. I would really appreciate some input, both on this post and the first since I h
  2. Hi all, I have a question regarding slave adressing on Modbus. We have a V130 which we want to use as a slave on a Scada system. When I read about slave adressing in the help file the pointer value offset is given for each data type, no problems. However, when I read the examples (and also different topics regarding modbus here on the forum) another offset seem to occur. For example when writing a 3-bit vector of outputs starting at O8: "SCADA as the Modbus master to color PLC: Convert the HEX address to DEC. In the SCADA application, set the Slave: Start of Vector parameter to 46393 (3000
  3. Great answers, thanks guys! Now I'm informed, I'll pass this on to the client in question. BR Anton
  4. I'm bumping this one again since I haven't been able to solve it and the client is adamant that the acknowledge button is another one than F2. So, is there any way to user define the ack button on the V130? Help would be very much appreciated. regards Anton
  5. Hi again, Since no one has yet answered, lets put it this way: How is the alarm acknowledge function supposed to work? Isn't it just to specify a bit as "Acknowledge bit" and when the cause of the specifik alarm is gone, let this bit go high (i.e. by pressing a button) and then the alarm will be acknowledged? In the alarm examples I've seen the acknowledge bit isn't used, so I'm a bit lost. regards Anton
  6. Hi, I'm having some issues regarding alarm acknowledge on my V130. I have a couple of alarms I would like to be acknowledged by a button connected to an input, the input sets a MB which is choosen in each alarm config as "acknowledge bit". I thought that this would acknowledge the alarm just as the selected MB goes high, but it doesn't work. Instead, the "F2" button is the acknowledge button, in the plc-project the "F2" button isn't used anywhere regarding the alarms. Is this maybe some default that isn't possible to change? regards Anton
  7. Okay, that's a bit disappointing. I´m sure I´ll solve the problem anyway but it would have been nice. Thanks for your answers. /Anton
  8. Hello Unitronics forum! I have a question regarding function blocks. Is it possible to create your own fb? I´m new to Unitronics and I´ve tried to find info about this without any luck. I´m about to control a number of motors in a similar way and I thought a fb would be convenient to acheive this. best regards Anton
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