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  1. Hi all, I put together a project with a v570 controller and a E3XB snapin module. I have two anaolg inputs (AI1 & AI2). AI1 has a loop powered signal for a pressure transducer hooked up and AI2 has a self powered signal coming from a pH meter hooked up. We noticed that the two inputs seemed to not play well with each other because when they were both hooked up the pH meter reading would come in at less than 3.4mA. It seemed like they were fighting with control of the refernce ground so we installed a signal isolator that takes a 0-10V (all we had at the time). The customer is complaining that the value on the meter doesn't match up to the value displayed on the PLC and this has to do with converting the 4-20mA (only option for retransmission). If we can, we would like to eliminate the signal isolator. Any input would be greatly appreciated, thank you
  2. I keep getting this error when I try to download to a V280. I was able to download the OS fine but I can't download the application
  3. Hello, While writing a program and downloading it on the v1210, I came across a issue that I feel needs attention. I have a port 3 installed in the display to support a modbus network(pretty typical practice for my company). After some testing I plugged in my modbus network into the port 3 and lost all touch capability. I cycled power, redownloaded the application, initialize and reset, disconnected the modbus and still could not use the touchscreen. I took the port 3 out of the display and then powered the unit to find the touch screen worked properly, I grabbed a new port 3 (right out of the box) and installed it, lost touch capabilities again. I downloaded a different program (Which we have working in the field) and still lost touch functionality with the port 3 installed, our test v1210 has been working for at least 3 months with no issues until today, has anybody else run into this?
  4. I agree with the time outs failing the download. I don't think it would be advantagous to use unidownloader to download projects if you do a significant amount of programming for various different systems. I like the idea of opting out of the messages, though
  5. The amount of download warnings that popup when downloading is rediculous. With these warnings, I can't multitask, I have to sit there and watch the download process. The v570 download isn't too bad but when downloading to the v1210 it is painful to say the least.
  6. I'm starting to build the concept of my home brewing rig, using a 10.4 screen, I'm excited to get it up and running. I look forward to further updates on your success
  7. I got the trend 1 to record properly, now I'm working on getting the rest to record
  8. Hello, I am working on a project that requires recording the trending data from 4 separate trends to the SD Card. They want to record the data "no less than once every 5 minutes". I based my code off of the program in the examples file in the help menu and was able to get a single trend screen to record (I did it on the v570 for testing) based on a series of timers. The code worked fine however when I used the identicle code for the v1210 (setting up a single trend screen for recording) my start->trend SD Status message reads 256 which I assume is "failed to open file". Does anybody have any pointers on getting the trends to record to the SD card for a v1210? I would export the subroutine and attach it to this post but it won't let me export due to "elements that refernce Named Constants"
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