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  1. This poster is correct. As of recent, Vision controller operating systems now mandate the use of 9600 baud rate for the Enfora modem. It used to be the case that any speed would work, and actually 57,600 was the most common to use. This is no longer true, and you must re-prepare the PLC side modem for a 9600 baud rate as well as have this set in the COM Init function block.
  2. Unfortunately no, a crucial part of the improved system is the new cable.
  3. The main advantage of the EX-A2X is the much improved isolation. The "upgraded" EXL-CABxxx cable is required in conjunction with the module.
  4. This will be active for a little while longer, until the new link is offically added to the swapper page. http://www.unitronics.com/Data/Uploads/VisiLogic_Software_New/VisiLogicSetup_930.exe
  5. When you are trying to connect to your corporate mail server from the PLC, is the PLC plugged into the local corporate ethernet network?
  6. There is no direct option to enter memory floats via keypad entry on standard series vision controllers (V120, V2xx). A workaround would be to enter the value into a memory integer register and then via ladder logic convert that to a memory float. Please see the attached example that does exactly this for one decimal place of accuracy (4.1 base format). Also, do you really need to use a memory float though? Another option would be to just keep track of that tens place (one decimal) offset in any math or logic operations you may perform while solely using memory integers or memory longs. V260 - HMI Decimal Entry.vlp
  7. If you wish to use the enhanced webserver hosted off of the SD card, it is a requirement to use the template project supplied. There are several locked subroutines that provide the functionality and proper data transfer between the SD card for HTML.
  8. Yes, this is its intended purpose. From VisiLogic you would select "TCP/IP Call" as your connection method to target the IP address of the SIM card. You can then go into "online test mode" to troubleshoot and debug.
  9. I have never seen a "pure" data call work on US carriers as of recent. The best method would be to use GPRS data to transfer your information. Please note this will not be lightning fast, but does work. It also helps if you obtain a static IP address from AT&T. Otherwise you are assigned a different dynamic IP each time the SIM card registers on the GSM network, and often useful ports are blocked. We do have a webinar detailing GPRS communications as well as a sample project if you are interested. http://forum.unitronics.com/index.php?/blog/15/entry-61-webinar-modems/
  10. Unfortunatly, there is no simple re-sizing tool available. As i'm sure you have noticed, the smaller resolution (320x240px) V570 screen is placed in the upper left quadrant of a new project after converting to the larger resolution (800x600px) V1040 screen.
  11. 209 downloads

    Please click the "Download File" button below.
  12. Please see the document in the pinned topic for Windows 7 http://forum.unitronics.com/index.php?/topic/664-can-i-use-visilogic-with-vistawin7/
  13. There's no straight forward way to clear the logs. One option is to use the "Enable Auto Logs Purge" feature. This is found in the site configuration options.
  14. Please see the attached program. This function is linked to HSC0 (I0), set as High Speed Counter. It gives the pulse frequency in DW0 with resolution and precision of 0.01 Hz. As a demonstration, the HSO of the snap-in can be connected to the HSI as defined in the HW config. V570 - HSC Frequency Measurement.vlp
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