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  1. Hello everyone, i needs some help in my project on the M91. i need to display 12 different variables on one display. i understand the maximum number of variables on each display is 8. i tried to split the variables to 2 displays and to alternate quickly between display but it didn't worked out. it seems the alternating scan is too slow. Does someone has an idea how can i solve this thanks in advance
  2. Thanks Emil, i'v loaded the Modbus slave demo program from the U90 ladder examples. and try to read data with Modbus Poll application, now i'm getting a time out message, does somone have any idea whats wrong , attach is a screenshot from Modbus poll .
  3. thanks Joe, i'm new on PLC's and i want to communicate with PC (the PC will be the master) what kind of Modbus (ASCII/RTU) does M91-2-T38 use?
  4. Hi, Can i MJ10-22-CS25 cable (programming cable) for modbus communication between my PC to M91-2-T38? thanks, Nikita1
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