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  1. Haven't seen that behavior - I left VisiLogic 8.6.1 running overnight with a TCP/IP connection doing monitoring of 40 SI variables plus some ladder, no apparent difference in operation after 14 hours. Then again, I don't know that my system is the best testbed, since it's running XP under VirtualBox on a Linux host - but that does give me more ability to see what system resources XP is using. Are you running the latest VisiLogic?

    Hi Phil,

    Thanks for the feedback. I'm running 8.6.0. It's tough finding these types of anomolies. Especially with all the variables regarding operating systems, service packs, hardware, security settings, anti-virus,etc.) It's bizarre ....... Visilogic (and everything else) will grind to a crawl. I'll close it, re-open it, and all of the sudden everything is happy again. Thanks for putting the theory to test at least. It's helpful even to know that it is not that way for anyone else.


  2. I am beginning to suspect a pattern regarding Visilogic and PC speed running under XP pro. It seems as though if you are online with the Unitronics controller via a TCP connection that over time it brings the operating system to a crawl.

    After having taken Visilogic Offline and closing the program all together my PC went back to normal.

    There seems to be something Visilogic is doing that continues to munch away at system resources as time goes by.

    Anyone else notice anything similar?


  3. Nacho, no te preocupes...we can leave it there forever if need be :-)

    I am going to go out on a limb and assume I speak for all of us, but unless the info gets stuffed into the new forum in some fashion I think we would all benefit from it being there forever. Can't imagine it takes up much resources.


  4. I believe I once posted some suggestions to the effect that it would be nice to have it as part of the upload/download options.Upload: option to bring back the live values and save them with the project. Nice for swapping out a faulty PLC.Download: allows the programmer to initialise values for the first time that need to change during the operation of the machine (so are no good for setting with power up values).




  5. Hi Damian,

    About DF1. This is not our protocol and we have no too much experience with it. The doc I pointed was writen and given to us by our distributor in Finland, which is distributor of AB too. I know that this doc helped a lot of people.

    We will appreciate very much any note, wich points to errors and will help to improve this doc. I hope you will send your remarks to me ASAP!

    About Modbus - did you try my advice to take a pair of working examples and check with them? What is the result?

    Of course you're welcome to send your application and we will check it here - but with another Vision as master or simulating program. We have no L35E to check with it and if te problem is there or in communication parameters, this will not fix the problem.

    Hi Emil,

    The DF1 document is actually quite helpful. There were some explanations, corrections, and clarifications that found their way on the old Forum which would be of great benefit to be merged into the document. There are also some translation issues that make it a difficult read in some spots, but it is definitely valuable.

    If they are OK with it, I am willing to edit their version of it to get it more up to date.

    My Modbus issue is solved (for the most part). JT hit the nail on the head. As I mentioned before, I've had Uni's talking modbus to eachother before, to mocking that up again wasn't going to do me a whole lot of good.

    Somthing now obvious is that there is an issue with the reliability of the DF1 communication between the AB and the Uni. When I have the two talking DF1 I get very frequent comm errors and prolonged timeouts before communications kick back in. Changing absolutely no hardware (Exact same cable between the exact same ports) and using ModbusRTU instead, I have run for several hours now without one single comm error or timeout. This is all with the same comm settings as well (38400,8,N,1). The only change made was protocol. I wish I had more time to figure out where the problem is, but now that I have the communications working in Modbus I can't afford to spend too much time with the DF1 at the moment. Perhaps when the job is finished.

    Thanks for your help,


  6. The V570 is not listening for Modbus commands. The Modbus Scan_EX needs to be solved all the time, not just on the first scan. Put it in the following network behind a NC of SB 2.

    Joe T.


    It's official. That was crux of the problem. At least in the end. In the beginning I had the ladder correct but must have had something else messed up. By the time I had fixed the real issue I must have already screwed the ladder up. It's time to go soak my head in a bucket of water.

    Many thanks!


  7. Small note:

    At Unitronics site www.unitronics.com > Support page > PLC tools and applications you can find detailed doc on how to perform communication via DF1.

    In VisiLogic > Help menu Examples there are few working demoes, related to Modbus. I'll recommend to take a pair of such examples - Master and Slave, connect two controllers and chech the data flow. Then, replacing one of the contrololers with your device, check again port settings and try again.

    Hi Emil,

    Thanks for the note, but you may not have noticed my post a while back regarding having issues with the reliability of the DF1 communication. It should also be noted that there are some errors in the document you mention (and in the help files) that should be corrected.

    I've done quite a bit with mobus RTU on the V570/V280 with success so this is nothing new to me. If fixing the programming error that Joe pointed out does not fix the problem I will send the application into you guys to have a gander.



  8. The V570 is not listening for Modbus commands. The Modbus Scan_EX needs to be solved all the time, not just on the first scan. Put it in the following network behind a NC of SB 2.

    Joe T.

    Hi Joe,

    You raise a good point. I did originally have the SCANX on its own network with no conditions in front of it, but it wasn't behaving any differently though. But now I can't remember if there were other problems previous to that I may have latter corrected. I'll give it a try in the morning and see how it goes. Thanks for pointing out the dumb mistake. I'm going to be very angry with myself if that was all the problem was.


  9. So ................ Having been unable to get any reliability using DF1 communication between the L35E and the V570, I decided to try and see if using modbus RTU between the two would get better results.

    For some reason, the V570 doesn't seem to be responding to the Modbus commands. I have the L35E acting as a master using the standard Uni programming cable between it and Comm 1.

    Using "Info Mode" I can see that all the parameters are set OK and that Com1 is set for Modbus. When looking at the receive buffer in Hex mode I even see the Mobus messages coming in perfectly. Everything seems to be framed and formatted properly. So I know that the data is getting to the V570 fine. It just refuses to respond to it.

    I hooked my PC up directly to the output of the L35E and monitored the port with a modbus sniffer. The software had no issues picking up the communications.

    Attached are some screen shots of the setup. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


    post-93-050070200 1282931793_thumb.jpg

    post-93-098983300 1282931774_thumb.jpg

  10. You can use the Remote Access program to transfer the values of the operands into Excel file.

    Launch the Remote Access and choose the controller in question:


    Then open the Operand Access window:


    Choose Read All Values From PLC and follow instructions:


    Then click on Export all Values to Excel.

    The second way is to use an SD card. See the Help document for explanations,

    in Help >> Ladder >> SD Card Functions >> SD Card: Data to Excel.

    Hi Stein,

    Thanks for the info. Specifically, my question is "why isn't this function built into Visilogic?".

  11. Why you say I can't have Images inside the post Cara?

    I can click on Browse and add Attachment. Then after the attachment was added, it has on it's right side "Add to Post".

    Here I click it:

    post-2-067078800 1282486016_thumb.jpg

    And now I continue to write some stuff.

    I can then add another Image, add it to post:

    post-2-022583100 1282486215_thumb.png

    And then continue writing. No need to go directly to gallery. (We do have to add it as attachment, but thats the only way to do it).

    post-93-043074500 1282512273_thumb.jpg

    Saragani ...... Thank you! That is much easier than what I have been doing.

  12. Is there a reason why we still have to add images to our posts indirectly through a URL as opposed to directly? I was under the impression that this was going to be one of the nice new features of the new and improved forum.


  13. Seriously-I'm curious, no pies :blink:

    Apart from more 'real estate' for the HMI, are there any particular features you are looking for in a larger screen?

    Have any of you been using such displays--do you have a preference, among manufacturers?

    Just size Cara.

    1) My customers want larger screens. No seriously, they just want them. Just because something isn't needed doesn't mean it isn't wanted. (ie people don't need 50inch LCD TVs either. I say "give the people what they want"

    2) It is quicker and easier to develop for larger screens. The smaller the screen the more time I have to spend (fitting, sizing, nudging, strategizing and compromising) to get the job done. The more I have to bust up into smaller screens, the more work it is for me. Same for the operators. If you bust things up into a gazillion screens, the more time they have to waste "hunting" for what they are looking for.

    3) The larger the screen, the larger I can make the buttons and numeric fields. This decreases the chance that somone with "fat fingers" will accidently press the "Pie Eject" button when they really meant to push the "Bake Crust" button.

    Below is a screen shot of a "canned" manual servo axis screen I developed. It is a very busy screen. There is more I would like on it, but there just wasn't enough room. (ie. would have liked to have staus of limit and home switches, text fields to indicated any faults, Fine and Coarse Jog buttons, etc.). Sure I could put these on another screen. But it really belongs on the same screen. Sure I could have made some things smaller, but I don't want the user to feel like they are playing the game "operation" and trying to hit the fields with the tip of their finger nails.


  14. Last complaint ....... I promise......... (crossing fingers behind my back)

    I tried searching the new forum for "DF1" and it tells me my search needs to have at least 4 characters. This seems kind of silly. I am having difficulty coming up with a way of adding characters to the search that actually gets me what I want.

  15. Ok, looks like we don't have a "communications" area in the forum anymore so I guess i'll place this here.

    Has anyone had any luck reading/writing long integers (ML/XL). I have a Compact Logix L32E CPU hooked up to Comm 2 on the V570. I can get the regular integers (MI/XI) back and forth just fine, but when I try long integers my message blocks time out.

    I suspect either something is wrong in the "mapping tables" that have been provided or that the V570 itself is not mapping the memory properly.

    On a side note, I also noticed that for some reason I had to make the array used for storing the incoming V570 data one full element larger than it should need to be. (ie. Its seems as though if I ask the V570 for 8 integers it sends me 9 instead)

    Another Side, Side note........

    It would be nice to have a sepatate area in the forum dedicated to.....

    Miscellaneous Communications

    CAN Communications

    Ethernet Communications

    There is a ton of valuable info on CAN in the old forum.


  16. Emil is right; it is at an advanced stage, and looking good. ;)

    Damian--duck! Lemon meringue :rolleyes:

    First post in the new forum and I'm already getting pied.

    Looks like I've done a great job of making a reputation for myself.

    And Emil, ok. You have six months to push the larger screens through. I'm putting you in charge.

  17. Damian, Damian--your first post in the forum is the hardest question of all to answer. :wacko:

    Seriously--we're working on it. There are a group of R&D hardware guru chained to their desks, plugging away, and I stop by there often to see how it's coming along...and it is, hopefully sooner rather than later.

    Hi Cara,

    I was looking more for something along the lines of "It's still in design phase and a long ways out" or "It is in the release phase and they are working on the machinery modifications to manufacture them". If you are still in R&D phase it sounds as though we are still at least a year away.

    Now, for a little preemptive action--yes UDFBs are STILL on the list. :P

    What's a UDFB?


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