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  1. Last complaint ....... I promise......... (crossing fingers behind my back) I tried searching the new forum for "DF1" and it tells me my search needs to have at least 4 characters. This seems kind of silly. I am having difficulty coming up with a way of adding characters to the search that actually gets me what I want.
  2. Ok, looks like we don't have a "communications" area in the forum anymore so I guess i'll place this here. Has anyone had any luck reading/writing long integers (ML/XL). I have a Compact Logix L32E CPU hooked up to Comm 2 on the V570. I can get the regular integers (MI/XI) back and forth just fine, but when I try long integers my message blocks time out. I suspect either something is wrong in the "mapping tables" that have been provided or that the V570 itself is not mapping the memory properly. On a side note, I also noticed that for some reason I had to make the array used for storing the incoming V570 data one full element larger than it should need to be. (ie. Its seems as though if I ask the V570 for 8 integers it sends me 9 instead) Another Side, Side note........ It would be nice to have a sepatate area in the forum dedicated to..... Miscellaneous Communications CAN Communications Ethernet Communications There is a ton of valuable info on CAN in the old forum. Damian
  3. First post in the new forum and I'm already getting pied. Looks like I've done a great job of making a reputation for myself. And Emil, ok. You have six months to push the larger screens through. I'm putting you in charge.
  4. Hi Cara, I was looking more for something along the lines of "It's still in design phase and a long ways out" or "It is in the release phase and they are working on the machinery modifications to manufacture them". If you are still in R&D phase it sounds as though we are still at least a year away. What's a UDFB?
  5. Sooooooooooooooooooooo...... What's the status of the larger screens?
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