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  1. This is an example of normal translation Every thing flows left to right as expected. Now lets add a contact in series with the INC block. As you can see the left to right execution has been broken. It actually went back and executed the comparator twice! It interpretted the ladder as if it were actually written as so. So you have to be careful how you structure your rung. Now watch what happens when I add another test/operate condition in series. In reality, the translator actually broke the network up into three separate rungs. Each time it redundantly re-tests all of the pr
  2. Sorry for taking so long to respond to this. Your take on how you perceive what is going on in the background of the PLC is for the most part inline with how I would interpret it.. Ultimately it is just a microcontroller and the ladder software is just window dressing to make things easier to program. Your view of subroutines though is not quite right for the reasons Joe pointed out. They allow you to organize your code in the same fashion that a book may have chapters. I just had to modify a Mitsubishi program a few weeks ago where the whole program 500+ rungs of code were all in one bi
  3. My first suspicion would be that the + and - data lines got swapped on the two that are not working and then swapped back at the final node. I would double triple check the wiring. Double Triple check that the jumper setting for the two that are not working match the RS485 setting that is on the ones that are. Double Triple check the comm setting Baud, parity etc of the non- functioning units. Double Triple check that you didn't accidently give two of them the same node number/ address. Next thing to try is powering up all the slaves first, and then power up the master some time after.
  4. This one is an international show so probably not cost effective for a small local distribution.
  5. At IMTS this week in Chicago. I've seen about 4 or 5 V570s on the various machines here already an I still have 1/3 of the machinery to check out. Suprised that there is not a Unitronics exhibit.
  6. "From what you saying, Visilogic will always execute a normal coil at each scans even the preceding ladder conditions hold false (energize it if true, and de-energize it if false), while a Latched Coil will only be executed with ladder conditions hold true." That is correct. And to finish it out, both LATCH and UNLATCH (SET and RESET) coils only execute when all the preceding logic evaluates to true. Regarding the STL view I don't believe there is any official documentation on it, but this is how I have interpretted them. ! Load the following condition into the accumulator/stack = Assig
  7. Gosh! You think they were punishing me? My mother always said I have a knack for letting my my mouth get my butt in a whole lot of trouble. PS What is that smiley supposed to be?
  8. Hi Simon, That was the way I used to do it back when the new forum came to be. But the attachements count against your upload quota and I was in a short time unable to upload anything anymore. I had to beg Cara to up my quota, you know..... on my hands and knees groveling and all that. I was then given the understanding that "pictures" were meant to go through the Gallery and that attachments were only meant to attach programs. It seems like the real issue may be the Quota itself. All the other sites I use give you a quota, but it is refreshed periodically, whereas it seems as thoug
  9. Perhaps I am just not doing something right. For example, on PLCs.net, when I want to add a picture I.............. Select insert image Select browse Find and select my image Hit upload and I'm done Here I have to leave the post I am in the process of generating to go to the gallery. Then I have to find my personal Gallery. Then I have to hit upload. Then I have to hit browse. Then I have to find and select my file. Then I have to hit review and publish. Then I have to type in some sort of name and description. Then I have to hit Finish and Publish Then I have to go hunt down tha
  10. I had issues a few days ago getting Visilogic to update the OS in a V350 using a direct ethernet connection. This connection was via a crossover cable between my PC's LAN and the Ethernet port of the V350. I then added a swtich in between the PC and the PLC and was then able to complete the firmware update. What is happening is with a direct connection the software does a reset of the PLC prior to the update. When this happens the PLC reboots and the LAN detects the loss of a physical connection. Once this happens, Visilogic interprets this as a loss of communication and aborts the update
  11. The biggest pitfall many folks have when trying to understand ladder is viewing it as a circuit diagram or a relay logic simulator. Using this form of understanding will always lead to wrong conclusions. Ladder is simply a method of graphiically laying out instructions. It is meant to be intuitive for those not familiar with text based programming codes. There are instruction that "test", "operate", and some function blocks that may do a little of both. It used to be common that instructions that performed "operations" always had to be at the end of a rung, but many have adopted series ex
  12. Is it just me, or does every one else find the process of adding images to their posts unintuitive, cumbersome, confusing, and to a certain degree such a pain that you become reluctant to even bother? It seems like every time I have to post an image it take me 5+ minutes to figure it all out again. You have to go through a series of windows and jump through several hoops to make it happen. Also Why are .bmp banned? That is practically the most benign file type there is. Are you forcing everyone to use compressed formats?
  13. It appears I have found a new way to crash Visilogic. Not sure what this means, but when powering up Vislogic it gave me this error and then would not display the application. I could see the application was resident in memory using Task Manager. Outiside of Task Manager you would not know it was running. I had to uninstall and reinstall to recover.
  14. Organization of data can be just as important as organization of the program itself. Large programs with no clear data organization are difficult to debug and follow. For everything that is seemingly arbitrary, you can usually figure out some means to treat it in a non-arbitrary fashion in order to add a level of clarity. As an example, I like to buffer all of my inputs and outputs into separate subroutines. If I have physical inputs I0 through I 15 I may buffer them to MB1000 to MB1015. For my physical outputs, O0 through O15 I may choose the "manual" buffer bits as MB2000 to MB2015 an
  15. Count me in now as well for having a request for Bacnet support. I see Joe also posed a question about it on the old forum. Has anyone got this working natively yet?
  16. We first need to determine if you are using RS232 or RS485. What are your jumper setting for the V350 port?
  17. It is pretty typical to reduce the frequency you "test" for communication to an unresponsive slave. You need to build in a means to record the condition of each device. If you are continuosly polling anyhow, the re-tries might as well be set to a minimum. You'll get it the next time around anyway. The timeouts are normally set way too conservatively. Keep decreasing it until you find the point where things start to break down. Then double it. You will find you are still vastly faster yet with a good margin. Of course your baud will affect this as well.
  18. It won't affect the set frequency selected on the controller. Generally you will want your PWM frequency to be appreciably slower than the oscillating frequency of the power you are switching. I would not use the hardware HSO for this. I get the impression you are trying to sychronize your switching with the generators cycle, which Is probably beyond the capability of the control. I would recommend you use a Zero-Cross phase angle SCR style swtiching device controlled with an analog signal such as 4-20mA. Then just have the PID block source your analog output as opposed to PWM. You will
  19. If you are using the PWM function block with an output then you should not be setting up that ouput in the hardware config as an HSO. The PWM block is meant to modulate a single ouput on and off at the selected cycle time and duty. If you want the hardware HSO to be cotnrolled by your PID output then all you need to do is link your PID output to your HSO "duty cycle" operand and just select an appropriate frequency.
  20. Hi Joe, only issue I see with your concerns about screw dimensions is that he increased the speed by simply doubling the number of screws used. Thus, at the same rotation speed and all other things being equal it should have picked up the 8 screws just as well as it should have picked up the 4 screws from an individual timing standpoint. If I understand him correctly he didn't change the RPMs, just the number of screws per rev. Hjalli, where are you reading the input? Are you looking at the raw value or scaled value? When you say it "stops counting" are you saying it pegs at 230 or dro
  21. @ Dahnuguy The Red Lion Data Stations as well as their HMIs can serve as protocol converters. I have used a small HMI of theirs on occassion just to bridge communication. @ Djeanry Are you using FB100? What CPU are you using an what is the physical connection you have? What version of Step 7 are you working with? Are you using a CP343-1?
  22. I have noticed in the past if the version of the OS does not match well with that era of Software build you can get strange anamolies. Don't expect the software to complain, it won't. If you think about it, the new V570 units are probably shipping with an OS suitable more for V9.3 or V9.4 Visilogic. So when using a more current OS with the older software, there are many new features in the OS that the software is not aware of. If you look in the version changes document you will see that they have changed/fixed some things in the CAN programming that I am sure correspond with OS changes. T
  23. Since you are continuing to use the old software, are you also downgrading the OS as well?
  24. Normally, to tie a PID output to a single physical digital output you will send it through a PWM block. You will want the cycle time to be long if you want to slow down the switching. Your proces value should go directly into the PID block.
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