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  1. Thanks for the replies. tmoulder: I agree entirely with your points. Well said. However, my application isn't a custom machine application - it's an OEM product. The PLC will be mostly, if not entirely, devoted to monitoring a CAN bus and setting, logging, and displaying parameters from one or more drives. Scan time is far less critical than in "normal" control applications. If scan time is less than 250ms, than everything will be fine. There will be limited control of the drives from the PLC and in those cases, I can reduce the scan time appropriately.
  2. I've seen references to an example project using data tables to create a kind of parameterized subroutine. However, I cannot find the example in the installed examples (Visilogic 9.4). Would someone be able to help me find this - or a similar example. I suspect I know how to approach this, but it's always nice to see an example. Thanks.
  3. Is there a method to create a .vlp or some portion there of programmatically - like what I would do with Allen Bradley's .L5X? That is to say, can I create a text file that represents ladder logic and import it into Visilogic? I'm preparing to convert a rather large, but fundamentally simple, application from Omron to Unitronics. Thanks.
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