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  1. Hello eitan, are you sure, that no other users or applications use the server while using DataXport? If the Excel file was created by DataXport, I think the problem is caused by the log or the .ulp file. Another idea: Reinstall DataXport. Before installing DataXport again make sure, that the server is "DataXport clean". This means: 1. all DataXport-Folders should be deleted. --> save your files before deleting! 2. the registry is free of entries of DataXport --> check this manually or with tools, e.g. "ccleaner" After reinstalling, create a new .ulp file. Do not use an existing
  2. Hello, the error message appears immediately every time by starting a force call or starting a scheduled call. Now, I have installed the latest .NET Framework (version 4) from Microsoft, deleted the files in the TEMP-folders and reinstalled the DataXport software. But with the same result. I always get the runtime error 429 "activeX component can't create object". Do you suggest to reinstall other Unitronics products? I use on the same PC the VisiLogic software and your UnCmDrv1.dll file with a Visual Basic 6 application. But neither VisiLogic, nor the Visual Basic application have any pr
  3. I use DataXport for a long time without problems on my old PC with Windows XP SP3 and Excel 2000. Now I bought a brand-new PC from Acer with Windows XP SP3 and Office 2010 (Excel 2010). After the new installation of DataXport V3.0.1 I receive the runtime error 429 "activeX component can't create object". For the first time after receiving data from the PLC. After the first time at once by calling the PLC. I tried to solve the problems with suggestions from the old forum. e.g. re-installation of DataXport didn't work. I checked the MDAC-version (V2.8) from Microsoft, but no problems are dete
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