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  1. Hi I have an 3 installations. Each consisting of 8 x Jazz UA24, 2 x M91 RA22, 1 x JAZZ R16, 1 x JAZZ T41, 4 x CIAT water Chillers 2 x PROCON analogue input modules. They are all networked on RS485 using Specview SCADA package as MODBUS master. All the Jazz PLCs use the JZ-RS4 com port adapter All the Jazz controllers use the same Communication setup nets All the Jazz controllers are run from the same 24VDC power supply So that's the situation as it stands. My problem is that the JAZZ R16 on all sites has very flakey coms. It will occasionally come online after a restart fo
  2. I have 2 V570's that i would like to setup to mirror each other. i have 1 setup with 2 modbus ports (1 & 2) port 1 is connected to a PC via modbus as slave port 2 is connected to another V570 Via modbus as master the second PLC is setup with port 2 as slave I'm to receive data from the pc and have both PLC's make changes to the data and send it back to the pc the first PLC is getting MI 100 - MI 132 and MI 200 - MI 232 and MI 1000 - MI 1045 from the PC and sending the data to the second PLC at the same MI addresses the second PLC is receiving the same MI's from the first PLC a
  3. Dear All, searched in the forum but I don't found what I need...and I can't insert a pic of the "question"..I can upload only 29.9 Kb! I tried to use the element "modbus read builder" to read a lot of registers together... in the point "A" I insert an "modbus request" with: protocol=0; function n°=3; slave ID=1; start address=0; number of operands=39; ethernet trns.= nothing. in the point "B" I insert a BUFFER (that I created in GLOBAL tag) with 8 "array". In the point "D" I insert a "modbus request descriptor" with: expected response=43 (I
  4. Hi All, I have 3 Jazz PLC's communicating over Modbus with JZ-RS4, 1 master (R31) and 2 slaves(R10). Is there a way to check for errors in comms, Rx & TX. If comms fail, to reset all outputs on both slaves. (similar to CanBus "check alive function") thanks Matt
  5. I have a UniStream 7 that will be a MODBUS TCP/IP slave to a V1210. There are a few ASCII strings that are entered on the UniStream that need to be sent to the V1210. In the MODBUS slave setup on the UniStream, ASCII is not allowed. So, what do I need to do with this? Convert the String to numeric first? If so, what's the best way to go about this so that all the data arrives at the V1210 intact and in the correct order? I am sending 8 ten character strings over to the V1210.
  6. Hi, I'm writing an application involving 1 master and 9 slave controllers - all Unitronics. The master PLC is a V1210. One of the slaves is also a V1210. The remaining 8 slaves are V130s. All i'm trying to do is sequentially read 1 coil from each of the slave PLCs. I know that this should be ridiculously easy... ...However, I'm finding that the "Function in Progress" bit gets stuck on after the master only attempting to read from 2 of the slaves. I've tried using timers of 100ms - probably excessive - after each Modbus Read Coils function block. Also, just to mention, I
  7. Hi. Try to read values from v570 on modbus tcp from omron cx supervisor scada. When i view port on plc it show that it is connected but dont get any values in the omron scada. Any help from some one that used omron scada with unitronics. Thanks.
  8. Hi, I have a JAZZ2 PLC(JZ20-JT40) with OS V2.35(B08) and with ethernet addon(MJ20-ET1). The plc comes with 2.36 OS but, I have to reflash it because its totally crashed somehow. I can't start it. I am able to connect with the programmer software(V6.6.6 latest). I want to acces to the plc by modbus communication. I set up the sample program by the instructions on the help topic. The modbus topic is shows that, I must store some values to SI. I attached the screen of the sample program. I think the SI values displays weird values. What do I wrong? Thank You
  9. Hi all, I am looking for the input/output modbus address range of the expansion module "io ai 4 ao 2" for the V430. How do I go about finding these digits? Thanks in advance. D
  10. Hey folks, new to PLCs and new to this forum. ---- Ok, so this is my issue: Boss wants me to hook up a 350 to an IRC5 ABB controller, preferably through an ethernet cable. No fieldbus adapter on the controller. No devicenet on the PLC. ---- I'm looking at modbus, but I do not really know where to start. ---- What's the recommended protocol for this situation? What kind of programming is involved? ---- ANY help at all would be awesome. Thanks in advance!!
  11. Hi everybody, Greetings to all, another newbie here... Having some issues on getting Modbus RTU messages to work on JAZZ PLC. My setup: 1) JZ20-R16 PLC with MJ20-PRG adapter (?) plugged in it. I'm using MJ20-CB200 cable (RJ11 plugs on both ends) and MJ10--22-CS10 adaptor (DB9 female connector). Using this gear I can query the PLC with modbus RTU messages over RS232 serial line. Serial line settings I use: 9600bps, 8(data bits), none(parity), 1(stop bits) 2) Gemalto modem (BGS5T) as a modbus master. It has DB9 female connector on it as well. 3) Serial to USB converter c
  12. I can not activate modbus in V570 via GSM. I am using same software routines that work fine with V120. Modem initialises fine in COM 1 (sb80=1), modem also connects fine when connected/called from modbus polling software (SB 86=1). However, the modbus traffic doesn't initiate. The polling software says "Connected" and then "Modbus request failed". Modem status in PLC (SI 80) lays with value 2. When connected, the value is 4, then chages to 1, then back to 2. The polling software should be fine, it activates modbus OK with V120. So there may be some software problem in my V570 lad
  13. Has anyone used the Terminator I/O series with the Modbus adapter on their Unitronics? http://www.automationdirect.com/adc/Shopping/Catalog/Field_I-z-O What issues did you have?
  14. A short video showing you Modbus communications with an Invertek E2 Optidrive and a Unitronics combined PLC & HMI (V570 5.7") http://lnkd.in/d8G_m8Q
  15. I'm trying to connect my PC with a Unitronics PLC. I would like to use Modbus over TCP/IP for this purpose. This is the first step in my project. Later on I would like to connect it to a Rabbit Wolf (BL2600) to exchange I/O. I first want to connect the Unitornics PLC to my laptop to get a decent understanding of the Modbus TCP/IP protocol used by Unitronics. At the moment I'm already stuck, so I hope that someone could help me. I did read the documentation about Modbus Application Protocol on: http://www.modbus.org/docs/Modbus_Application_Protocol_V1_1b.pdf I'm using the Unitronics exam
  16. Help wanted!!! After replacing older V570-57-T40B PLC to new one (V570-57-T20B with latest firmware, project file created earlier with Visilogic version 7.0.3 is converted now to 9.5.0) the Modbus slave communication simply does not work anymore. The V570 Modbus TCP slave connection doesnt work with PLC IP address Is there some new address range limitations for Modbus? Socket status monitoring shows me that socket is connected, but PLC simply doesnt answer to Modbus data requests from SCADA system. Ethernet connection itself is OK (Visilogic can communicate with IP address 193.
  17. Hello, I am using a V1040 communicating with a Weigh cell display via Modbus. Coms are all working fine, but - The Weigh Cell display returns 3 MI's first is Decimal point then 2 MI's are whole number. The Vision only deals in signed numbers?? The decimal is sent as an unsigned INT as a fraction of 1. Eg: If the number is 2.45kg. The decimal point INT will be 29490 ( 29490 / 65535 = 0.45) The problem is once decimal number is above 32767 it becomes a negative number in the Vision 1040. Is there a simple way around this??? Please Help have spent many hours on this already
  18. Hello, We have a problem with Unitronics Jazz 2 series PLCs (JZ20-R31, +adapters MJ20-RS) trying to connect to modbus communication line. The problem is we cant initializate RS-485 com port, every configuration are restored to factory default (9600;7;1;even;n) after RS-485 cable connection to PLC and in system menu it is impossible to change communication parameters if RS-485 cable is connected (RS-232 com port we do not use). We do not have any problems with Jazz 1 series plcs using almost same program, same configuration. + U90 ladder we are using last version (v6.4.9) + Unitronics
  19. Hello, Whe are working on a project to use the V570 within a self service bays carwash. This is working great! But now whe wanne go a step further with this project. But whe dont have the knowledge to implementate a Modbus to the V570 to read and write data to it. So my question is of anyone have a working modbus/TCP example? So i can connect to the V570 to read and write data over this connection. Thank you!
  20. I am encountering several problems with my project. I am trying to connect a V 350 to a Yaskawa mp 2600 by using modbus protocol through ethernet. I was wondering what sockets must be initialized to establish a connection between these devices? Must I use socket 2? or socket 2 and socket 0? The master plc (v 350) could send a string to the yaskawa which responds sending a bit back to the V350. From the unitronics side I cant understand what address i should use to read a coil in yaskawa mp 2600. According to the modbus memory model ( found on yaskawa help) if I want to read a coil ( 100
  21. I love that I can now connect to more than 4 simultaneous devices on modbus TCP! But I also have a project coming up where I would need to hook into, say, 14 of them. As such, what is the firm-and-fast, not-to-exceed number of modbus devices I can connect to simultaneously on TCP? Thanks! TM
  22. Dear all, I am dealing with a project to control a VFD altivar 312 with a V130-33-T2. It is my first time with a PLC, have choosed unitronics, because I think that it is a great piece of equipment with a good cost. My problem is that I do not understand how to read a register from the VFD; I want to read ETA status word (W3201), it is a 16 bit register. Every bit gives the most important information on the current status of the VFD. Then I will use these bits to perform a check, give information on the display, and make decisions. Reading the projects examples, I understand
  23. Hi. My V350 is communicating with Modbus device. It`s quite simple becose almost all Modbus device registers are 16-bits, I have to worry about were to but comma in MI-s. But im confiused about two register. In Modbus device manual there are notes about those register and i dont know do I have to swap or just directy store those 16-bits registers into DW or ML; or make same mathematical operation... Registers are: Register number Modbus aaddress Parameter Received data scale Units Notes 40001 0 Total low 1
  24. Hi all, I have a question regarding slave adressing on Modbus. We have a V130 which we want to use as a slave on a Scada system. When I read about slave adressing in the help file the pointer value offset is given for each data type, no problems. However, when I read the examples (and also different topics regarding modbus here on the forum) another offset seem to occur. For example when writing a 3-bit vector of outputs starting at O8: "SCADA as the Modbus master to color PLC: Convert the HEX address to DEC. In the SCADA application, set the Slave: Start of Vector parameter to 46393 (3000
  25. Good day to everyone! Got an issue trying connect to v1040-t20b via modbus serial. I'm initiating data exchange through usb port (and starting to realize that, eventually, there is no any response from Uni, 'cause com1 supports only PCOM). Than i looked through info mode menu: com1 - pcom, com2 - pcom, com3 - modbus. And at the side panel there are port1 and port2 only. So, there is no such as 'port3' or... com3. How can i configure usb port to recognize modbus commands?
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