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  1. Hi I have an 3 installations. Each consisting of 8 x Jazz UA24, 2 x M91 RA22, 1 x JAZZ R16, 1 x JAZZ T41, 4 x CIAT water Chillers 2 x PROCON analogue input modules. They are all networked on RS485 using Specview SCADA package as MODBUS master. All the Jazz PLCs use the JZ-RS4 com port adapter All the Jazz controllers use the same Communication setup nets All the Jazz controllers are run from the same 24VDC power supply So that's the situation as it stands. My problem is that the JAZZ R16 on all sites has very flakey coms. It will occasionally come online after a restart for a short period of time then fall off again. The comms on all the other devices including all the other JAZZ PLCs is pretty solid. I have tried downloading the exact same program into a spare jazz UA24 and it communicates fine. So by deduction I would assume it is a hardware issue with the R16 specifically. Has anyone else had this problem and is there a way to fix it?? Thanks
  2. Hi all, Is there a way to measure power factor of a three-phase generator with jazz plc (JZ20-R31). I have an option to use an existing device(Sentron pac3100), but only float data type avaliable. Another option is Elnet which has integer data avaliable, but integer 0 when PF is 0,85 doesnt really help... I probably could get it with some math functions between real and apparent power, but that isn't the most elegant way to do it and is also error prone. Is there another way with JAZZ or do i have to use a different controller? Thanks in advance, Best regards, Pawks
  3. Hi evrybody I have problem with my Jazz PLC (JZ20-T18) If i plug usb conector my computer recognize "Unknow device" I try to install driver from U90, but no effect I also turn off UAC and install driver as admin I don't now where is the problem Can somebody help ?
  4. Hi, I'm using U90Ladder and jazz JZ20-R31. Everything was fine for a while - i was uploading and downloading projects with no problem and everything worked fine. Until suddenly when i tried to download a project i was asked for a password. (PLC is locked! Please enter password..) I never enabled any password protection, and never before was asked to enter it...where did this come from? I have no idea what is the password or how to unlock it now? What to do? Thank you, regards, Pawks
  5. I need to establish communication betwwen jazz (master) and energy analyzer-klea as slave using RS-485. Model of jazz is JZ10-11-UA24 with MJ20-RS. I need to read float value in klea starting addres 0 (Average voltage of three phases) I am newbie with unitronics and modbus ... Tnx in advance for any help. In attached files are: 1-klea modbus function 2-data adress in klea 3-example in klea
  6. Hi All, I have 3 Jazz PLC's communicating over Modbus with JZ-RS4, 1 master (R31) and 2 slaves(R10). Is there a way to check for errors in comms, Rx & TX. If comms fail, to reset all outputs on both slaves. (similar to CanBus "check alive function") thanks Matt
  7. Hello Can you give me an advice how to solve the problem.Well,I have PLC Jazz 20 R31 connected to modem(Scada) by RS485(Modbus protocol). Everything works but from time to time the communication between the devices disappears and I have to reset the PLC If I wanna restore the communication. It happens often when some unit(pumps) is switched on. The file with my Modbus config is attached How to solve the problem? Sincerely Wladimir unitronics.U90
  8. Hello! I would like to use my PLC controller to my study project. I have the Jazz JZ20-R10. I want to connect PLC to my PC. The reason of this connection is not download program from 'U90 Ladder', but i have identified mathematical model of process (steam boiler) and I need simulate this process on my PC. I have transfer function, differential equations. To recieve analog output values i'll use Euler method. This mathematical model with simply visualization i'm going to make in C#. And here is my problem. I nedd to send my output values from mathematical model in C# to memory (registers) Jazz. There, will be some LAD Program, and then JAZZ has to send values from registers to my computer (it will be my input of my mathematical model). Is it possible? Could You please give me proposals of solutions? Thx
  9. Hi everybody, Greetings to all, another newbie here... Having some issues on getting Modbus RTU messages to work on JAZZ PLC. My setup: 1) JZ20-R16 PLC with MJ20-PRG adapter (?) plugged in it. I'm using MJ20-CB200 cable (RJ11 plugs on both ends) and MJ10--22-CS10 adaptor (DB9 female connector). Using this gear I can query the PLC with modbus RTU messages over RS232 serial line. Serial line settings I use: 9600bps, 8(data bits), none(parity), 1(stop bits) 2) Gemalto modem (BGS5T) as a modbus master. It has DB9 female connector on it as well. 3) Serial to USB converter cable for serial communication verification. A bit of context: while using serial-to-usb cable I can't query PLC all the time. That means, *sometimes* I can query it successfully, but after disconnecting and messing around a bit I cannot query PLC any more. Unplugging USB-to-serial and reconnecting helps, so I assume it's kinda converter drivers/whatever issues so not a big deal here, just a note. So using this cable I can verify, that PLC *can* (though not always I would expect) respond to Modbus RTU messages properly using defined settings above. I have couple of Modbus master simulation programs and strangely enough only one of them can query the PLC successfully. Real problem: I have written peace of software for BGS5T to act as a modbus tcp/ip to modbus rtu gateway. I can verify that this gateway works by three methods: 1) run modbus slave simulator on a PC, connect gateway over serial line to PC (same usb-to-serial cable used here) and query PC slave simulator over that modem acting as a gateway. Everything's just fine. 2) I can connect to the terminal program on a PC and verify that sent message to serial line is valid modbus RTU message: 0x01 0x03 0x00 0x02 0x00 0x01 0x25 0xCA : (from left to right hexadecimal values) 1) device ID (1 byte) 2) function code (1 byte) 3) start address (2 bytes) 4) register count to read (2 bytes) 5) CRC (MSB) 6) CRC (LSB) 3) I have made "sniffing" rs232 cable and I can listen on messages being set to PLC or being received from PLC (depends on wire I'm hooking to). I can verify that exactly the message defined above is sent to PLC using serial settings mentioned above. PLC does not respond with anything. Absolute silence.... I used 3 wire connections (Tx, Rx, GND), used null-modem configuration for both modem and PLC, nothing helps. JAZZ PLC is silent for those messages. What could be wrong here? Voltage levels does not match..? handshaking is mandatory on JAZZ PLCs..? I'm completelly out of ideas to try out, cannot sleep normally over a week now... I don't know much details about serial line physical implementation, so feel unsure in this topic. Please help. Regards from LTU
  10. Hello everyone, we will have 2 new machines in our Company for textile processing. Both are controlled by a Jazz Unit. These 2 machines will have the same model no, but they have little differences in the handling from the software side. So we wanted to "copy" the "jazz Project" (Software) from one Jazz to the other. First surprise: One machine ist controlled by a Jazz model JZ10-11-T17 (only Serial port (optional)), the other one by a Jazz model JZ20-T18 (USB). So we asked the german Jazz Distributor, if this will work using the u90ladder Software. No Problem was the answer! Now we did it today and also upload from jz10-11-t17 and download to jz20-t18 worked FINE - without Errors in the u90ladder I mean. The only thing was, that I had to change the hardware configuration from the project for the older jazz to the new one to proceed download. Now we did it 2 times and also tried to download the "original" (backuped before) Project / program to the jz20-t18 But the jazz unit will only "boot" / start to the Information mode, also after power off and using Run? and Reset commands of the Information mode. The program for controlling textile processing is not starting! Display will Show only "Eingang (Entry) -> (i)". Press and hold < i > button then will show the Information mode - that's all. Like I said, same after Power Off, reset and so on ... The hungarian manufacturer can't help us fast (enough), the german Jazz distributor doesn't have an idea yet! Regards Björn
  11. Hi everyone, I'm having problems communicating with Jazz units via USB. I've installed the STMicroelectronics driver, the virtual COM port is shown in the device drivers. And I can actually communicate with the unit initially, but at some point the software can not detect the Jazz anymore. I've rebooted the Jazz, rebooted my PC, re-installed the driver, and just can't link to the Jazz via USB anymore. I actually tried with a different Jazz unit with the same results. The serial communication via the JZ-PRG works fine (not at the same time I use the USB off course). The versions I have are: U90 6.6.0 (DB 109) JZ20-R16 (latest firmware) Windows 7, 64 I'll appreciate your suggestions. Thank You!
  12. Hello, I have a project where I have to send sms messages from a jazz plc (JZ10-11-T40) using a MC55i Terminal modem, however the modem does not respond to plc and i get the error message 2 in SI70. The same setup seems to work fine with the MC35i model, but when I try to connect the other model, it just doesn't work. I can communicate with it using PC and it responds to at commands, but not to jazz initialization commands. When connecting to modem through PC I'm using the same communication setup (9600, 8N1) as the jazz. Is there something extra that I should be aware of or is there a problem with this type of modem?
  13. Hi there, I would like to know if there is a special function similar to the "Copy vector of inputs to a register" for use with outputs. I would like to be able to copy the current state of outputs to a MI register. An alternative would be to use a bunch of contacts and coils to link the outputs to MBs then use the "convert MB to MI" special function. However this does not seem like the tidiest solution. What I am aiming to achieve is having a screen to display the current state of all inputs and outputs. The user will be able to navigate up and down the list of outputs and see their current state. The aim is to achieve this using a single display in the UI. I have already achieved what I want for the inputs. Using the "Copy vector of inputs to a register" function, I can copy the selected Input value to an MI and display that on the screen. It appears that there is only a "Copy MI to output vector" for outputs which is the opposite of what I would like. I would really appreciate any suggestions.
  14. Can anyone please help me with the connection of a thermocouple on a Jazz10 UA24?
  15. Hello, I'm doing a project with JZ10-11-UA24. I'm reading a 4-20mA senzor on AI2, doing some math and then I'm outputing on AO2 to an analog 4-20mA panel indicator. I have done a linearization for the input, and it's working. I have done the linearization from help. But, when I wrote the linearization for the analog output, exactly like the one for input, it doesn't work anymore, either of them. Can you please send me an example how to work with 2-3-4-many linearization in ladder, for JAZZ series? I mean, in help it says nothing about using more then 1 linearization. After puting the right values for x1,2,y1,2, you set SB80 and thats all. But what if I want to do another linearization?? I have tried to reset SB80 and set it again, but nothing, output values aren't what should be! I'm looking forward for your answer!
  16. Hello, We have developped and are assembling an installation equipped with a Jazz JZ10-11-T40 mini-PLC. We will build this installation in serial production (200 installations per year). As we wil have the same PLC programm, we are looking for a flat cable solution in order to connect the Inputs and outputs to an custom build PCB. On this PCB the 24VDC transformer, fuse-boxes, diodes, resistors, etc. are being mounted. From this PCB we continue to the Field componentents. My question: Is there a flat cable solution available for the Jazz T40? The standard 4 12-pin connectors will be replaced with a connector that is fixed / connected to a 12 lead flatcable. Or does the OEM supplier of the green connectors perhaps have a standard solution? Thank you very much in advance for the answer. Regards, Roland Kneepkens.
  17. Hello, Have I posibility to take out the project from Jazz PLC and import it in PC to analize how it was the ladder created if the project wasn't protected with password? Thank You and sorry for my bad english.
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