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  1. G'day! I'm having some issues retrieving info from a specific row in a table, is there an easy way to do this? I've tried using "Read Row from DTI", but it asks me to use a struct as an output with the same row structure, but I want this rows output to go into a single variable. Thanks, Exouxas
  2. Hi, In a previews version of UniLogic I was able to export a function NOT being a UDFB and pick it up in an other project which worked well. Now I am using v 1.7.62 and trying to export a function gets stuck in a pop-up menu telling me that UniLogic is preparing memory location.(there is more than enough space ). Canceling is no option because UniLogic does not react to that. the only way out is to terminate UniLogic. I have now upgraded to v 1.8.51 and it does exactly the same thing. Is this a problem in my computer? can someone test this on his/her computer? Thanks,
  3. How can I convert the a number to string? For example I would like the number 126 to be converted to the string "126".
  4. Hi all, I've started using a UniStream product (USP-070-B10) having previously used a Vision V1210 and was wondering if there was a similar thing to the SB2 contact for the UniStream PLCs / UniLogic. I used SB2 in ladder previously to do things that that needed to be done at startup, and only once, like initializing values, etc. I’d like to do something similar now, but to load up data tables, to make sure that they are present in memory before using them (as look-up tables for data/calculations). This would ensure that the data’s there in the tables if a power outage occurs, etc.
  5. What is the relationship to ladder programs and regions in a module? Is there a main ladder program that runs and I need to call all the rest including regions separately? Do all the Ladder programs in every module run without any calls? Do I need to call the main ladder function something special so that UniLogic knows to run it first?
  6. I need to convert a number that is expressed as an ASCII String to a UINT32 value. The only FB I can find that appears to be intended for this purpose is the STRING to NUM function but I cannot find any examples or references to this block in the Help File. The FB appears to be looking for the ASCII Operand (A) and then outputs the "Resulting Number" (, and the "Factor" ©. I take it that B is where the Integer Value should output and I cannot figure out what C is other than possibly a multiplication factor? When I upload my program to the PLC and go online, My ASCII String Value (A)
  7. Hi, #1 - The UniLogic help files refer to linearization for numeric box. Where is that functionality? #2 - Does the linearize under math functions follow the same format as VisiLogic? I could use more explanation of the tag values associated with it.
  8. I have a problem with the local tags in my UDFB. They don't change their state. For example, when I try to set a coil that has a local tag, the local tag's value remains unchanged (zero). I am using the latest version of unilogic. What can I be doing wrong? Thanks in advance.
  9. I 'm trying to use this Ladder Function to copy one array (of integers) to another. As I understand it, parameters A and B specifiy the source array and offset, parameters D and E specify the target array and offset, and parameter C specifies the length (no of items) to be copied. I would have expected parameter C to be an integer, but the compiler is demanding an array! Have I misunderstood the function? Robin Proctor
  10. Hi, I defined a Tag named: Dd, from type UINT16[0...7] I putted there: Dd[0] - System RTC Time Seconds. Dd[1] - System RTC Time Minutes. ... Dd[7] - System RTC Date Day of Week. In "Store in Array" I can only set all Dd, not different elements of Dd. Obviously I can use Ladder Element Store for every one but it is silly. Is there a more elegant solution?
  11. Hi! I've made a Function that calculates flow to quantity a day. I want to use this as a UDFB several times, for all of my flowmeters (30), but only the first of them gives an output-value?? Can't a UDFB only be used more than once?
  12. Hi all, I've been spending almost one day looking how I could compare to ASCII strings without success unfortunately. The idea is to compare a string from the HMI (username) with a String inside a user account data table loaded into a struct row after row. This is just to be able to make a kind of login function with user and password protection. Guillaume
  13. Hi all! We have string data types available now, and a whole category of ladder stuff for searching and manipulating them,never the less, I cannot find any way to display a string on the HMI (analog to the ASCII String variable in VisiLogic). Where is this hide? Is there a way to invoke a variable within a fixed (or other) text object?
  14. Hello, Have I posibility to take out the project from Jazz PLC and import it in PC to analize how it was the ladder created if the project wasn't protected with password? Thank You and sorry for my bad english.
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