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Found 15 results

  1. Hello, I am relatively new to Unilogic and completely new to CANBUS, and I have a project that requires 2 encoders a single turn and a multi turn encoder. My struggle is with the software and how to generate the position values for the encoder onto the PLC, I have followed all the help guides etc and have uploaded the manufacturer EDS Files for the encoders, but I currently seem unable to get a reading onto the PLC HMI. And I cannot for the life of me figure out what I'm missing or have done wrong. Can anyone help or have any tutorial videos for if I'm missing anything in the Ladder logic or in the CANopen set up. Thanks
  2. Hello all, I have been doing a project for a bit now, trying to get data from a NOx sensor. Nonetheless, I have tried to initialize the CANbus (SAEJ1939 Protocol) connection, but when I check the voltage for the CAN pins, there is no voltage. It should have 24 Volts so the sensor initializes. I have also connected the sensor and it does not start heating up whatsoever. I have tried other example programs for CANbus that do not use SAEJ1939 with no avail. If anyone could tell me what I am doing wrong I would really appreciate it. I have attached my program and the mentioned pins that have no voltage. Also what does PE (see picture) mean? Thank you!
  3. In Examples there is UniCAN example "UniCAN for CanBus between masters" and it does work. But there is MI 0 what stores UniCAN Send Status, problem happens when it turns 1 "network is busy". After that, no communication. Only way to restore communication is PLC OFF and ON cycle. I wonder maybe there is some little less destructive way to understand when communications can be restored ? Maybe use some SB's or SI's ?
  4. I am stuck with trying to implement a servo motor, and not sure how to go from here. I have been using the example programs from the unitronics and i cannot get the programs to say the servo is connected. I have connected the CANBus wires according to the picture that i have attached that i found on the unitronics website. My group has never dealt with CAN networks before so we are all starting from scratch. I believe i have to use UniCAN Nodes but am not sure, currently i am just trying to just get the example program working, I am using the "Go to Position By Velocity Block" program. When I connect the computer to the PLC in online mode, no messages are dropped but none are received i attached a picture of the communications. Everywhere online i look for help i see that unilogic is great for this but all support I've found is for visilogic, not sure if I should switch to visilogic but I have been using unilogic. I have set up the plc, motor controller, and motor numbers in the project. The models are- Motor: UMM-0004BA-B4 Motor Drive: UMD- 0004B-B3 PLC: USP-070-B10
  5. Hello, I have an application running at one of my customers, which there is a V1040 PLC communicating via Canbus with 7 EX-RC1 nodes of which two modules have been installed recently. Each EX-RC1 has a couple of expansion modules connected to it and exchange digital and/or analog data with the PLC. I have followed all the instructions on how to install and configure all the devices, and my application was working fine with 5 EX-RC1 nodes. The problem is, when I installed the others two nodes, my application started behaving strangely: The data (only MI's) coming from two specific nodes (the nodes with analog expansion modules) started oscillating between right and ramdom values. However, the communication among nodes was apparently ok, as I could notice it by watching the values of MI Status Message (between 0 and 1); The problem only stops if I disable the Unican send blocks that are sending analog input values. Moreover, this oscillattion only happens on my PLC. If I get online on the EX-RC1, I do not observe any oscillattion; Do you guys have any idea of what is going on?
  6. Hello all, We would ask you for help or advice, we have some problems with communication between this two PLC-s V1210 ( moduleV200-18-E46B) and remote I/O EXF-RC15 via CAN bus. We control with 5 servo motors (Yaskawa), two of them is controlled by V1210 and other 3 by EXF-RC15. Everything keeps smooth when we control only 2 motors which are attached to V1210. Problems starts when we finish programming some of other three motors controlled by EXF-RC15 - (when we need communication between this two PLC-s’9. For example when we push on run bit for one motor (Button on V1210 display), its pushes on all other motors run bit etc. We send data about run bits from EXF-RC15 to V1210, but cant send same in other way and for that reason RC15 does not send to V1210 info when run bit is off ? At the and we solved problem with auxiliary bits through ladder logic but we really want to know what is problem. In attachment u can find both programs, i hope that you will look at it, and give us some advice... We would really appreciate any kind of help.... RC15.vlp V1210.vlp
  7. Hello, I am working on a project with the V130 PLC, I have 6 separate actuators connected to my slave configured PLC which communicate over CANbus J1939. I have trouble with controlling the actuators in a consecutive way, some of the times the actuators respond to the command that I send them and sometimes not. I think it might be related to the configuration of the J1939 PGNs on Visilogic. If someone can help that will be great, I am attaching my configuration of transmit and receive PGNs. Thank you, Yom
  8. Hello, I'm working on my first CANopen project where a frequency drive is controlled using the Vision 1210. However i can't seem to figure out how i can start this drive. According to the CAN Bus Operation PDF i should be able to control the drive using PDO 1, as it's default mapping is the control command register. To start the drive bit 0 from register 2000 must be set. but how can i set bit 0 using canbus? CAN Bus Operation.pdf FENNER_QDNEO_S2-S3_CANopen 2.00.eds
  9. Hi. Hope someone can assist. Installed 8 v570 units at client. First tried ethernet, then canbus and then modbus. No luck. Sometimes plc loose comms with other plc's and sometimes some plc's loose comms with omron cx supervisor scada. Any assistance will be appreciated. Thanks. Rodger
  10. Hello! I need to communicate with an external device using CANbus, Layer 2standard. I have a question regarding the stored values. The external device sends Unitronics PLC 8 bytes of data. Let's assume the data frame first two bytes are byte 0, (most significant bit) : AA BB and byte1 CC DD. I will store the values in Mi's, starting with Mi0. How is the data saved? Does the MSB stay as MSB, so that the MI0 value would be AA BB (43707 in DEC) and MI1 would be CCDD( 52455 in DEC). Or the outcome would be Mi0= CCDD, Mi1=AABB? Thanks in advance!
  11. Hi All, I have 3 Jazz PLC's communicating over Modbus with JZ-RS4, 1 master (R31) and 2 slaves(R10). Is there a way to check for errors in comms, Rx & TX. If comms fail, to reset all outputs on both slaves. (similar to CanBus "check alive function") thanks Matt
  12. Dear all; I have a problem with the canbus comunication. I need to connect a PLCV130 with a OPLC1210 and 2 EX-RC1. I started with the communitacion between a OPLC 1210 (ID#1) and one EX-RC1 (ID#2), I am using the help´s program (V570_CAN Master for EX-RC1 for PLC, and the other for the EX-RC1). With the EX-RC1 I have an IO-DI16. But it has been impossible to me to make this connection. The PLC and one EX-RC1 dont see each other in the canbus network Any advice for me thanks. I appreciate your help
  13. Does the EX-RC1 support the same functions, such as drum sequencer, as the vision series?
  14. We use several workstations that may, or may not be, running at any given time. How well does the CANbus protocols handle a node being offline?
  15. Hi All, Good day. I am very new to Unitronics. Now I setup V1210 and connected to EX-RC1 via canbus and added IO-DI8-RO4 to EX-RC1 I went throungt Unitronics tutorial to configure the above hardware with no luck. In order to understand, I need sample program to work with above setup. On loading the sample progrm, I should be able to test by simulating the IOs on the IO-DI8-RO4 Kindly assist. Also I would like to know if I can do all the configuration using visilogic alone or I will have to use unilogic? It is confusing to me, Please help thanks and best regards K.Parimalam
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