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Found 14 results

  1. I have made a program for a Unitronics PLC to communicate with another PLC (sigmatek) over TCP. Unitronics is the server, the sigmatek PLC is the client. I am sending a big data table over TCP (5120 bytes in total). The way it works is Sigmatek initiates a connection as a client, and unitronics sends the data once a connection is established. I have it working, but I'm not statisfied with the way it is programmed now. Let me try to explain my problem: For some reason I cannot send more then 1024 bytes with one TCP server TX function block, so I have split the data up in 5 seperate buffers, that I send to 5 clients. (I have configured 5 clients in the other PLC), these 5 clients all connect to the same server. This is no problem for me. The problem is, that to send the buffer to the correct client, I need to know the client ID. What I'm doing right now to figure the client ID number out is: In the sigmatek PLC I have made a program that the first client has to connect, and when the first client is connected, connect the second one after a small delay, and so on.. In my Unitronics PLC, if a new Client is connecting, I can check the ID of that client by checking the connection array (it's an array of 16 bits). For example: Sigmatek tries to connect the first client, if the connection is esablished, then bit 4 of my connection array in Unitronics might become high, now I know Client 1 has ID 4, when the second client connects, bit 2 might turn on, so the second client has ID 2, and so on.. and when a connection is lost, I disconnect them all and start the process again This works fine, but is far from elegant... What's the proper way to find out the client ID on the server side of a TCP server / client model?
  2. Hello, I need to add two columns to an existing Data Table, in VisiLogic this can be done without losing values, I'm not sure how it works in UniLogic, I remember once editing it and all values went to 0. Can I add a member to Data Table struct and retaining values in old columns? I would back up old table, but problem is that I can't read the values in online mode and back them up, I get this error: Connection to plc was over Ethernet, ladder works normally in online mode so I wouldn't say it's a connection issue. If new columns cannot be added without losing values, my second question would be: Is it possible to read values via UniApps and save DT to USB stick?
  3. Im looking for some assistance in a program I have set up for a scheduled heat / AC program. The way it is set up, the user has four time setting options to be able to change the temperature four times throughout the day. I am using the digital time wheels with an RTC struct for the way to input the time settings and then converting the RTC to an ASCII string so that the user can see all of the settings in the data table which is displayed on screen. The problem I am having is when I extract the time strings back out of the data table I have no way to compare to the System RTC to trigger the automatic temperature change. To further explain, I can't store RTC data in the data table and I can't convert the system RTC to a string (only RTC structs that I made). I've kind of reached a mental block on what to do from here without writing a ton of code to make it all work out. So if anyone has any ideas please let me know. Thanks in advance!
  4. I have a question regarding Data Tables and the "retained" option. I have some rather large tables, to big to have them all as retained. But I still want to keep the values in case of Power failure. In your help function it is noted that Data Tables reside the SD card.. Still there is an option if they should be "retained". But is it not retained anyway if it is stored in the SD? Will they always be recovered from the SD card at power up? Or does it have to be done using the "store to file" and "load from file" functions? In my application is acceptable to store the tables periodically (once every hour or day) even if i loose the newest (unstored) data on the recovery. Also in your help function a ladder function "Initialize Data Table" is mentioned.: "In most cases, Data Tables values should be initialized after power-up (but i can not find this initialize" function). Please help me to understand the best way of doing this... ? Regards Meeg
  5. What is the maximum no of rows that we can assign to in a vision 130. In my case I am getting restricted at 9000
  6. good morning i need to write a row in a temporary table in the ram memory this table contains one row and 12 columns, the first one is a long integer entred and the second is a string, both are entered with the keybord of the plc and the rest are integer with 100 velues in each cell and those are mesurment of voltage from the analog input one mesurment every 0.1 seconds during 100 seconds and i want those mesurments to be triggered by a button. once finished it has to coppy that row to a bigger table with the same columns but lets say 1000 rows in the sd cardso i can later use that informations to feed the analog output with the same voltage mesured with the same amount of time 0.1s until the first zero . i want all that to be controlled from the plc the writing and the copying and the search of the row later . is that possible and if yes, is there any exemple that might help me. thank you.
  7. Hello, I'm having problem with vision V700 PLC. Reading data from multiple slaves kinda understable but I need to display data from data table in HMI. How can I do that? Reading different material didn't help, maybe I missed something. Thank you in advance.
  8. Has some one worked with Gcode to feed data table, to use in PTO function?
  9. I have to retrieve and import a CSV file to a DTI. There is no problem about the FTP section, but when I try to convert a CSV file to an UDTF file I have got an error if the CSV file has more than 127 lines. Is there a way to resolve this issue ? My final CSV file to import will maybe have near of 500 lines. Thanks for reading
  10. Hi, everyone I would like to know if you can give me ideas about how to do the following program. It is a table which I want to see in the oplc screen Samba 7 ​ ​ ​This table has to be filled as specified in ASTM D1709 (Plastic sheets impact resistance evaluation)​ ​ 1)So at first point ​I assume a initial value of weight that could cause the fault of a specific sheet , and the variable weight (to select between 5% and 15% of initial weight, it has to be 5gr multiple) and test the firs sheet. 2) If the first sheet fault, for the following sheet to test i have to decrease the weight (if not i have to increase). Each result is identified by fault: X, no fault: O. The fault or not fault condition are registered by 2 buttons in the screen cause the damage evaluation is only visual 3) And so on increasing or decreasing weight of test if last test result was fault or not, till I obtain a matrix (3x20 to 6x20, consecutive rows, and maybe non consecutive columns) in wich there are 10 faults and 10 no faults. ​The minimum quantity (ideal quantity) of tests are 20 (10 faults and 10 don´t fault). ​ ​ Example 1: A ideal test in which after carry out 20 tests (20 films tested) I obtained 10 faults and 10 no faults using 4 consecutive weights (between 3 and 6). ​Initial weight: 280 gr variable weight: 15 gr​ See attached file ​​​ ​Example 2: ​ For this more real example I had to develop 22 tests (22 films tested) to have combination of 10 faults and 10 no faults, using 5 consecutive weights (between 3 and 6 consecutive weights)​. So I have to discard tests #2 and #4 ​​Initial weight: 235 gr variable weight: 15 gr​​​ See attached file 4) Finally I have to math the impact weight resistance that represents to the batch of plastic films I hope you can give me ideas to develop this program Thank you very much in advance
  11. I need a completely automated solution for sending a .csv (or .txt) file to a V350 that can then be imported into a Data Table. This has to happen without human intervention. The .csv file would be in the same format as the Data Table. Ideally the V350 would be able to grab a file from an FTP server and write it to SD Card, then read the file and write it to a Data Table. I'm surprised that there is not a solution like this, as it would be a common requirement to read in a recipe in automated fashion for example. Any ideas? Many thanks .... Kurt
  12. Hi all, I have been trying to use the "Find value in DTI column" to find a value in a column, then return a row full of values from the row that the value is found in. The data table has loaded fine (I checked it using the Online mode) and it contains values of temperature and pressure. I can get a row of data out of it (and display it) using the "Read row from DTI" function. I can’t, however, use the "Find value in DTI column" function as I imagine it was intended. I was expecting to give it a value, say a temperature I was measuring (all three columns of data are of the Real data type and so was the value passed to the function), and it wold return a row from the table. I passed the correct table to the function, passed the correct column from the struct that the data table is "made of", I passed it a value (of the same type as the data in the table and within the limits of the table data, which has values which ascend with temperature), got it to search from row 0, and asked it to search once (why would you want it to do it more times?) It doesn't seem to be working, though, and when I check in online mode, it’s constantly returning a row value of -1. Does anyone have any ideas of anything else I can try, or if I’m using this wrong? Since I can’t use loops, as the ladder doesn’t seem to have such things, I’m not sure what else I can try?
  13. Is there any automated way to get data from a database such as SQL into a V350 in an automated way? It would be nice to go from an external database into a Data Table. Anyone with experience in this area?
  14. I have successfully pulled data from a data table to Excel with DataXport. I have pushed one line of Excel data to a group of Mi's in the V350 with UniDDE. I cannot seem to push an entire data table's worth of data from Excel to a data table. Is it really simple and I am just missing it? I have also successfully pushed Excel files onto a Micro SD card but I can't get them from the card to a data table. I really need my V350 to be able to receive data downloads. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Jim
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