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Found 13 results

  1. Hey guys, I have a UniStream 7" PLC connected with EX-RC1 expansion module via CANBUS. The CANBUS is connected according to the info in the datasheet with 120 ohm resistors and everything. The complete configuration that the PLC communicates with from left to right is as follows: EX-RC1, 3 x IO_D16A3_RO16, 2 x IO_ATC8/AI8, IO_D16_A3_RO16. The PLC and the EX-RC1 is grounded and connected as it should. EX-RC1 is programmed (initialized UniCAN) and the LEDS are all working propperly (PWR ON, I/O COMM ON, BUS COMM ON). Accordingly I am able to read/write all the inputs/outputs. So,
  2. Hello, I have an application running at one of my customers, which there is a V1040 PLC communicating via Canbus with 7 EX-RC1 nodes of which two modules have been installed recently. Each EX-RC1 has a couple of expansion modules connected to it and exchange digital and/or analog data with the PLC. I have followed all the instructions on how to install and configure all the devices, and my application was working fine with 5 EX-RC1 nodes. The problem is, when I installed the others two nodes, my application started behaving strangely: The data (only MI's) coming f
  3. Hi, me again, having problems with Unitronics hardware. This time with module EX-RC1. After 3 months of operation the EX-RC1 module stopped working. CANbus network ceased to work so I had a look at RC1. Only the power LED was lit but I couldn't connect to the module via serial (I tried all bound rates) or canbus. I decided to unplug the module and test it in the "lab". So I connected it to 24 VDC and to serial connection via provided RS232 adapter. Only the power LED is lit and the module is not responding to any "request" via "Communication - PC setting" window in VisiLogic (late
  4. Hi everyone I'm fairly new at unitronics and I'm doing a project that calls for the use of two EX-RC1 connected by modbus. I've been going through the webinars ( and ) and I'm still in the dark as to how I set upthe EX-RC's for my I/O expansions. In my first RC I have the following I/O's : #0: D16A3-RO16 #1:AO6X 2#: AO6X #3: AO6X #4:AI8 #5AI8 In the second RC I have four IO-PT400 modules I've tried following the second youtube clip, using the EX-RC1 example file where I've added my I/O's, but I get an error when I try to export the Hardware config: 'Export failed
  5. Hey all, I am new to Visilogic and I am trying to follow through tutorials. I am currently trying to interface a single EX-RC1 via CANBus to a V570. On the EX-RC1 I have a IO-DI16 and IO-RO16. I have tried to download the sample Visilogic programs to the PLC, however, I am not entirely sure if I am doing it correctly. I have flashed the V570_CAN Master for EX-RC1.vlp on the V570 successfully, however, the screen shows "COMM ERROR UNIT #2". When I tried to download the EX-RC1.vlp to the PLC it says "The PLC model selected in this project's Hardware Configuration conflicts with the mo
  6. Anyone ever have a problem trying to program an EX-RC1 in bridge mode over Ethernet? I have a v700 that is connected to three EX-RC1s. When I attempt to load new code to any of them using bridge mode, I'm getting a "retry binary transmit" message from Visilogic followed by an error 240. The download process then halts. Any insight would be appreciated. Regards, Mark
  7. Hi everyone, If possible help me with my communication between one v1210 and expansion ex-rc1+IO-D16A3+TO16+IO-ATC8. I don`t get communcation with digital inputs after 9 button and 168 button of output. example ttached. Best regards, Nildo whatsapp +55 91 992140428 v1 EX-RC1 with Digital IO-DI16A3-TO16 and ATC8.VLP v2 PLC for EX-RC1 with IO-DI16A3-TO16 and ATC8.VLP
  8. EX-RC1 is a remote I/O module that communicates between Vision PLC`s through UniCan protocol. UniCan is a propetary protocol of Unitronics that runs under CANBus. To transfer data to/from the PLC and the EX-RC1 you need to write a small logic to send the data with a vector. Attached an example for the PLC and EX-RC1. EX-RC1_new.vlp V570_CAN Master for EX-RC1.vlp
  9. Dear all; I have a problem with the canbus comunication. I need to connect a PLCV130 with a OPLC1210 and 2 EX-RC1. I started with the communitacion between a OPLC 1210 (ID#1) and one EX-RC1 (ID#2), I am using the help´s program (V570_CAN Master for EX-RC1 for PLC, and the other for the EX-RC1). With the EX-RC1 I have an IO-DI16. But it has been impossible to me to make this connection. The PLC and one EX-RC1 dont see each other in the canbus network Any advice for me thanks. I appreciate your help
  10. Does the EX-RC1 support the same functions, such as drum sequencer, as the vision series?
  11. Hi All, Good day. I am very new to Unitronics. Now I setup V1210 and connected to EX-RC1 via canbus and added IO-DI8-RO4 to EX-RC1 I went throungt Unitronics tutorial to configure the above hardware with no luck. In order to understand, I need sample program to work with above setup. On loading the sample progrm, I should be able to test by simulating the IOs on the IO-DI8-RO4 Kindly assist. Also I would like to know if I can do all the configuration using visilogic alone or I will have to use unilogic? It is confusing to me, Please help thanks and best regards K.Parimalam
  12. Hi, this is my first Unitronics PLC, and I have some problem with addressing range. My configuration is V1040 + EX-RC1 + IO-DI8-TO8. I want to read inputs from IO-DI8-TO8 on V1040. When I copy Vector MI2008 from EX-RC1 to I160 in PLC and turn on first input on IO-DI8-TO8 value I160 in PLC is blinking (changing from 0 to 1 and then from 1 to 0). I tried to change address of data location in STRUCT block, the first good vale was I200. Is this memory area from I160 – I 199 reserved for same reasons? I don’t have this problem with outputs, I can use output number O160 and first output on IO-DI8-T
  13. Hy I just got the first glimps at the EX-RC1. Shure the first thing I did was upload the factory-installed program and took a look at that. That's where the error came. Right before finishing upload from EX-RC1 Visilogic 9.5 gives me an error "Warning 202 - This operation will not be completed due to Compilation errors." Compile gives me error 66 in subr. IN net 6: "Before UniCAN Send, High Priority, Use -|\|- of SB 201. Before Low Priority use -|\|- of SB 202." Now program being made in VisiLogic 7.0.1 (gives me warning during upload about it) It tought it might have something to do wit
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