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Found 14 results

  1. I'm working with an existing machine. I have zero experience working with Unilogic, except for one hour of monitoring the logic on this same machine. I only need to edit a recipe file on the SD card. I don't need to change the PLC program. Presumably I can locate the recipe file on the SD card; copy the file to my laptop; edit the file; copy the file back to the SD card. I'm not seeing anything in the help system that talks about accessing files on the SD card outside the PLC program. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks.
  2. Hello Everyone, I was working over this for the last 3 months but get no success. I have project using cognex camera to check codes on production line. I thought it would be nice feature to have actual picture on the screen but I ended stucked with lot of questions - I thought FTP RAM server in UniLogic should do the job but all I got is black screen widget with "no stream resource displayed" Unfortunatelly I found just tutorial on Youtube for FTP server/client setup and this lacks more info about storing files on SD card. /there is Root column in FTP server setup which is not visible in video tutorial nor explained/ When I access SD card content via UniApps there is lot of folders seen (UserLogs, Screenshots..Audio, Video etc) . When using FileZilla to access same SD card on PLC there is just root folder displayed or folder which is created as cache folder for images. But Images I receive end outside this folder.(??) There are also files with name SHADOW_picture.jpg but again outside folder I created for caching. I can see received pictures on SD card but I can't set their location using FTP RAM Server . In ordinary FTP Server there is "root" column which at least alowes me to set folder where incoming picture(s) will be stored. I couldn't find working example for getting FTP image on the screen anywhere so I kindly ask if someone can guide me how to get it working. I also tried to use "fixed image" on external (SD) source. I managed to get only first image received and somehow cannot change it to newly received one via screen reload as you suggested in tutorial. I can see different pictures arrive via FTP (same name but different sizes) but only first one is displayed altough I reload screen. Kindly Help Me out Thanks in Advance Regards: Diksha
  3. Hello, how to create a folder on the Unistream SD card? I need to dynamically create backup folders. I want to create one file per day. For example : / Archive / 2020/07/31 For today / Archive /2020/07/30 For yesterday Thank you in advance for your help
  4. Hello World, please does anyone have an experience with sending files from Vision to a FTP server? Our client asked for that function. I downloaded the FTP client example to my V700 but I am not able to send data. I am testing the communication with local FileZilla server. Login of user works properly. Switch to PASSV works, too. The last command is STOR, FileZilla responds correctly. Nevertheless, when Vision starts sending data (function block TCP_RAW SEND), server did not recognize data as a stream but rather as an unsupported command. At the end, the file with proper name appears on the server but without any content (zero length of file). What am I doing wrong? ======= FIleZilla output: (000029)14.8.2020 13:29:34 - (not logged in) (> USER shcontrol (000029)14.8.2020 13:29:34 - (not logged in) (> 331 Password required for shcontrol (000029)14.8.2020 13:29:35 - (not logged in) (> PASS ******** (000029)14.8.2020 13:29:35 - shcontrol (> 230 Logged on (000029)14.8.2020 13:29:37 - shcontrol (> PASV (000029)14.8.2020 13:29:37 - shcontrol (> 227 Entering Passive Mode (10,100,0,111,252,170) (000029)14.8.2020 13:29:37 - shcontrol (> STOR TEST.CSV (000029)14.8.2020 13:29:37 - shcontrol (> 150 Opening data channel for file upload to server of "/TEST.CSV" (000029)14.8.2020 13:29:37 - shcontrol (> 2020.08.12 15:54;79.812;76.457 (000029)14.8.2020 13:29:37 - shcontrol (> 500 Syntax error, command unrecognized. (000029)14.8.2020 13:29:37 - shcontrol (> 226 Successfully transferred "/TEST.CSV" ======== (I do not append source code because it is just slightly modified example V700_FTP_client.vlp from VisiLogic Help menu). Thank you, Michal
  5. Hi all, I am using the UniStream 7'' PLC with UniLogic software. I set up my PLC as an FTP client and I am able to send files from the PLC to my PC via FTP just fine. My question is, is it possible to send entire folders via FTP from the PLC to a remote server as opposed to single files? Thanks in advance Amit.
  6. Hi, I am having some trouble using the FTP Ladder functions (FTP Send, Receive, Compare Files). My PC (Win10) and PLC (USP-156-B10) are connected through a local network, with a server set up on my PC (using IIS). However, all LF FTP functions time out after approximately 20 seconds with the -6 General Error showing in the FTP Client Status. It is very similar to this problem: The server works properly. I can add another computer to the network that can access it just fine, with both read and write permissions. The firewall is set to allow FTP communication. I have verified the IP, username, password and port settings. The PLC can ping my PC successfully. Moreover, when I monitor traffic on the server, I can see the PLC connect to it, the server always reports the latest command received from the PLC is PASV. It also reports that the PLC is connected as the user I specified in the PLC's FTP Client. Forcing a reinstall of the latest Unistream Firmware also did not fix it. Changing the username and password causes the -6 error to show within a second, instead of after 20 seconds. I have also attached the UniStream Management>Debug>Upload Log. Thanks, Wiebe UniLog.zip
  7. Hi! My plc is a V700. I went to the Sd card for analogue signals. I would like to send the exel table to FTP every 5 minutes. Can an example program be made for me? This exceeds my knowledge Thanks very much for the help!
  8. Good morning, When creating an FTP client in UniStream, and activating the sending from the ladder program I get a response status "-6", general error. The parameters for the FTP server are correct (User, Password etc.). By testing with FileZilla, the FTP server is reachable. Can someone help me? Thank you.
  9. Here's my server setup (Password is Pass99.): Here's what happens when I try to connect using FileZilla: Here's what happens when I try to connect using the Windows FTP client: When I first used FTP, it worked. Then I didn't use it for about 3 weeks. After that, I got this problem. During that time, I changed nothing except my project file (ladder and HMI changes). I tried an older project file from before the problem occurred and still get the problem. I also tried connecting from a different PC - still no luck. Someone suggested running the client as administrator. I'm running an admin account on both PC's. Any ideas?
  10. Good afternoon I am trying to send files through ethernet from the SD card. I have downloaded the FTP client example, and have modified it a little bit so it may work in my application. I will soon be modifying it again, so that it automatically connects, but at the moment I am happy to do things manually (well I would but I cant get it working.) What should be happening, is that I scan a barcode, which then creates a CSV file on the SD card (that bit is working!) Then what happens it takes me off to the FTP page. When I press the connect button, it is meant to connect me, but I get nada, nothing! Can someone tell me where I am going wrong? Thanks guys Code is attached to this message. The main routine initializes the card etc then I go to the FTP subroutine to do the rest version 20.vlp
  11. I have a project that requires me to use FTP to send and retrieve .csv files from an FTP server. I know someone has written a program to send files via FTP for Visilogic, and I am currently working with the example that tech support sent me (still have to work out some bugs) but has anyone here used FTP to retrieve files via FTP and put them on the SD card? Thanks for your help Kurt
  12. I am installing a UniStream PLC system on a client site, and wish to set up internal access to the PLC and its data files for users on the local network. The client IT administrator would like, for security reasons, some technical information on the PLC before being willing to connect it to his network. I quote his request: - What interests me particularly at this point are the following: - Technical details about the underlying operating system (you mentioned Unix?) and its version. - The server side (= on the Unitronics device) implementation of VNC and FTP and any other TCP/IP protocols that are implemented. I cannot find such detail on the Unitronics website. Do you have, or have links to, any information that might be relevant to his enquiry? Regards Robin Proctor
  13. Hi all, What could be the reason for this behavior: - web server don't refresh all of variables and elements; the real values appears, when I connect VNC client to the plc and go to the HMI screen, showing the corresponding variables (I think that going online with Unilogic 1.17.58, also helps). - FTP file transfer between two plc's in some moment freeze; going online and viewing the FTP server struct somehow fix the transfer. Could the reason be a large applications in the two plc's (70-80%), that I'm using, and the many communications in projects (CANbus, TCP , FTP)? I'm not sure, but in previous version of Unilogic I didn't noticed such problems. Regards
  14. I need a completely automated solution for sending a .csv (or .txt) file to a V350 that can then be imported into a Data Table. This has to happen without human intervention. The .csv file would be in the same format as the Data Table. Ideally the V350 would be able to grab a file from an FTP server and write it to SD Card, then read the file and write it to a Data Table. I'm surprised that there is not a solution like this, as it would be a common requirement to read in a recipe in automated fashion for example. Any ideas? Many thanks .... Kurt
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