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Found 20 results

  1. Hello, I would like to ask you for help with connecting the GSM module Cinterion BGS2T via RS485 (modbus). Does anyone have experience example of how to connect GSM SMS sending via RS485 not RS232. Thank you Tomas
  2. Hello world, I have noticed in some older topic a mention about new 4G Unitronics modem / router. I would like to kindly ask if somebody has an experience with this device. I need to solve my long-term problem with connectivity on remote locations: Application running on Vision OPLC needs to be connected to Internet via Ethernet cable and also, time to time, send or receive SMS via serial cable. I am not able to find a device with both these features so our customer has to buy two devices - one for internet and one for SMS. I tried a Teltonika router which is equipped with both Ethernet and RS232 interfaces but it is not able to use both interfaces simultaneously. Do you think new Unitronics router is able to operate both services? Or, is there any other way (which I do not know) how to send / receive SMS via Ethernet connection? Thanks, Michal.
  3. Is there a means of accessing the Alarm Descriptions in the Alarm Manager? I would like to access them to dynamically insert the text into an SMS and Email Message. I cannot find any relevant pointers in the Alarms Struct
  4. How to send one sms to multiple recipients (multiple phone numbers) ? UniLogic 1.18.41, USP-104B-10 Cinterion BGS2T Modem.
  5. Hi, I need help on how to relate and establish the emails & sms on visilogic into unilogic software using indirect tags. 1. Screen shot 1 showing my visilogic example how i go about using indirect tagging in all required columns. 2. For Screen shot 2 i'm trying to apply the same concepts to unilogic sms having indirect string ascii tagging used for mobile number and texting however it do not allow a second number to added. I need to send 8 numbers for 1 particular alarm triggered. Am i doing this correctly and how to add another number for the same texting? 3. For Screen shot 3 i'm trying to apply the same concepts to unilogic email having 2 email accounts assigned as string ascii for indirect tagging however for the messages texting there isn't an option for string ascii selection. Under the add account section, the "from email address" & "user" do not have an option for indirect tagging. How to assign it as Indirect tagging. Please advice. Thanks.
  6. Hi everybody, We have UniStream controller running application and modem for sending SMS alarm messages. Each alarm has it's own bit, that enables SMS send routine (from example library with operator string, now we have 3 operator's phone numbers). Now after some time we noticed that sometimes messages are not sent. Seems like there is problem when several alarms occur at same time. Maybe someone has suggestion how we could sort this issue? Thank you.
  7. I want GSM modem CINTERION-EHS6T connect to Unistream PLC via USB panel port. Will this allow me to send SMS, send email and acces via VNC, webserver, UNILOGIC etc...? What is the difference betweenBGS2T and EHS6T??? What type of cable do i need for this connection? Thank you
  8. Hi, I am sending SMS through visiontek GSM module from M-90 to VISION 230 but it is not happening. While it happening from plc to mobile and vice-versa. Please help............
  9. Hello world, I use "Send SMS" block for sending status information from the technology to users. Time-to-time I am facing a strange situation: When an integer variable inside of SMS has positive sign, everything goes OK. Unfortunately, sometimes there is need to send a negative value. Now there is an interesting situation: In some 50% of cases the value is sent normally (value with negative sign) but in the other cases user gets strange value, looking rather as binary complement of value than as a negative number. Example of correct SMS: P 74.0kW, Running OK, Total 279 MWh, Nivo -33mm Zadani -20mm +/-10mm, Nivo start -10mm, Diferencija -707mm, regulacija 1. Example of incorrect format of SMS: P 64.0kW, Running OK, Total 281 MWh, Nivo 65518mm Zadani 65516mm +/-10mm, Nivo start 65526mm, Diferencija 64829mm, regulacija 1. SMS is configured via the "SMS Configuration" block which is called once just after the serial port is properly initialized. I tried to format variables in the SMS as Integer or as Long but the result is exactly the same. Do you know how to make the SMS to be sent correctly? Thank you in advance, Michal. (attached file is a screenshot of the SMS Config block)
  10. Hello guys from Unitronics! SMS message can be assembled from Fix/Binary/List texts and Number variable, but where is the String-type element? examples how work can be more efficient with: 1. sending various texts from Data-Table (that can be modify import/export efficiently by Excel) 2. using the same strings messages on the HMI screens / Alarms / Email. 3. sending SMS message directly from screen. Using Message composer for SMS messages can also be great, if will be available. Any reason why String element is not there? Any hope for change?
  11. Hi, we use vision and visologic for years now and want to move to unistream, but is it possible to receive sms messages with unilogic/stream? I can't find any information regarding receiving sms messages, it looks like they can only send them out?
  12. I have a project that receive a SMS of this type: FIRE at Station 2 Time 11:11.11 FIRE at Station 2 Time 12:11.12 The first part is constant, but the last part changes. Can this be received by V570 and used to trigger a MB ? The message Fire at Station 2 shall open a valve fully open.
  13. Hello, i have a project where i have connected v570 to a wavecom gsm modem. The gsm modem sends alarm messages for liquid gas levels. There is option if you send sms to the modem, it will send you feedback (status) message with all the measured parameters. After few days working the system stops sending messages. If I send sms to the modem i get the confirmation that the sms is received, but i don't get the feedback message. If I restart the PLC and the modem it will work few days and then the problem occurs again. During the problem the modem isn't busy.
  14. Hello, I have a project where I have to send sms messages from a jazz plc (JZ10-11-T40) using a MC55i Terminal modem, however the modem does not respond to plc and i get the error message 2 in SI70. The same setup seems to work fine with the MC35i model, but when I try to connect the other model, it just doesn't work. I can communicate with it using PC and it responds to at commands, but not to jazz initialization commands. When connecting to modem through PC I'm using the same communication setup (9600, 8N1) as the jazz. Is there something extra that I should be aware of or is there a problem with this type of modem?
  15. Hi Experts I am new to Unitronics (started to work on it this Monday) and I am pretty impressed by its capabilities. I wonder if somebody could advise me if its possible to send text values through SMS and display it on Vision 230 OPLC. So far I could transfer numeric values but passing strings would be very helpful as well. Please help.
  16. Hello, I am trying to set up a V130 to send out text messages. I am using the Enfora modem and have set everything up correctly I believe. I am using COM1 and have changed the internal jumpers to RS232. I have the COM INIT 1 block running on power up with a baud rate of 9600. I have used the Modem Services to 'Prepare PLC-side modem' with a baud rate of 9600 as well. When I plug the modem into the v130 and cycle power the connection fails (ie SB81=1). Can anyone give me insight as to what I am doing wrong? Thank you, BenB
  17. Hello, I have recently posted asking about how to get the Enfora modem to connect to the v130. I was able to accomplish this by placing a number in the 'Number to dial' box in the modem settings screen. I just put in my cell phone number to test and the modem connected after that with a signal strength of 14. I do not know what the Number to dial should be set as though. I also am trying to send a text message and have everything set up to do so. Whenever I press the #1 button to activate the request to send the Modem Busy bit changes to 1 for a few seconds and then switches back to 0. None of the other status bits change when I do this however. I believe the request to send does change but is activating the SMS Send FB and is then clearing itself before I can see the change. Any help with this is greatly appreciated! BenB
  18. Hi I have a question regarding the SMS phone number via MI pointer Special Function in Unitronics Jazz PLC. How are the phone numbers in the phone book handeled, while also using indirect phone numbers? For example, if I have selected the the phone nr. #3 from the SMS configuration window and written there a phone number of +123456789 and also inserted the phone number +987654321 indirectly using the special function (SI140 = 400), where will the SMS be sent? a) +123456789 +987654321 c) to both numbers, or d) to neither of those numbers? If it is c), then I suppose if I have selected also phone numbers #1, #2 and #4 from the SMS configuration, the SMS will be sent to 5 phone numbers: (#1, #2, #3 and #4 according to the phone book and also the number insterted using the MI pointer). Correct?
  19. Instead of buying the hardware to send text messages from the PLC V1210, I tried to be clever and just send out an e-mail to my e-mail account and then have my e-mail account forward it to my cell phone using the email to text format such as 1234567890@tmomail.net The problem is it will not forward my cell phone the e-mail. I have tested sending a regular e-mail to text message from my e-mail account to my cell phone by using the 1234567890@tmomail.net format and that works fine. When I send a regular e-mail to my e-mail account and have it auto forward to my cell it works. But when I send an e-mail from the PLC V1210 to my email account and try and forward it to my cell phone, it doesn't work. Any thoughts on why this might occur?
  20. good morning fellow: pardon my English because I am Colombian and I'm using the google translator .. the reason for my query is that I am implementing a production accountant on a ceramic floor, I'm using the module OPLC V280 v200 18e2b, now I want to enlarge the possibilities of this equipment by installing the modules communications and internet gsm / sms, for I have understood that the internet has module is used is the v200-19-rs4-x ^ 3 but for communication for gsm module not to use or purchase equipment that I work with this OPLC,, it is clear that I need to work in this region of Colombia where manipulating 3GSM sim card ... no more waiting for me thankfully dismissal prompt and satisfactory response
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