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  1. My less than graceful great dane got his foot caught up with my communication cable to my UniStream. Needless to say he pulled the cable out of the controller along with the jack that the cable plugs into so the USB device connection is screwed. I'm trying to connect to the UniStream with an Ethernet cable and am having no luck. I plug an Ethernet cable into my laptop and into UniStream and port lights do light up. I went into UniApps to obtain the IP address to enter into PLC-PC communications to connect using Ethernet and I am having no luck. What am I missing? Also, is it possible to send the panel back for repair of the USB device jack? This panel is brand new, I didn't even pull the plastic of the screen yet
  2. Hello, I am writing a file handler that should prevent the need for my users from needing to use unitronics File Manager hmi widget, the only problem is I don't see a way to eject the USB stick from the PLC from the ladder logic program. Is this even possible on v1.31.125 or would this be possible in the latest release?
  3. Hi all, I am newbie using Unilogic and Unistream hardware. I used to get a Samaba and worked with visiologic. So, the first question will be how Can I stablish communication via USB programming cable for the first time. Because when I put communication cable my laptop beeps, like when recognize a new device but never appears when try to download a program. This is the first time to connect my device with my computer. Despite I check usb drives and updated still not success. So, I will appreciate your help with this. Thanks, in advanced
  4. Hi All Does anyone have a link from where I can download the USB driver for UniLogic Software . My PC runs Win 10 and the PLC I got is US5 Pro. Regards Dan
  5. Hi, Is there any way to load a program into a UniStream controller via a microSD card or USB memory stick? The new software looks great by the way. Is there any thought towards developing the ability for online programming edits?
  6. Hey guys, I wish you could help me with this one... I'm currently doing a project using a pump that communicates by Modbus RTU to my US7-B5-TR22. The serial communication and code is done by USB. I'm aware that you recommend to use a Prolific USB to serial converter, I have a FTDI one that worked perfectly in an other configuration but still modbus using serial by USB. Now I can't understand why on my new configuration it fails. I "sniffed" the communication between the PLC and my pump using my computer and a serial terminal, the request of the PLC and response of the pump are correctly sent. The problem is that the PLC doesn't seem to receive or decode well the response because every sessions in my remote slave are failed. Thanks in advance for your help, I attach a piece of code for you to have a look of what I've done. Cheers, Louis test.ulpr
  7. I have a LoPy device as shown in the link below: https://pycom.io/hardware/lopy-specs/ I also have the Unitronics US5-B10-TR22. I am trying to connect US5-B10-TR22 to LoPy via Silicon Labs CP210X USB to UART Bridge. I enabled the Panel USB Port as TX/RX from Physical-Controller USB Port. Then I used Com TX to send data to LoPy as shown below and I also attached the simple code I wrote. But I never succeeded sending any data. The Com module gave me error code -1, which is general com error. I never programmed Unistream before and I am just learning. Can I communicate to LoPy via Panel USB Port? If yes, how can I do so? FirstProgram.ulpr
  8. Hi, Is it possible to do safe remove of aUSB Stick/DOK from the ladder or a UI element? I'm saving a data row to SD, then the copying it to a DOK, all of which can be done from the ladder, using the status codes to avoid timing issues. I'd like to avoid the "DOK Unsafe Remove" warning that appears. I always get the same warning after using the safe remove button on a File Browser UI element, so this isn't a suitable workaround. Sandy
  9. Hi all, I am setting up a basis serial connection for future projects between my computer and a plc but keep getting the same error -1 General COM error which is not helpful at all. I have checked all my physical connections and also the communication to the port of the computer side but it seems that nothing is being transmitted through the wire. If there are other methods that can get around this issue, that would be great.
  10. Hi, is it possible to connect USB camera to UniStream PLC and see the video in real time on the PLC screen? if yes, is there any recommended camera? thanks.
  11. Dear Sir. I connected my New HMI panel USP-156-B10 through USB with my PC. After connecting it showing "identifying new hard ware, but not getting connected. checked in control panel the driver is showing in Network adapter. I cannot connect through either net cable as well. I am using windows 7 64 bit. Can you please help screen shot.docx
  12. Hi, I 'm trying to interface an USB bar-code scanner (HandHeld IT3800, model 3800LTP-12) with my UniStream (model: USP-104-B10). I configured the Panel USB Port as below: and created the following rung to capture the data read by the barcode scanner: However, when I plugged the bar-code scanner into USB Host Port 1 of the UniStream, the bar-code scanner was detected as keyboard instead. Nevertheless, I clicked "Reset Display" to continue, hoping that the bar-code scanner can still work, I then scanned a sample bar-code but nothing was captured. Any idea on how to get this to work? Thanks KokHua
  13. Im having issues with getting communication from a Unistream 7 to a syringe pump through a usb to RS232 cable. I am trying to use the message composer to send commands over but have not been successful. The brand of pump I am using is Chemyx (https://www.chemyx.com/support/knowledge-base/programming-and-computer-control/serial-rs232-commands/) The cable is good as I can take that same cable, connect to a PC, connect thru putty thru its COM port, and type commands without an issue. I enabled "USB for Serial Communication" under the PLC communication tab only changing the Baud rate to 38400 and message composer was setup with text strings following Unistreams guide but I was not successful in getting communication (http://support.unitronics.com/index.php?/selfhelp/view-article/unistream-and-communication-with-3rd-party-devices). Any ideas as to why I cant send a "start" string or "stop" string? Also does it matter if I use USB 1 or 2? Would a UAC-01RS2 serial module help? I am using the microusb port to connect to the PLC if that matters Thanks
  14. I am trying to communicate between my visilogic PLC software and V350 series PLC controller using direct USB programming cable (USB A to USB mini B). I have downloaded and installed the mini USB driver from unitronics website. but am continuously getting the same problem "Windows found your software but encountered a problem while installing it" Please find my attached Screenshot ..
  15. Hi friends i am new in this forum, i have a trouble comunicaction when i connect the " USB device" to my PC, i read some topics in this forum and i earned some solutions but i don`t have succes. after a lot of configuration in my pc almost can establish comunication but a new message apear. now i show you a capture with the message, i hope you can help me thank you !!! Grettings from Chile ! Pd: sorry if my english is not so good.
  16. On a previous project I got hung up on a USB barcode reader and only getting it to work as a keyboard wedge. Causing extra steps for the operator. Which barcode readers have you used/integrated with Unistream successfully? Thanks in advance.
  17. Hi, I'm having issues with Jazz JZ20-j-T40 OPLC USB driver under Windows 7 Enterprise 64bit. I installed the USB drivers, but the system doesn't recognize the device (Unknown device, : error code 43). Does someone have solution? Thanks for your help!
  18. Hi guys, Is it possible to update values of a data table using an USB memory stick with Unistream PLCs?
  19. Hi All, Can anyone provide a USB driver for UniStream on a Windows 10 based laptop with a 64 bit operating system (intel chipset) Regards, Denis
  20. I 'm attempting to upgrade the firmware in my 156-B10 . I have tried several different USB sticks. Some sticks showing power connection but the unit does not seem to recognize the connection, when I attempt a "Safely remove DOK" I get a "DOK remove failed" message with . Any Ideas?
  21. Hi I have Unitronics Jazz Jz-20-T40 PLC. I have all the newest software and PLC system. When i power ON my PLC, and then using USB i connect it to my laptop, connection is working fine and i can see PLC from laptop. Then, when I download PLC Program to my Jazz PLC, it downloads normally, and as it should, PLC reboots. On my other Jazz PLCs it turns ON again, and it's still connected to my laptop. But, on this specific model, when i finish download, and try to connect to it again, it displays 4-5 messages that says restart U90, PC and so on. When I try to connect to it again, I get same message. I tried to restart U90, still the same. I really don't want to restart laptop, so I tried to unplug and plug USB. It shows me that i don't have needed drivers for this device. I click update device software, it says it's already newest, as it should. Then i try to install from U90, it says that I already have it. Then I unplug and plug again, and everything works normally. Every time I download, i need to unplug and plug USB twice, before I can again debug my PLC. It just needs to be reconnected twice, without installing anything at all. It confuses me a lot. Please help. Thankful in advance, Nikola Ljubinkovic
  22. i have just received my new vision 1040 and i'm tryibg to make a connection with my pc via usb cable, i followed the webinar and all the instructions i think i don't know if i made a mistake but i got a message saying " invalid procedure call or argument" when i press the button "install usb driver" please help me thank you.
  23. Hi all, I've been programming a UniStream PLC for a while now and have had to now install it in another room. I has always (as far as I remember) been fine programming it here on this desktop PC (Win 8) but now I've had to move the PLC to a test room I've had to try and program it over USB using another computer (a Lenovo Yoga notebooky-laptop type thing running Win 8.1). I've installed the UniLogic software as before, even uninstalling and reinstalling again, making sure I installed the second time using "Run as Administrator" on the installer, in case that didn't allow something to install properly the first time. With both the first time around and second time around install, the programs all load up fine and everything else looks the same as it ever did on the version I have on this desktop PC (the latest version, Ver. 1_9_Rev_19), but I can't get my laptop to connect to the PLC. I have tried things I've found on this forum, like: powering off the PLC and trying again; powering off the PLC, unplugging the USB cable, closing UniLogic, killing the Unitronics Notifier (via the Task Manager), restarting UniLogic, powering on the PLC, and after the PLC has booted, plugging the USB cable back in. I have tried all kinds of combinations of these things, multiple times, and still ahve had no response from UniLogic when trying to connect to the PLC. Sometimes (though rarely, compared to my desktop) it comes up with the message about connection problems ("Connect PC to PLC ... If a PLC is ... not discovered ..." etc.) in the PC-PLC Communication window, but when I press the Refresh button/hyperlinklink, where it usually says (on my desktop) "Searching for hardware. This may take a few minutes, please wait...", for maybe 5-10 seconds and then finds the PLC, on my laptop it immediately returns to the "Connect PC to PLC ... " message, as if it has definitely and quickly not found anything. The behavior seems very definite about not finding anything. There are 2 USB ports on the laptop; one is USB 3 and one is USB 2. I have tried all of these things in both ports, several times. with restarts in between and everything else I can think of. Please help,. I don't wan tot have to move this desktop computer to the PLC, as there's no space to use it in the test room!
  24. Hi evrybody I have problem with my Jazz PLC (JZ20-T18) If i plug usb conector my computer recognize "Unknow device" I try to install driver from U90, but no effect I also turn off UAC and install driver as admin I don't now where is the problem Can somebody help ?
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