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  1. Hello, I'm looking for a way to go about doing this, I just need to be able to read the pH every 24 hours then have it record the value. Then on the HMI be able to see the recorded values for the past week. If you know how to start this, it would be very helpful. I already have the program for pH going into the PLC, so no need to worry about that. The PLC I will be using is the V120-12-R1. Thank you for your help, Abby M
  2. Hello, I currently have Visilogic Version 9.8.80, but I am unable to find the V120-12-R1 plc, what version of Visilogic would it be on?
  3. Hello, Is is possible to collect data using the V120-12-R1? If it is, could you give me an example on how? Thank you, Abby M
  4. I have a UCR-ST-B5-VE Router connected to visilogic plc. That works fine, I placed a Verizon sim card in the router and tested it at the workshop. It worked fine with Remote Operator. When I took this setup out in the field, all I keep receiving on the PC side of remote operator is that the UnitID is incorrect. On the router, I made the main WAN: the sim card - Interface name: Mobile (WAN), should it have a WAN Failover setup? Would you happen to know what went wrong, or how I could fix this issue.
  5. Hello I am using SM70-J-R20 with Visilogic. I have downloaded my program to the OPLC. The screen displays just like the image below. However, after a few seconds, the screen change into Info Mode. And when I touche the screen at this time, it becomes black with a yellow block, just like the second image. Could you please tell me where might be the problem. Thank you very much
  6. Hello, I have 2 alarms that set off a buzzer. But I need to place a Silencer button in the program using one of the HMI keys. I also need to have after 8 hours unattended, the buzzer shuts off. I need help trying to latch the key input to shut the buzzer off. And after 8 hours has timed out it needs to shut the buzzer off and stay off until someone gets to it. I'm thinking it will need to be set and reset. Is there a better way of doing this?
  7. I have a job using a V350-J-RA22 and use one of the analog inputs from a 2 wire sensor, the sensor has a 24v wire powering it and then a wire to the PLC sending 4-20mA. However a recurring issue is happening which we cannot fault find the reason why, where the analog inputs are blowing/ stop working. Our only thought is to do with the datasheet as highlighted where it says max input rating 1.1V, and were sending into the PLC around 6V or so. So if this is the issue how do I go about stopping this from happening in future/ why is it not seeming to be an issue when I've done a similar program with sensor on a unistream. And if this is not the issue, what could be causing the analog inputs to stop working from the 2 wire sensor we have?
  8. Hello, I have this SM35-J-RA22 PLC and it has this error appearing on it, it was working before it got sent off with a program to a customer and then when switching on for the first time their end, this screen occurred. I've tried having a look through Forums but can't seem to find anything on how to fix this issue on a Samba> Can anyone help? Thanks
  9. Hello, I'm using the V120-22-RA22 plc, I have switches connected to some inputs then connected to a 24V power source. But when running the plc, with the switches to test it, they are not responding. My guess that I would need to connect the CM, but I'm not sure. I checked the jumpers and they are all set to be digital inputs. Any advice would help, I'm not very familiar with this plc. Thanks, Abby Moore
  10. Hello, I’m using the V120-22-RA22 in visilogic, for the program, I need to make one that cycles VFD 1 and VFD 2 on/off. For example: If my level sensor reads above a value of 10, VFD 1 turns on while VFD 2 stays off. Then the level lowers. Then if the level is raised above 10 again VFD 2 turns on while VFD 1 stays off. My i/o is: I0 VFD 1 FAULT I1 VFD 2 FAULT 0O VFD 1 ENABLE O1 VFD 2 ENABLE AO1 SUMP LEVEL RAW (WHICH IS ALREADY CONVERTED TO FT) I am not sure how to write the program for this. If anyone could help that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Abby M.
  11. Hi. I don't know - how, but my Visilogic don't show hebrew in network comments, in program screen, in display builder. On screen (that build) Hebrew look good. I know that problem about 15 years.....with all windows,' but now with win 11 I can't find what to do.....
  12. Hello When I try to "Build All" or "Compile" a project for v570 I get this picture. Maybe anyone had the same problem? Cheers
  13. Hello all. I am very new to PLC programming and I encountered something a bit out of my scope. Recently, I was tasked to create a program that would be able to read the values of a NOX sensor using CANOpen and Visilogic. Currently I am using a SAMBA PLC+HMI SM43-J-R20. The NOx sensor's model is UniNox 24V 5WK96614H by Continental. I followed the example of a webinar online that showed the steps for programming an encoder. I am unsure of how to know which bytes I would need to program to be able to read the sensor information. Such as NOX ppm, oxygen percentage , lambda, etc. The sensor package did not provide an EDS file. Basically, my question would be how to know which bytes I need to extract data from a sensor? And how to program it? I have attached the pages that have the pertinent information and the program I have so far. I would really appreciate any thoughts or comments for this. Thank you. Manual Nox.pdf trial.vlp
  14. Hi Everyone, I bought the SM35-j-r20 for a new project. I have experience with the unistream models. With that, it was easy to connect via ethernet or USB. But with the Samba (visilogic) I have problems to connect with the plc. I get an communication drive error (206). I use a glodX GXMU-1200 USB to serial converter, with Prolific driver (I've tried different versions) . My baudrate is set to 57600. My OS is Win 11. I hope you can help me. Thank you in advance. Francis
  15. Hello All, I've got a V1210 controller and I've been using Visilogic 9.8.91 to look at an OEM program. This is on a Windows 10 box, running as admin, UAC off. I've been able to use ethernet Direct Connection to go online and view values. I've also modified the program and have been able to download to V1210. Things have worked fine. Recently I've been trying to use UniOPC Server and it has not been successful. Now, I'm unable to get online with the controller. When I go to Direct Connection, I get this error. I can ping the V1210 and others on the LAN. I've ensured the cables currently work. Is it possible I'm trying to go online with the wrong program that's currently loaded into controller? Just not sure why it was working and now isn't. I've power cycled V1210 several times, I've unplugged and plugged the ethernet cable. Checked SB 314 and it's not set. I can post the program if that will help, too. Appreciate your time and help!
  16. I have recently purchased Samba3.5-J-RA22 and downloaded the visilogic software. I want to learn from examples but most of the examples are not working with my model. Please guide.
  17. Hi Everyone! I'm a beginner to the Unitronics PLCs and I currently have V570-57-T20B-J with V200-18-E1B. I have got a used one, and when powering it on, it displays old programs therefore I would like to: 1- Erase old programs to start fresh and, 2- Would appreciate with any help to get me started with linking and communicating the PLC with Visilogic. I assume the miniUSB port is only for the sake of reprogramming and not initialising the PLC with new IP address, what would be used to set an IP? Any help would be much appreciated!
  18. Hello Everyone, I seemed to have "bricked" Visilogic on my PC. Was connected/online with a PLC, I shut the lid to my laptop, when I opened the lid my computer was off... not sure why or how it completely shut down but it was definitely off. Restarted the PC, tried to restart Visilogic and I get the error message below. Note the file referenced (Current_OPLC.udb) is not present in the specified directory. I uninstalled / reinstalled Visilogic, tried opening other projects, even tried just opening Visilogic with no project loaded. I can get it to open by right clicking and running the .exe as administrator, but it still crashes when I try to open any application. Additional Details: Windows Pro 10 64 Bit, Visilogic 9.8.31, Vision 130-33-T38 PLC. Also sent an email to support but as it was late in the day I haven't heard back as of this time. Any help getting this resolved would be appreciated. -Chris
  19. I create a timer with MI (Memory Integrer) and MB (Memory Bits) and then I tried to display the current value with the time function. Problem is : the display of the timer is a hexadecimal value. I tried to use others function like "UTC to RTC" or "Numerics" but I don't know how to get the display of the current time and the elapsed time of the timer I made. Wanted display : HH : MM : SS (decimal value) The timer look like : MI 1 : Preset MI 2 : Current MI 3 : Elapsed And there is others nets to manage the proper functionning of the timer. I know that it's possible to use the basic timer already set in the PLC but I don't want to use them.
  20. Create simple project (just one window with text) on V280. Without PLC, only Offline. When I try to Create Project files .dvi I got Error. What's Wrong?
  21. Running Win XP Home with SP3. Visilogic version 9.0.4 and the latest version both give Application Error and will not run. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
  22. EX-RC1_Mod.vlp View File Adaptor program for connecting remote Visilogic IO to Unilogic PLC. EX-RC1_Mod.vlp OTIS-UNI-050720.ulpr Submitter bob62j Submitted 05/27/2020 Category From Users: VisiLogic applications
  23. We have about 50 Vison PLCs currently in operation in many projects. A few weeks ago we started to switch from Visilogic 9.8.64 to 9.8.90. We noticed that the PID functions were not working anymore. After a long time of troubleshooting we realized that we had to delete all "PID A.TUNE Config" blocks and rebuild them again. Is this a known problem? Is there another possibility to fix this?
  24. Hi, in my current project I have a button on my touchscreen. If this button is pressed, MB33 is set and afterwards MB 10 should be set too. But, as you can see in the image below, the execution of the net stops before MB10. Basicly I copied this structure out of this tutorial : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8RyFPPE3Hdk&feature=youtu.be&t=572 In the tutorial they use the same sequence of contact and coil to turn a "LED" on the touchscreen on and off. Any ideas, why it doesnt work for me?
  25. Hi everybody, I have long time problem with exporting of operands description. I use VisiLogic 9.8.90 now, but the same was in versions before. When I tried to do Edit -> Export operands descriptions, VisiLogic hang down. I get a message: "Run-time error '-2147221164 (80040154)': Class not registered" (in Czech in my case - so it is Winodws information). Next time I start Visilogic. I get a message: "VisiLogic was not shut down properly. Press OK to recover." (completely in English - VisiLogic information). It is not depending on hardware used in project (all my Vision Enhanced PLCs). When I tried to do Edit -> Import Operands Descriptions, VisiLogic run as I do nothing. I don't use MS Office - if it is important. Is anybody here who know what to do? Thank you very much Petr
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