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  1. Hi, All, Is there a possibility to switch off alarm sign (bell icon) from screen when there are no active alarms (green))? It's a good feature, but it would be great if there was possibility to control appearance of it. Thank you.
  2. Hi All I have a unistream 10.4" PLC+HMI. I am using program version 1.28.34 I am using the built in alarm function and also using the alarm history. The problem is that when an alarm occurs it does not always get added to the top of the alarm history list. I have set the view to default by date. I am using the date format dd/mm/yy If i get a new alarm it sometimes appears on top of the list or sometimes if I scroll down it will be in the middle of the alarm history. Does anyone know if this is a known issue with this program version. I dont want to upgra
  3. I wanted to provide support personal way to access alarm history. So when user calls at 2 AM and says "machine stopped working" they can see what has happened and give advice for user, what to do. Sadly in current state you cant provide any indication of alarms on Web page. I know they can see errors on HMI screen. But If I provide support personal VNC access they are able to start engines over cell phones (in their bed) and I think it may be dangerous. Providing read-only VNC access is also problematic, because PLC is behind locked door (windowed) and for interactions they have to drive on t
  4. Hi, is it possible to have the alarm summary on the web-server screen, using UniLogic?
  5. Hey ! I have another question about alarms. When I set an alarm and reset after, I can acknowledge the default and it disapear. This is good. But, when I do an acknowledge on the currently alarmes, this one dissapear but is always SET. My question is : It is possible to acknowledge an alarm only and only when the BIT trigger is at 0 and not when it is at 1. Which mean, the alarm stay even we do an acknowledge if it's = 1. And when the BIT trigger = 0, we can acknowledge the alarm. Hoping it's posible Thanks.
  6. Hi everyone ! Currently, I use a Unistream PLC Built-in 5", the US5-B10-B1 and it's very nice to use ! However I have a question. I'm currently programming the alarms and i'd like to use the built-in alarms on Unilogic, but all the interface are in english even though the software is in French. Before creating this topic, i searched and found something but on Visilogic. Apparently, we can translate the text in the source files but I don't know where it is... Here the topic : It is posible on Unilogic to change the language of the alarms display ? Thanks !
  7. Dear all, I am new in this forum, hello at all!!!! I have a problem, because I am doing a program in Visilogic V 350, and I want use the alarm screens properties, but I don't know how I need to configure the alarm screen . Someone can send me a small program sample?? Thanks at all.
  8. Hi, We are using Unilogic version V1.29.111 . While working on the alarm summary screen, we noticed that there is very little space to add the alarm description, which is called as "alarm name". Operators are not happy with this as they are familiar with AB and Siemens HMI which has ample space to add alarm description. Is there any way to widen the alarm name column or add two line in each row under this column
  9. Is it possible to supress the alarm green button if all is well and no alarm condition is present? (When the Alarm banner runs at full size, it minimizes to a small green button when no Alarms are active. When an Alarm becomes active, the banner resumes its full size)
  10. Is there a means of accessing the Alarm Descriptions in the Alarm Manager? I would like to access them to dynamically insert the text into an SMS and Email Message. I cannot find any relevant pointers in the Alarms Struct
  11. 1, How can I restrict access to the Disable button on the alarm status viewer - I do not want operators to disable alarms permanently 2, How can the duration minutes (on the alarm status viewer) have the maximum 12 hours instead of 43,200 minutes - I want the operators to able to shelve a alarm for the maximum shift (12 hours)(ie nuisance alarms) but I want to them to respond if the alarm is 12 hours old
  12. Hello, using Unistream PLC (tested with or without HMI with 1.28.34 - the problem is the same) we note a strange behavior regarding Alarm History in Unistream and SD Card. During normal operation all works well (events history is correctly display using the related HMI object and data are stored in CSV file into SD Card). The problem is that It seems that after reboot, the Alarm History list is empty, so all the history is lost. We have seen that the PLC creates a CSV with the alarm history list, but after reboot also that CSV is empty (the file is there but inside there are no
  13. It would good to see in this set-up. You set your triggers and then it linked to a bit. That is could be used to a Digital output for physical alarm. When they acknowledge it. Then reset timers for alarm. To go off again till it resolved. Just suggestion. Save whole a lot of time in ladder logic.
  14. Not much to add to the title. When using a timer.out bit to trigger a digital alarm, UniStream is not detecting it. I had to set a bit with the positive transition of the timer, and then reset it after the alarm state has been activated.
  15. Hey, I need to create my own alarm log. I decided for each accident to create its own discrete variable. By triggering an accident to display the text in the log. With the disappearance of the text to remove. Does the development environment have a table type tool? Or how to implement this algorithm. Thank!
  16. Hi all and thanks in advance, I have a program running un a Uni stream USP-070-B10. Using software version 1.25.61 UniLogic studio. I am trying to find a bit that will tell me if any Alarm is active, I have looked thru the help file, system variables, and searched this forum. I did find a comment from Saragani posted July 1, 2015 stating: " On the next version (1.15), it is planned to have a tag that contains: * An array of 32 bits (one per group * An array of 1025 Bits ( 1 spare bit + 1 bit per alarm) * A bit that indicates that 1 or more alarms are a
  17. Hi everybody, We have UniStream controller running application and modem for sending SMS alarm messages. Each alarm has it's own bit, that enables SMS send routine (from example library with operator string, now we have 3 operator's phone numbers). Now after some time we noticed that sometimes messages are not sent. Seems like there is problem when several alarms occur at same time. Maybe someone has suggestion how we could sort this issue? Thank you.
  18. 1) When editing IO Inputs or Outputs Alias Names directly (from the table view, without going into window for editing single tag) - cold not put a space symbol between words while writing (later when the whole "Input5AbracadabraOpenSesame" is written, you can, of course go back and put spaces in between words finally getting to the "Input 5 Abracadabra Open Sesame"). Problem is not observed while editing in single tag editor window. This is new mis-behavior, which was not observed some versions earlier. 2) In Data Table view - String literals are center-aligned without any obvious reaso
  19. Does anyone know which bit is activated when the Snooze button on the Alarm Banner is pressed ? I have some logic to operate an alarm annunciator (siren and light) that I would like to silence when the snooze button is used. So far I have had to work around this by giving the operator access to a separate alarm silence button on every screen. Or alternatively is there a bit that is set when the onboard alarm tone is activated ?
  20. Hi, I have a UniStream application where I would like to disable the alarms for ~10 sec or so after a power up. Currently I get nuisance alarms after a power up, since the UniStream application seems to check for alarms before the transmitters have fully powered up. Is there something like a "first scan" bit and a disable alarms bit?
  21. The alarm function in the UniStream is really good and easy to configure. We currently use the vision series to control refrigeration compressors. When we get an alarm or a fault we save a large number of integers and bits to a data table to indicate temperatures, pressures and status at the exact time of the alarm. Of course we can still do this with the current UniStream and use ladder to trigger the store of data at the time of each alarm. However I think it would be a nice future feature to have a button on the current alarm history screen that would bring up a configured data ta
  22. Greeatings . Can someone post or explane me how alarms screen make on hmi ? If someone have some example that be better . Thank you
  23. Hi, We have a very serious problem and is that randomly the program stays in the alarm manager and does not respond to any button with the inability to return to the screens of the main program.
  24. Dear All, after I have "studying" your example about the alarms management I have created my function with "alarms actual" and "alarms history"; at the beginning I created a loop to check if an alarm is present in "actual" and reset the row after transfered it to "history"...it worked. In the next step I added a BIT check (image 1) to verify if the alarm was reseted by the device that I have to controll with the PLC...and if it still present do as set (reset row and transfer) and add a "note" in other DTI...if it was already reset do only what was set (reset row and transfer). a
  25. Hello, I'm doing a project where I have to save alarms to SD. I have a V570 with 2GB SD card (The SD Card is formatted with SD Card Suite). I set the SB352 (Write alarm history to SD) and it does that, it writes alarms directly to SD card. If I have some alarms in buffer (SI76 value is greater then 0) and I set SB352, the value in SI76 clears and ALARM.UAL is increasing in size. So I think the alarms are written to SD Card. The problem is when I use the FB "Show alarms" with "Alarm history" option. It shows the history, but after a PLC Init and Reset, the history is cleared. It shows the
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