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Found 8 results

  1. Hi there, I'm trying to hook up a Potentiometer to my PLC, I have a 24V power supply going through my potentiometer, I have hooked up a common ground to CM0 and I have put the signal wire to go to port 5 (I1V), I've measured my signal with a multi-meter and the potentiometer and the wiper correctly displays 0-24V on the multi-meter. However on my PLC it wont read any values under my analog input I/O I have changed the inputs to the 0-10V option, I realize my 24V is a bit stronger... is that the issue? Will take any tips as I'm not the strongest in electrical
  2. Hello everybody, I have an analog force gauge (4-20mA, -5.000[N] ranged 5.000[N]) . I'm using an OPLC JZ-10-11-UN20. (has 3 AI's and a TC input) I read a few posts in this forum as well as the U90 help example regarding linerarization, and for some reason (probably there's something I'm missing ) it just doesn't work. the force gauge has a LED panel, which showed 0.291 [N], while the U90 program I wrote is attached. I notice changes in the result in the LED panel while applying force, but the U90 showed no change. can anyone point out what I'm doing wrong? secondly, the results I get from the TC (K type, range -200 to around 1000 deg. celsius) are around 220. I understood that since I use this specific model of JAZZ, this would not require special linerarization 22 would make sense, not 220. any Ideas ? does this require some kind of calibration? Thanks , Tzachi
  3. Hi, I'm using a temperature sensor with 0-10V input and a Samba SM35-J-TA-22. When the input rise above 18 degrees, I want the analog output to start from 0 % and at 20 degrees and above it should be 100 %. How can I make this happen? I have one linearization block to convert 0-10V to 0-50 degrees and tried with another for the function described but did not get it work. Does anyone have an idea how to do this?
  4. Hello, I have a problem using analog voltage inputs (0 - 10V) with jazz. When i connect one input (AN2 for example), the other input (AN3) also reads voltage which depends on AN2 input. It's not the same value, but if AN3 is not connected, voltage read is about 80% of what AN2 reads. When both inputs are connected, one affects the other and vice versa... It's really significant effect, so i don't think it could be interference related. Both inputs are also from the same power source and grounded. Any ideas what could be wrong? Thank you for help Best regards, Pawks EDIT: I forgot to ground pin "n/p I16-I17", now it works fine. Sorry for that.
  5. Good Afternoon I have a new project that I have to start on, but I have one minor issue (Only 1 I hear you say) I am using a wenglor height sensor and need to measure the height of a stack of boxes coming down the conveyor. This wasnt an issue until the wonderful sales guy told me the rest of the information. Originally it was a flat bottom box going down the conveyor in stacks to a maximum of 10. That would have been easy with the reverse linearization that I was planning on using. Now it has just got a lot more complicated. The sales guy now tells me that along with the cardboard boxes, the customer wants to run plastic crates as well. The cardboard boxes have a solid bottom to them The plastic crates have a "mesh" bottom to them which means its going to be a now you see me, now you dont, as the values goes from the actual height to the zero level, sort of like a sine wave and the sensor goes through the mesh to the top of the conveyor. My question is there anyway to just read the maximum value of the MI and ignore the minimum value of the MI? I will be using a start trigger to know when to start reading the height sensor, and a timer to know how long to read the height sensor for, but I just dont know how to ignore what I dont want any suggestions welcome
  6. Hi all, I am looking for the input/output modbus address range of the expansion module "io ai 4 ao 2" for the V430. How do I go about finding these digits? Thanks in advance. D
  7. Hi Guys, I think it would be great if the analog input expansion modules have 10VDC accurate voltage output. It could be used for example as a reference power supply for linear distance transducers (Pots). Hope to see something like this in the future! Kikis
  8. Hi, I have OPLC V350-35-TA24 what includes onboard I/Os and configurable via wiring 2 Analog, 2 PT100/TC, and 1 HSC/ Shaft-encoder Input. So, first, i made changes in hardware project where analog input 2 and 3 were 0-10V, I connected them with potensiometer (i used voltage divider, so to analog input went 0,33-11,5 VDC, pot supply camed from same supply as OPLC +24VDC, pot signal went to analog input, pot ground went OPLC 0V). I also changed jumper setting, input 5 (analog input 3) - JP4 B, JP10 A, input 6 (analog input 2) - JP8 B, JP9 A. I made new project were was only linearization block: X1=0, X2=1000 (10V), Y1=0, Y2=16384, input MI0, output MI20. BUT in online test MI 0 was zero, I changed input voltage, but still, no numbers. Then I tested other analog input, same story !???? Today I changed analog input 2 (input 6) hardware configuration- 4-20 mA, jumper setting - JP8 B, JP9 B. Also, before inputs were PNP, now I changed them NPN source - JP12 A. 4-20 mA source I connected: plus into OPLC +V input and minus into analog input. In linearization block were: X1=0, X2=1000, Y1= 3277, Y2=16383, input MI 0, output MI100. BUT in online test MI0 were zero. What Im doing wrong?!! test 1903.vlp
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