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Found 15 results

  1. I have a job using a V350-J-RA22 and use one of the analog inputs from a 2 wire sensor, the sensor has a 24v wire powering it and then a wire to the PLC sending 4-20mA. However a recurring issue is happening which we cannot fault find the reason why, where the analog inputs are blowing/ stop working. Our only thought is to do with the datasheet as highlighted where it says max input rating 1.1V, and were sending into the PLC around 6V or so. So if this is the issue how do I go about stopping this from happening in future/ why is it not seeming to be an issue when I've done a similar program with sensor on a unistream. And if this is not the issue, what could be causing the analog inputs to stop working from the 2 wire sensor we have?
  2. Maybe this is a dumb question...but I'd rather ask than make an even dumber erorr. I'm familliar with discrete inputs, and that they can be sourcing or sinking. Typically I use a Sourcing input and the modulating analog signal (postive voltage, current flow going into the PLC input) is then dropped across an internal load in the PLC and is shunted to the 0 volt reference on an internal buss of the PLC. I've never heard the term applied to an analog input before - but to me, they would also be sourcing inputs, and function in a similar manner. I have a new transmitter to work with and its a 3 wire 4-20 signal. Tech literature with the transmitter shows that it is selectable to be configured for a sourcing or a sinking analog input. I dont see anything in the installation guide of the PLC other than the jumper 12 for selecting sourcing / sinking discrete inputs and the other jumpers for configuring the analog inputs. The diagram in the install guide to me looks like the analog input would be termed as "Sourcing" and that the load resistor is internal to the PLC. I've wired these sucessfully before - Just never came across anything describing an alalog input with these terms. PLC in question is a SM70-J-TA22 thanks
  3. I have Unitronics HMI and I/O modules at home but not the actual machine (it wouldn't fit in my kitchen).I would still like to edit and test the software. I can't force the analog I/O and test the software. I can tell that the alarms for pressures and levels are working :). How can one force the analog I/O?
  4. Hello, I have some problems in getting out analog output from my JZ20-J-UA24. This is a PID controller, which heats, and cools a tank, and I want it to send out during the heat mode a voltage of 5V, and 0V during cooling. I did all the necessary hardware configurations, but I'm not getting any pulse out. Do you think anything is wrong with the code?
  5. So I ordered a V350-J-R34 controller to input a couple analog signals from a couple pressure transducers. I'm reading the installation guide, and I don't know if I'm just reading it wrong, or legitimately confused here. It says this controller has 2 analog inputs, and that terminals 14 and 15 may be used as the analog inputs. However, when I scroll down to the analog input wiring diagram, it shows the positive end of the signal wires landing on terminal 4. HUH?!?!?! Can someone shed some light on this? It's making me feel stupider by the minute. image hosting free upload image online
  6. Good day, I need a few pointers. I am fairly new to Unitronics and the UniLogic systems. I have some experience with ladder logic from past projects, the most recent of which used the Keyence ladder builder software. It’s like coming out of the Stone Age! If I need to separate this into sections please let me know. I appreciate any guidance you can provide. I am working on a project for a production machine. The machine is utilizing modular design from discrete components that can function on their own, so I am somewhat limited on my approach options. I will try and outline what those are as I go along if they are important. I’m using a USP-156-B10 with a WCB1 and a UID-0808R with the latest software available (as of 11/21/18). Currently, I have three items to review. I think that will be all I need help with, as the rest of the control program is very straightforward (now). Item 1. I need to write code for a change over time function. I am reading off of a motor drive encoder which I need to ensure is at 0 speed (stopped) before advancing. As the drive is not a servo, and the drive could stop with the encoder reading high or low, I need a change in condition over time. While it is simple to say, I have not found a solution working through the manual or the examples but it is possible I missed something. Ideal logic is: no change in state (can be high or low) for x amount of time (x being relatively quick, perhaps .1 sec), in a continuous readout (no reset if possible to allow for continuous operation) that would change the status of a binary variable (stopped or not). Item 2. I have not found an incredible wealth of knowledge dealing with the application of analog outputs. I am in a position to write this section a few different ways. The analog output can be in mA or V, as we are using a signal conditioner to isolate the PLC from the motor drive controller. If the value of this were to remain constant I could see some options to directly output, but we may need at least a two-stage output (one speed forward one speed reverse) as we can control accelerate and decelerate through the drive controller. I imagine that the same function could just be duplicated for as many states and drives as are necessary. The target speed should be settable via HMI interface, with a slider bar going from 0 to 100, but the real output needs to be limited to 9V, not 10V (or 90% on current). I do not readily see how to code this. Item 3. I might already have an idea on how to do this, but I want to know the best practices. Upon recovering from an emergency stop I want to give the user the option to either return to “home” or to resume the operation. Either way, I need to make sure the machine either completes the cycle or is reset to its initial state. My previous mentor had some unorthodox methods, which I will not take the time to elaborate here. Again, looking for what is the best practice. Thank you in advance!
  7. Hello, i have a JZ20-J-T40 and four 4-20mA pressure sensor´s. I need connect for two 4-20mA sensor´s for 0-10V analog input´s. How it could be done . Can i use 500ohm resistore? Sorry for my bad english.
  8. Hello, I am new to PLC programming, and I´ve been assigned this task at USP-070-B10 with UIS-WCB1, using Unilogic 1.23.25: I have an analog angle measuring sensor, which gives current of 0-20mA( 0mA is for -45°,20mA is for 45°) , which transfers into integer value from 0 to 16383 in INT16, I need: 1) transfer the integer value to value in degrees 2) display the value in degrees on the HMI field 3) compare the value with user written value in another HMI field, and perform actions according to the comparation I am stuck at the first part, transferring the integer value to degrees. I tried the linearize function, which suggest in help that can be used to convert analog input values. But when trying to compile and send project to the PLC, displayed error suggested, that the input value and output value have to be in the same data type. Thus I wanted to try the INT to REAL operator, which I probably did not get, how to set up, because when online the value converted into real does not change with the value on the analog input and stays on 0. Furthemore when I want to linearize the converted value of REAL data type into degrees in REAL datatype, the same error displays, that the input value and output value have to be in the same data type, when this is no longer true. I would appreciate any guidelines to setting up my task.
  9. Hi everybody. I need some help because I have an issue, trying to use a Beckhoff BK5120 | CANopen Bus Coupler with a V1210 PLC https://www.beckhoff.com/BK5110/ with the next configuration 4 KL1114 DIGITAL INPUT (4 SINKING) 2 KL1408 DIGITAL INPUT (8 SINKING) 1 KL2134 DIGITAL OUTPUT (4 SOURCING) 2 KL2408 DIGITAL OUTPUT (8 SOURCING) 1 KL3061 ANALOG (0-10V) INPUT https://download.beckhoff.com/download/Document/Catalog/Main_Catalog/english/separate-pages/Bus_Terminal/KL3061.pdf The issue that I have is that I've never used a Beckhoff KL3061 ANALOG (0-10V) INPUT and I don't know how to set up the Unitronics V1210 PLC CANopen configuration in the VisiLogic Software. Also, I'd like to know which function can I use to read the analog input. Does anybody did that before? I'll appreciate your help. Thank you.
  10. Hi and Happy New 2018 all! Maybe this will sound like a dumb question, I am beginner in programming in VisiLogic, so is there any way to compare current value received from an analog input with a previous value received from the same input. I have tried to use the 'Store Direct' with MI0(analog input operand) value to be stored in MI1 and tried compare MI0(A) with MI1(B), but it always gives me the same value. How to memorize previous value and be compared with the current? How to make MI1 hold the previous value, MI0 to hold the current, and untile they are compared MI1 is not overwritten by the current value? Thank you in advance.
  11. Hi! I have in my system a SM43-J-R20 PLC and A Frequency Inverter from Vacuum (Schmersal). I jus want to show the frequency of the motor on HMI. Think in using I6 as analog in, i did the JP8 and JP9 both to B (current) The thing is, I don't kwon how to wire it. See the manuals below. PLC/HMI Frequency Inverter Manual Terminal 18 (Analog Out) Terminal 5 (GND) Terminal 13 (Digital Out Comum) Anyone can help me? Thanks!
  12. Hi guys, It would be great if we had a high speed analog I/O combined module with 16-bit resolution for Unistream. Conversion time should be 0.5mS or even less, if it's possible. There are applications where is crucial to have such an expansion module.
  13. Background I'm working on updating some of our test equipment. The current setup uses two 20 gallon vacuum reservoir tanks, two manual needle valves per tank, 4 solenoids for tank vacuum controls, 2 differential pressure controllers with DC output, and one PLC. It also uses a very manual process for setup. My goal is to replace the main control box with two analog proportioning valves, 2 analog pressure transmitters, and one PLC with the PLC controlling the vacuum levels inside the tank automatically through data tables. I have a slightly different setup in testing right now but I'd like to get a finer control. Question What's the best way to control the process variables for two regulators using PID without creating a feedback loop and oscillation? One Valve would function as a cooling type PID (Reducing the vacuum level based on input), one valve would function as heating (Increasing the vacuum based on input)
  14. Are there plans to do a higher resolution analog I/O modules such as 16, 18, or even 24? I know we have several applications that would benefit from the increased resolution.
  15. I have some problems with analog SSR (Celduc, Carlo-Gavazzi, etc brands) when I try to control from an 4-20mA analog output of OPLC. For example with the V200-18-E2B the load impedance is 500Ω maximum for current output. The input dynamic impedance of the SSR is ≥ 100 Ω but a drop in voltage ≤ 8 VDC @ 20 mA. The application doesn't work from 4-8mA, I suppose the dynamic impedance of the SSR will be higger than 500Ω. I found one solution to use several SSR with an analog output, inserting a Power Suply between the output and the SSR. Do you use it any time? does it secure for the analog output of Unitronics? Look at the image:
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