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Found 5 results

  1. I have to integrate Samsung DMS2.5 that support BACnet gateway with UNISTREAM. I dont have an expirience with BACnet and i have some questions . https://www.samsunghvac.com/Central-Control-DMS2.5/MIM-D01AUN Do i have to purchase Unitronics - GW-BAC1 BACnet Gateway ? Do i have to purchase license ? Thank you!
  2. Hello, I can read and write a setpoint (=BACnet object I want to control) with my computer BACnet program (YABE). I can see UniStream BACnet server in the same computer program. But how do I make the PLC read/write the BACnet object (=setpoint) ? Is the UniStream BACnet server enough? I really appreciate any help/advice. JT
  3. Does anyone have experience with the BacNet gateway? I can't seem to establish a Modbus session from my V1210. PLC is connecting on port 502, socket 2(Client/Master) to the gateway's port 502, socket 9(Server/Slave). I've done a packet trace and found a Modbus/TCP error 'Cannot classify packet type' Attached is the tcpDump, Modbus comms config in visilogic, and gateway config file. Someone, please help!!! Thank you in advance tcpDump.pcap Modbus_BacNet.vlp Synthex BacNet Gateway Config.csv
  4. I have YABE running on my PC and it does not see my GW-BAC1 but it does see other BACnet devices. Should YABE see a standalone GW-BAC1 or does the GW-BAC1 need to be controlled by an HMI to become active? Here's the config details: UniBACnet Configurator Protocol: BACnet IP Port 47808 One Device Instance: 0 with name Node1 One Descriptor: Analog Input Modbus connection: Modbus IP
  5. hello, I would like to know how to display the BACnet on unilogic. I manage to make the link with an automaton but after I am blocked to visualize it on the supervison. Thank's
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