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Found 14 results

  1. Dear All, I am finalizing my project and now I am testing if all works properly; at the moment I have 2 issue...one is reported in another topic (problem with HMI object) the second issue, but that is multi points, that I am having is with the sampler. - I have 10 sampler, each with two feeds; in each sampker struct I have set as "start value" 1 for the .CSV file but when I switch from 1 to 0 the BIT about start/stop sampler the .CSV file is not created. - when I try to save the sample file I pass to the struct its file name...that will be the name of the device and the date time; at the end the String will be length 24 characters; I saw that the struct take the String but the file tha was created don't has this name but still have the name automatically passed by the PLC (as the String name is not present) - I don't know why but sometimes the file is not saved...also if the folder is empty...why? to be clear the "save" cmmand is managed by checking the RTC.dayMonth...when this is not equal about a tag that I insert I will active a BIT that will put in "off" the record of the sampler...this for all sampler...at the beginning of each ladder row for each of this command I insert the "controll" of the SD status (busy). I am using 1.23.25
  2. Hi, When I click on "Upload Data Sampler files from SD" it appears to work, and I get a message which scrolls through a few files before telling me it completed sucessfully. However, I can't find the files on my computer. Where are they saved? Kind regards, Sandy
  3. Hello I have done some Data Sampling to CSV When opening the CSV in Excel or OpenOffice Calc, the date and time coloumns does not show the date and time values in the correct format. I manage to get date correct by adjusting the format of the date column to YY-MM-DD But the time column does not respond to adjusting the format, I have tried every option. Nothing happens with the values. What am I doing wrong? PRODUKTION_10-01-20___08-02-50.csv
  4. I want to create a data sampler that monitors a number of bits and integers, for troubleshooting purposes. As far as I can see, I can only assign integers or REAL numbers to the feed tags. I know I could compare each bit status and store either 1 or 0 into an integer, then use those integers in the data sampler.... but I have a large number of bits that I want to monitor and was hoping there is a better way. Any ideas?
  5. Hello Everyone, New to this software. Many thanks in advance. Question 1, So we've been able to record the data with "Data Sampling". Can someone please tell me how I can control the start and stop of data sampling? Also how may I customized the name of the sampling file, such as in MATLAB people can use the format "date is %d time is %f, DD, TT " Just so the saved data log is more readable. Question 2, How may I save a separated file content just several variables, that each time I hit a button, such as when I hit "start", save the time, date, to a txt file so I can find out when did I hit the button? Thank you very much! Yan
  6. Hello all. At this moment I'm working on a project with many data samplers and a lot of information, the web server works great to visualize the real time info, and some data tables are good for historical data, but I want to send all my data samplers as an attachment by email, I've been trying many combinations and it doesn't work, when I don't get the -4 status, the email goes without attachment, if anyone can give me a hint I appreciated
  7. Hey, What is the best way to get a column to show the Date and Time information? Right now I have a separate column for each feature like month, day, year, hour, min, second but that's definitely too bulky. I can't seem to find how to create a single string of the date and time information, what would be the best way to solve this? Thanks.
  8. Hi Support, I am Emrah at TESAN from Istanbul, I wrote a program with UniStream and insert a memory card. But there is a problem; PLC is saving random data sampling. for example I saw the trend history, it keep in memory different time or didn't keep in memory sometimes. before it saved three hours and later didn't save two days. an other time when I saw it saved five hours but didn't save three days. I used trend start bit with 'General ON'. But it can't keep in memory every time. What is your solution? Thanks for your help.
  9. Dear All, I my next project I have to check and record the weight inside some SILO (10); I will use UINT32 tag for the weight and a UINT8 for the filled %; I need to sample these value every minute and create a daily files records, one for each SILO; I will show these information in 10 individual trend graphs (one for each SILO)...at the end I will have 10 folders (one for each data sampler). My question is: doing in this way I will have problem with the PLC memory capacity?...or all will works without problem? sorry but is the first time that I use the data sampler...I checked the example and how this works is clear...I have only a doubt about the memory. regards
  10. I have a number of trends in a project that are not working and a number of data samplers that are not required. I though I would start by deleting the unwanted data samplers. I cannot delete the unwanted data samplers. I get the following instructions: In the Data Tag Editor, right-click the Data Sampler Struct name and select "Find" to locate all instances where it is used. Delete all instances, or assign a different tag. Delete the Data Sampler. I cannot find any instance of the Data sampler tags are used in the project. I have tried to assign a different tag and then delete. Same error every time. How do I kill off unwanted Data Samplers ?
  11. Hello, Is there a way to add in one file a screenshot from the Data Sampling with the data from table? I know there is a function of Data Sampling creating a CSV file, but I need the information of the CSV file to be together with the graph/s, ready for printing. How can I implement that? Do I need to make it into text file, or should I use the "C function" option, or is there something else? I would be grateful if someone answers, even if it is a negative answer.
  12. Working on a project where I need to email a zipped CSV file created from Data Sampling. I can structure and send emails with no problem. I can see the CSV file via file browser, but having difficulty sending the attachment. My goal would be to allow the operator to choose from a list of csv files that updates as the files are generated from Data Sampler tests. I have tried to link a tag where you configure the email so you can type in the file name on a key pad text box. the keypad entry does not have some of the characters needed to match the file name (ie. -_ etc.). Has anyone sent CSV email attachments and could point me in the right direction? Thank you for your input
  13. Does anyone know the maximum number of Data Samplers you can have and the maximum number of feeds you can have in each sampler?
  14. How I can get the data sampler graph according to the Pt100 temperature value by using module UIS-04PTN ?
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