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  1. Hello, I'm having some trouble loading a DTI from file. I get a -5 status (Read File Error). The table is 150 rows. The file name tag value was "Recipe Master Table" but when i looked at the files on the SD card in the DT folder the file name was "Recipe_Master_Table" so I changed the tag to that but still get -5 error. Thinking it was file name related I tried different iterations like "DT/Recipe Master Table" or "DT/Recipe_Master_Table.udtf" , etc but still get -5 error. For a bit of background, I load the DTI from SQL using a query. If that fails for some reason i load it from the SD card which was saved to the SD card after the last successful query. The SQL logic all works fine but when i purposely disconnect from SQL to test this function thats when i discovered the -5. I check the file on the SD card by using the utility to convert it to excel. File seems fine. All the data is there. Anyone have any ideas on what may cause a file read error? Thanks
  2. Hi there. I have a problem with a data table. I adquire the values of some variables in real time (presure and temperature) . and those are saving in a data table to after going to be printed. But sometimes my program save the last parameter with another "time" Example is the here the las rung has a diferent time. the time should be 3 minutes after of the last rung. It is a no repetible o predictible problem... sometimes it ocurrs and here is a correct data table. i am programming with unilogic 1.29. I hope that someone could help me with this issue. thanks in advance.
  3. Hello: I am using UNISTREAM USP-156-B10. My UNILOGC version is 1.32.98. I have created a program and in some parte it creates a LOG file. The Data Table stores Date, Time, a Message and some info (Line Voltage of the system) and Motor Running Hours. THere are several lines of this message created. Below some of them: I tested this part of the program in my office in another UNISTREAM and it creates the table and stores it into a file located at an SD memory. I created almost the same sample in my app, but it seems there is somethig going on there and the file is not being created at the SD card. Here´s the instruction: I have used the STORE DTI to FILE Ladder instruction, and when creating the file, the STATUS Register returns to me -14 (it means append UDTF file Error) My program file size is larger than the approved on this forum to share, so if someone wants, I may be able to send it in a ZIP file
  4. Does anybody know of a way to indirectly specify the data table to read/write to? I have 10 data tables(10 rows, 5 columns each) that contain parameters for operation. The data tables are selected based on client's current program#. I currently compare the program# and create 20 rungs of write/read logic. It would be much cleaner to create 2 rungs (1 read, 1 write) using an indirect data table specification. If its not possible, perhaps it could be made possible in a future release?
  5. Hi, Where do I find how to change the data table font size appears in the HMI screen?
  6. Hi I am new to this forum so bear with me if I am not respecting some of your rules. I have encountered an issue working with data table. I m writing a real value to a data table, but the value displayed on the HMI is different from the original value. you can see in the attached images what I am describing. How can I prevent this ? My controller is a unistream USC B5 TR22. Thank You in advance
  7. Hi, having problems with my program Cant seem to get the data tables to transfer all the data table to Excel also is there anyway to time how long a bit is on for for then reset the the time when the bit is off and save this in my data table also cant figure out how to set a timer to run for so long then then reset back to 0 when finished would take its trigger from the proxy sensor T2 please feel free to alter the program for the better if i have done something wrong new to this software and struggling a bit Gary Data Sampling.ulpr
  8. hi have created 2 data tables but really struggling to write to them have watched the videos but still struggling help !!!!!!!!
  9. Hi, I'm trying to build a log for my system using the Store DTI to File function. This runs after the struct containing the date is inserted into row 0 of a table, which should be appended immediately to the log file. The writes are sufficiently spaced (~30 minutes) that the SD write interval isn't an issue. I've found that when using option 2 "Only CSV" for the "Create CSV" input (F), the file is simply overwritten, and only ever contains 1 row. Option 1 "Create CSV File (All - udtf,csv,csv.zip)" does append correctly. In both cases "Append to File" (E) is set to 1 "Data will be appended to the file". This looks like a bug to me, and combined with the missing documentation for those options, I've wasted a little more time than I'd like trying to figure that out. Option 1 is an acceptable workaround, so I don't need further support, but this should be fixed. Sandy
  10. Hello, I have an application in mind where there are multiple portable machines on an assembly line that each perform the same basic function (lets say they are volumetric dosing machines). Each has its own PLC. There are about 100 different products and each unit has 3-5 different doses of said product as the unit moves through the assembly process. Of course each machine could have its own recipe table but then keeping all the individual machines in sync becomes very challenging. I want to have a central remote database/table (preferably a user friendly excel file). From each machine I would like to be able to "pull" the latest recipe list. One user (production manager) would control the master excel file and then all machines can update from that. Within Unistream it seems i can load a DTI from a remote file however that file must reside on the SD card. I can also import or create a DTI from an excel file however that tool is only available from within unistream. I want the end user to be able to do that from the (virtual) HMI but there does not seem to be a related ladder function. I can see a way to do this through SQL however that is a little more cumbersome because the user would need to manage the SQL database somehow and that interface would likely be excel so why not skip the SQL part. Further to this concept, is there a way to group PLC's and communicate with said group from one HMI/webserver? From the above example, once the recipe file is loaded i would like the user to be able to choose 5 machines out of a group of 10 to assign to a job and then enter the Product ID# to call up a recipe and then have all the machines assigned to that group call the same recipe from that product. Basically i'm wanting to avoid having to go to each of the 5 machines and enter the product ID# independently. Similarly, it would be cool to command all machines in a set group to "pull" the master recipe list at the same time, just to avoid have to repeat the same command for each machine. Machines are portable so not hardwired to a network but would each have a wifi adaptor. The mater "excel" file would reside in a folder on the network. I hope that makes sense. Please feel free to ask me to clarify anything. Thank you.
  11. Hello all, I have to read and make a sum of datas from a column of a data table . Can you help me how to resolve it? Thank you
  12. Hi, After removing some unused fields from a data table then compiling I received the following error "Data Table delegate creation error, please contact Technical Support" What does this mean and what do I need to do to rectify this error. Thanks in advance
  13. Hi, I am facing one issue when adding strings into the 7th row in the index data table, with no issue before that. The error message is "Value is not available". What does this mean? Thanks, Charles
  14. I'd like to use a list in a combo box from a data table column on Unistream PLC. Is it possible? If yes, which is the easiest way to realize this? Thanks in advance for the help,
  15. Is the help topic "LF: Write Value to DTI column" referring to the toolbox item "Set DTI Column Value"?
  16. Hello, i have a question regarding the file name in a store dti to file function. i need to create a new file every time i run the function which is set to happen every day at 6am. is there a character restriction in the target file name string? i would like to utilize the dd/mm/yy string that the RTC to ASCII V2 function creates as my file name if possible. at this point i am pre planning a project and do not have a physical controller to test. thanks ricardo
  17. I like to link different Data Tables (Indexed) to one Function as IN parameter. Has someone done this already? What I'm doing wrong? (Please see example Function1 Rung 1; Direct linking is possible Function1 Rung 2)
  18. Anyone want to attempt to interpret this warning alarm? "Inserting rows to an 'Indexed Data Table' when the insert index in a small number can increase scan time and cause a CPU Watchdog." Is there a typo in the message? This warning didn't exist in an earlier version of UniLogic and I'm not sure what to do about it.
  19. we are trying to use a plc to connect to the network so it can automatically reload a data table periodically to make sure it is up to date. As well as how to have an excel sheet be converted to a udtf format for the plc so that we don't need to manually do that each time. I am currently only finding how to load files from an SD card, and not how to use the Ethernet connection to retrieve files.
  20. Hi, I wanted to know if there is a possibility to attach a date table in an email. Please, I would greatly appreciate your response.
  21. Partners, I'm having trouble moving information from one DATA TABLE to another with the same structure. The structure of my data table is as follow: Floor/number/day in/month in/year in/day out/month out/year out/hour in/time in/hour out/time out/money/quarter When a specific event happens, program calls a function that saves date and time (year in, month in, day in, hour in and minite in) in specific place of data table index A (this way I know where this event happened, becouse the first two columns on the table are the reference of the place) In table A the first to columns have constants values and never changes. When another event happen program calls another function that reads a specific row of table A and paste it on row 0 of table B adding as well the rest of the items that are mising (year out, month out, day out, hour out, minute out, money and quarter) that are calculated in this function. So table B is a registry of the events that ocurred. When I visualize TABLE B, I see all the information except the two first columns that are set as 0. I wonder if there is something Im doing wrong or if is it a specific whay of doing that. Thank you so much for your help. Marcelo
  22. Hi Everyone, I'm new in Unilogic and I would like kwon how to export data tables to Excel since a HMI button. The PLC reference is USP-104-B10. Please, it's urgente.
  23. I need to send a DTI Column into array, but UniLogic help is not clear, please could you give me an example of ladder logic ?
  24. Hello all, I'm pretty new to controllers but I have done some research around. I have sensor data, along with real time data that i'd like to store in a data table and transfer it once a day to my PC. The sensor works all the time, so i'd like to store sensor data every 60 seconds inside the table, and one a day (1440 lines) to send it as a .csv file. My local Unitronics supplier suggested my to get USC-B3-T20 for this application. Problem is that the data table stays empty for some reason, information won't push into the table. Please see attached photo of my project and also file. I'd be glad for a direction. Thanks. Project.pdf Stack 5 TVOC Measurement.ulpr
  25. What is the most efficient way to store date and time in an excel table so that it is easily view able in Excel? I converted it to a string, but the strings take up too much PLC memory. Excel can't natively interpret Unix time, so that won't work either. Is there something else Excel can interpret that I can store it as?
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