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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I'm using US5-B10-B1 controller and want to create a test report. For that ideally I'd like to have table where the column number isn't constant. I attached and example of how I imagined the table. I wanted to know if its even possible to create 3 data tables: first data table for the top part of the report, second data table for the middle and third for the bottom part and then stack them one on top of the other? I tried creating some data tables, exporting them into csv and then appending them, but it says its required that the dimensions of the tables match up. I would really appreciate any alternative ideas.
  2. Hello! What's the difference in execution time between reading data from a data table and reading data from the PLC's memory? I'm trying to write a function that could use different parameter values, not sure if I could just read the parameter values from the data tables each scan or if that would significantly slow the PLC scan time. Otherwise, would reading the data table data into the PLC's memory just once, then referencing those operands be more efficient? The problem with this method would be then maintaining that memory. Thanks for your opinions!
  3. Have a real-time trend that my customer really wants to be able to compare to historic data. So, I came up with the following plan: - Real-Time Data is stored in a DataTable - call it DataTableCurrent - Allow User to Save DataTableCurrent contents into a History Data Table called HistOutput1 - When User enables History Trend, every time I write a row to DataTableCurrent, read the row from HistOutput1 with the same Row Number - Enable Trend Curve for destination Int from HistOutput1 And, viola - you get current data overlaying historic data of your choice. Trouble is, every time I run the Read Row From Data Table FB, I get zero as a result. Here is what I have checked and know for sure: 1) HistOutput1 does indeed have the data I want - I can export it to an SD and see exactly what I expect 2) The RowNumber I am trying to read is a valid number - I am using the same variable to write the current row in DataTableCurrent as I am to read the row from history, the two FB's are in the same rung and the variable cannot change 3) There are no data type mismatches - Everything is ML 4) The rung containing the Read Data Table Row is executing as the next FB in line is properly writing data to DataTableCurrent I'm kind of out of ideas as to what I need to check. From everything I can see, no matter what I do to call this FB I get a zero back. Screenshot attached of what I have now. The disabled rung below divides to give me a trend-able number, thought that was the problem but ML403 is always zero.
  4. Hi. I have a V570 that collects temperature readings and stores those on SD card. PLC itself is connected to local network and so is RaspberryPi that is supposed to work as a web server, that on request grabs that datatable from plc, makes it into nice graph and shows it to client. The thing is that currently when my RP tries to run the test code(below), it says that it is unable to connect to PLC with that unitID. In my PLC settings I have set unitID to 0. When I run same code on my PC, it works like it is supposed to. Thanks in advance. using System; using Unitronics.ComDriver; namespace RTTest { class MainClass { static PLC plc; public static void Main (string[] args){ Ethernet eth = new Ethernet ("", 20256, EthProtocol.TCP, 3, 3000); Console.WriteLine(eth.Connected); try{ plc = PLCFactory.GetPLC(eth, 0); plc.EventAbortCompleted+=new PLC.AbortCompletedDelegate(plc_EventAbortCompleted); }catch(Exception e){ eth.Disconnect(); Console.WriteLine ("Error1:"+e.Message+"-->("+e.TargetSite+")"+e.StackTrace+"-->"+e.Source); } try{ Console.WriteLine(plc.Version.OPLCModel); Console.WriteLine (plc.PlcName); Console.WriteLine(eth.Connected); Console.WriteLine(plc.UnitId); }catch(Exception e){ eth.Disconnect(); Console.WriteLine ("Error2:"+e.Message+"-->("+e.TargetSite+")"+e.StackTrace); } Console.Read (); } public static void plc_EventAbortCompleted(){ Console.WriteLine ("dunno"); } } }
  5. Hello I want to read data tables from an V350. I know i can do that with the PCOM protocol, which is described (partially) in a document (VisionCommunication.pdf). This document describes how you can read the data, but you have to know the data table structure. I also want to read the data table structure my self. I know the data .NET Unitronics.DataTables.dll can do that, but i need it for another platform (microcontroller, programmed in C/C++). So my question is, is the protocol for reading the datatable structure available and/or is the source code of the Unitronics.DataTables.dll available? Regards, Alex
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