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Found 24 results

  1. Hello everyone, I got a problem with execution of UniLogic studio. The problem occours after windows update, the update was like a week before. The problem is when I execute the studio. Everything seems to be normal. The window shows and presenting what initializations status is, ike "Loading notifier, Loading components, ...". After a few seconds the error occours: "Could not run UniLogic Notifier, or Unilogic Notifier does not exsits. Pleas contact support.." I already created ticket as well, but there was not resposne from support. Software versions: UniLogic studio: Windows 10 (home): 22H2 Thanks in advance for any clue or help.
  2. Hello, I have this SM35-J-RA22 PLC and it has this error appearing on it, it was working before it got sent off with a program to a customer and then when switching on for the first time their end, this screen occurred. I've tried having a look through Forums but can't seem to find anything on how to fix this issue on a Samba> Can anyone help? Thanks
  3. I'm new to the software, and I have a project that requires using Visilogic. I watched the tutorials provided by Unitonics' youtube channel for a kickstart. But come the "communication & OS" step, I kept, and keep getting the error 207 (shown in the pic below). I have no idea what to do nor how to solve it, HELP ! PS : I'm using Vision 570 for the hardware, and visilogic 9.8.79 BETA (downloaded from Unitronics' website) S : I 1st suspected my laptop to have an issue, so I used another one, and still got the same error. Any help and steps to solve this, and explanation of this issue would be a great help. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hello! I recently tried to open my project in VisiLogic and got the following error: Cannot Complete Action (163) You cannot complete this action because: -there is not disk in the drive, or -the disk in the drive is full, or -the disk in the drive is write-protected., I haven't changed anything in my computer (running Windows 7). Has anyone else encountered this problem and/or have suggestions? Thanks!
  5. Hello Everyone. Hello everyone I am having a problem with my Vision V350, in the company where I work there are two PLCs, a V350 and a V1210 that communicate by MODBUS. We have a screen that alerts us when a communication problem happen and when we check our V350 it shows us an error that is: O.S. (Stop Mode - Fatal Error) Enum: 0x00001740 IP: 0x00250000 00076A2C Ldr: 0x000000DE Desc: Undefined Opcode Some changes had been made to the program and then this error arose so it went back to the previous program, but the problem is still happening. Does anyone have any idea why this happens? By performing a reset of the equipment, the problem is solved momentarily but this is not recommended for our production.
  6. Hi everyone, I am trying to download my project to my Jazz JZ20-R31 PLC from U90Ladder. When I go to Controller -> M90 OPLC Settings, I click "Get Version" and I do get the correct data. "Get Time & Date" works as well, and so do the other PLC -> PC functions it seems. But when I click "Set Time & Date" or "Reset" or other PC -> PLC functions including "Download", I get an error message saying: When I click "OK" the program closes. A colleague of mine has also installed U90Ladder following the same procedure I have, and everything went smoothly for him (we used the same PLC). This leads me to think that the problem is system-wide for me. I am using Windows 10. Thank you. Haris
  7. Hello, if someone can help me it would be great! I just got the V-570 PLC and had it wired up to my inputs and outputs, and wanted to test it out. I have two issues I need to fix: First I tried to upload my project to the SD card, and put it in the PLC and run it. I wanted to see if I could just do basic screen navigation first. However, when I ran the program, after clicking on the first screen, it glitched out and turned a solid blue with no buttons. I figured it was a coding error on my part, but how do I take the program off of the PLC and restore it to the little animation sequence it had when I first turned it on? When I turn the maching off and on again it just goes back to the solid blue screen I had before. The second issue is, i figure to stop this from happening again I can debug it by the online test mode. However, when I followed the instructions to install the drivers and plugged the USB in, it said the port was not open and "may be used by another application". Is this a network firewall issue? I've attached the screen that comes up. If someone can help that would be great, I'm new to all of this and worried I might break something if I try to fix this myself. Thanks in advance!
  8. Hello, Im getting error when I try to run VisiLogic software . Google tell's its connected somehow with VBA. But I cant fix this error. Any ideas?
  9. Hi. I got this error when i was trying to save the project. This happends every time i tried to save, even with new projects. Im using UniLogic I know its old, but i there is to many problems with CUP error and HMI overload with the newest update. Anyone that know why this happends? Thanks in advance.
  10. I've been working on a PLC program for a while with no problem saving and now I'm getting a FIO-0 error when saving can anyone tell me what this means?
  11. Hi I have Unitronics Jazz PLC Jz20-J-T40 PLC. When I connect to my PLC and make online changes, like forcing bit that changes my output, PLC shuts down. This bit that I force, turns ON pump on Output, and then I should get confirmation work signal on Input, but instead, it shuts down. When I'm not connected to PLC, and this same situation happens, it works normally, i can also see confirmation work on my PLC screen. But when I'm connected it shuts down on same place. I have 8 pumps that works this way, and same thing happens on all of them. Does my model of Jazz PLC can work in mode that I'm trying to work in (online debugging with I/O changing) or not? Please help. Thankful in advance, Nikola Ljubinkovic
  12. Hi, im using a Vision V350-35-TR6 and im trying to do the PLC send back a SMS when i send another one. Example: send a SMS "status" and receive "ok" back. I followed the tutorials and i think everything is alright. Is this model unable to perform this command or can there be something wrong?
  13. i have just received my new vision 1040 and i'm tryibg to make a connection with my pc via usb cable, i followed the webinar and all the instructions i think i don't know if i made a mistake but i got a message saying " invalid procedure call or argument" when i press the button "install usb driver" please help me thank you.
  14. Hello! Another one topic PLC/E-mail. Unfortunately, I'm not able to copy with the problems. I use the ladder from Example (of course). In CMD I write "telnet pop.gmail.com 25" and I can see the protocol type used by the server. After that i tape "pin pop.gmail.com" and see the IP address of the server. The first change that I make in the ladder is IP in "TCP/IP - Tcp connect" block. The new IP is the same as IP address of the server. The second change is in the "E-mail" block. "From:" e-mail is Support@unitronics.com and the receiving e-mail is "..........gmail.com". When I press "connect" in HMI the system is able to connect. However, when I press "Send E-mail" there are two mistakes: "The server cannot receive data (DATA mode error)" and "From address format incorrect " I have tried many settings but non of them was workable. Please, give me an advise where might be the mistake!
  15. Hi. I am having this problem. Visilogic used to work, but now it doesn't. The error happens everytime i click on the HMI screen. I am tearing my hair out soon on this issue. I have Visilogic installed on Windows 7 pro 64 bit SP1. I wanna throw both the PLC and the computer out the window soon I've tried reinstalling, running as admin etc.
  16. hi there I was debugging a program on a V700 over a direct connected Ethernet link to the PLC and laptop while debugging eventually visilogic would randomly close with the attached error screen I could easily restart visilogic and reconnect the link to continue debugging so more of an inconvenience than anything any help would be appreciated
  17. Does anybody know why this is showing up?. This is the new trend after I got the latest version of Vicilogic (9.8.31). Best regards.
  18. Hello, I'm trying to help a customer set up UniOPC Server on their end to work with our equipment; this is my first time using UniOPC Server. I was able to install and run the UniOPC Server on my own PC (Windows 7 64-bit with UAC turned off) without trouble, and I saved my .upc configuration file and send it to the customer. They installed the software on their end (I believe also Windows 7 64-bit), but after loading my .upc file, when they clicked "RUN" an error dialog popped up saying "Run-time error '339': Application-defined or object-defined error", with only an OK button, which I believe closed the Server. At my suggestion they uninstalled the software, disabled UAC and reinstalled it, and then ran it as an administrator, but still got that error when clicking RUN. They even installed the UniOPC Server on a second computer (again with UAC disabled) and manually entered the channel and PLC parameters instead of loading my .upc file, but even on a second PC, got "Run-time error '339'" when trying to run the server. Does anyone have any idea of specifically what run-time error 339 signifies, and why they keep having this problem when clicking "RUN"? For reference, here's a cut-and-paste of the settings I had them enter manually: Click the "Channels Collection" button on the toolbar. In the Channels Collection window, click the "Add" button. Enter these PC Communication Parameters: Connection type: TCP/IP (Call) Remote IP: Remote port: 20256 Click "OK". Click "Close". Click the "Add PLC" button on the toolbar. Enter these PLC parameters: Name: IV Monitor Type: Vision Unit ID: Direct Connection Channel: TCP/IP (Call): Enable: Enabled checked Click "OK". In the "File" menu choose "Save" to save the configuration. Click the "RUN" button on the toolbar to start the server.
  19. Hi, I have a problem in visilogic with Runtime. After start program, popout first "Run-Time error 438. Object doesnt support this property or method." After start program shows second window with "Run-Time error -2147418105 (80010007). Automation Error." Then program close. I tried reinstal software, deleted all folders Unitronics (program files, program common). Not works. This error start on old version 8.7, then I try update on last version...same problem. I have Win7 Pro 64bit, SP1 Thanks for suggestions.
  20. Hi All, I have 3 Jazz PLC's communicating over Modbus with JZ-RS4, 1 master (R31) and 2 slaves(R10). Is there a way to check for errors in comms, Rx & TX. If comms fail, to reset all outputs on both slaves. (similar to CanBus "check alive function") thanks Matt
  21. Hi I need help with visilogic, I have installed several times and always ends in a critical error by reinstalling it can not open the last job that I did, and this can cause me a big problem in my work. probe operating systems are windows 7-64 bit and xp 32 bit. I do not imagine anything more to be done. I leave some pictures below of what happened. thank you very much
  22. All, I need to write to a timer preset and am getting an 'object' error using the .net driver. I'm sort of between a rock and a hard place... THanks in advance. Below is the 'function' that attempts to write - Public Function Write_TimerPreset(ByVal tmrIndex As Int16, ByVal TmrValue As integer) As Boolean Dim values As Object() = New Object(2) {} Try values(0) = DirectCast(TmrValue, Object) Catch System.Windows.Forms. MessageBox.Show("One of more of the values are not valid") Return False Exit Function End Try Dim wo As WriteOperands = New WriteOperands() With wo .NumberOfOperands = 1 .OperandType = OperandTypes.TimerPreset .StartAddress = tmrIndex .Values = values .TimerValueFormat = TimerValueFormat.SecondsFormat End With Dim rw(0) As ReadWriteRequest rw(0) = wo Try plc.ReadWrite(rw) Catch Dim ErrorMessage As String = "Could not communicate with the PLC" & vbCrLf & "Error # " & Str(Err.Number) & " was generated by " _ & Err.Source & vbCrLf & Err.Description 'Display the message as a critical message. MsgBox(ErrorMessage, MsgBoxStyle.Critical, "PLC Connection Error") CaptureErr(EquipmentPK, "Unitronics Class", "Write_TimerPreset", Str(Err.Number), Err.Source, Err.Description, Now(), EmployeePK, 0) Return False End Try Return True End Function
  23. Hi good morning, I´m from Monterrey, Mexico and I’m I´m having a problem with the PLC Unitronics V130 that is affecting my process. The program consist of a wash and sanitize cycle that has a duration of some minutes (less than five) but now I have 3 PLCs that when the cycle is going on or when the PLC is just in stand by (the error doesn´t happen in the same moment) the PLC shows an error that says the next text in the HMI: OS Err: Word Acc F. Enum: 0x00001D00 Ins. Ptr: 0x000536BE 0x00048414 Ladder: 0x00000008 the OS is the next one: V130-33-R2 (A) O/S: 3.4 (17) BOOT: 2.2 (08) FACTORY BOOT: 1.2 (03) When I´m working with a new PLC the error is shown like 2 months after being installed and when the error happens once it keep appearing like in every cycle or we can say “constantly”. I hope that you can help me with this problem because is causing me that the process stops If you need any other information please tell me. Thank you for your attention and your support and sorry if my english is not so well Best regards!
  24. I'm trying to accurately calculate the cosine of an integer to at least 4 decimal places. For example if I use 12000: When I use Excel with the formula =COS(12000) it returns 0.634112 When I key the values into my desktop calculator it returns 0.63411204 (must set Radian mode). In VisiLogic 9.3, I used the FP function COS and got 0.6338002. Using the Formula block with "1000 * (COS(12000))" (stored to an MI) returns 633. Can anyone share some insights? Has anyone developed a work-around?
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